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a close encounter reminiscent of Jaws several New Jersey fishermen got quite the surprise on the water a great white came within inches of them CBS 2's Ali Bauman with their story roughly 18 feet long and 3,000 pounds this great white shark is not for the faint-hearted you're out there in a boat like that with a fish that big you feel very small these five fishermen from Toms River were nearing the end of a 13 hour day at sea Monday when about 30 miles from the shore of Point Pleasant a shark started swimming into sight it circled two or three times before it actually came at us aggressively and then it just snapped like that and it attacked our chum bag toward the chum bag off the boat and when a shark takes your bag full of fish you're not getting that back we had no idea that it was actually gonna chew the chum bag it just was the coolest thing that we've ever seen its teeth scratched the stern of the 43 year old boat kinda got some battle wounds over here and could have done a lot more damage I think it could have easily if it wanted to slid into the boat I think there's the closest thing to it like like this is exactly what it was that's right captain Jeff Crilley already had a jaws tattoo on his forearm and now here he was watching the real thing play out inches from we wanted to be there and touch it but at the same time we were backing away because we didn't know what it was giving you know but these seasoned seamen were too excited to be scared you're there you have no choice so what are you gonna do just enjoy the moment and eventually the great white ran out of chum and quietly swam away we've been fishing together for 15 years and it was the best moment probably we'll ever have on the water these fishermen are actually in the middle of a week-long fishing competition so they'll be back out on the water every day this week and at this point it doesn't seem like anything can scare them from Point Pleasant New Jersey Ali Bauman CBS 2 News

James Carver

6 Replies to “Great White Shark Stuns New Jersey Fishermen”

  1. I don't think they properly appreciated the danger they were in and that Lady Luck was in the boat with them…….

  2. Wow quite a gully whopper..and guy has that tatoo..for a sec i wonder if he thought i shoulda never got this tat bcoz its really kno i would of AGHHH!!!

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