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It’s the middle of winter in Paris. Actually
it’s the middle of winter in most of the Northern Hemisphere… Which means it’s the perfect
time for a spot of early morning nudity. But what would make these students get up
at 6am – a full seven hours before they would normally rise from their slumber, and strip
off to their skimpies? Only free bloody clothes. that’s what. This
lot are queing up for the annual Desigual free clothes rush, a 100 metre sprint to the
store and two free items once you’re inside for the first hundred, to mark the beginning
of the French sale season. Here’s a man called Jeremy speaking some French. What’s he saying? No idea. Probably something
about romance or baguettes. The whole idea sounds great, until you’re
student 101, in which case you’ll be left naked and cold wandering the streets, whilst
a tramp’s nicked the clothes you actually arrived in. A pretty standard student night
out then.

James Carver

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