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I know it sounds cool when I say that I’m a fashion designer, but in reality being a fashion designer tends to be a nine-to-five office job and it also tends to be less creative than people think. By the time projects trickle down to you especially if you’re a lower level designer there’s absolutely no creative freedom. You’re developing the design director’s or the client’s ideas and concepts. I met a friend of a friend once at a fashion industry event. She was a knitwear designer just like me. She kind of proceeded to tell me a little bit about her background and how she pursued fashion a little bit later in life. She originally went to school to be an accountant and she started a career as an accountant and then decided to go back to school for fashion design and as she was telling me this I immediately felt really bad for her because I knew how she probably felt. But I wanted to hear it from her so in the most non sympathetic voice I could bring out of myself I asked, “So now that you’re a fashion designer, how do you feel about it, how do you like it?” and she paused and in the most apathetic voice she said, “It’s okay.” and this is the answer that I was expecting this is the answer that I didn’t want to hear it and I felt really bad, because I’ve seen this before. I’ve seen the fashion design career idealized only to see dreams crushed because they hadn’t done a thorough investigation of what it’s really like to be a fashion designer. But on the plus side working in the fashion industry can be really cool, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be a designer. There are lots of career options within the fashion industry. So my advice is if you are interested in being a designer maybe first stick with a career that you already have and try to get a job within the fashion industry. For example, if you’re an accountant try to get a job as an accountant within a fashion house. Or if you’re a lawyer try to bring on more fashion industry clients. Here in New York City there are lawyers and firms that specialize in fashion industry cases. How cool is that? So not wasting your time and going back to school yet. But you’re still very involved in the fashion industry you can be working next to designers. You can talk to them, you can ask them questions, you can see what they do on a day-to-day basis and after all of that you still feel like fashion design is your passion at least now you have a more realistic perspective of what it’s like to be a fashion designer.

James Carver

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  1. I was wrong!😑 I thought that fashion designers have high salary packages and it turned out worst… More pressure full on stressful life and less money in hand.😑😑

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