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Hello everybody. Today I’m going to speak about
the fashion market in China. One of the most dynamic
markets in the world. You have to understand one thing. Chinese people love luxury stuff. Everything related to
luxury, they like it. Why? Because luxury, it’s good for face, it’s a symbol of success, that’s why they buy it. You need to understand that
half of the luxury buyers in the world are Chinese. Half of them. So this means if you have
two buyers in this world, one is Chinese. So they buy it for the
face and to level up their level of status in the society so that’s why they buy luxury. And there’s a second kind of
like very big, big buyers, a new generation of buyers
are millennial. The young generation of Chinese people who are actively searching
for Western luxury products and it’s a golden
opportunity for all these luxury brands in the
world because these people are young, they’re spending
the money of their parents and they will search the most suitable luxury product for them. So I hope in this video
I give you the overview of the luxury market in China and I will explain to
you in the next video about how to market a brand in China. If you want all the report that we have about fashion and luxury, just click the link. We have white book
reports waiting for you.

James Carver

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