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100 Replies to “Fashion Design Tutorial 2: Concept Dev & Mood Boards”

  1. Hi, you are very very good at what you do, you know a lot, your drawings are the best I've seen, I understand what you explain even if I see you with subtitles. I'm from Peru, please let me know what you mean by mood boards here. Encouragement, thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  2. Hello, I studied fashion design but in a way that almost did not help me, for a moment I thought it was not my thing and I was very sad until thank God I found your channel, with you I'm learning a lot you're so meticulous, dynamic, when I You answered, I could not believe it, thank you! (I hope I do not bore you). And please, I'd like to know what you mean by concept, thank you.

  3. Good morning mam
    I am watching your fashion designing videos its so helpful for me and its very easy to understand.
    thank you

  4. I have interest to learn textile prints and also I have little bit confusion in half drop and repeat process.
    would you teach me this through a textile styles print sketch .

  5. I found your channel like a week ago and Ive been watching your videos everyday! Im applying to fashion school and all your videos are helping so much! Youre such a great online teacher!

  6. What a wow…..😃😃😃 really…. great job….tq tq tq tq so much for everything…i m going to watch all videos.

  7. Super amazing work, I have to do my Final project this year and you help me a lot, thank you, thank you, thank you Zoe 💕💕💕💕

  8. Thank You so much for this video Zoe, it has helped me so much with my homework. However, I have a question:
    Which part of the library do I go to, to find these type of books with pictures in them, because in my library, all the books are reading books and I guess it's fine to be inspired by something you've read and have not seen visually, but I don't even have enough time in the day to start reading all these books, and I might not even be inspired by any of them. I know my other option is to go out, visit places, museums, countries, etc. but I won't be able to do this all the time because again, I so busy all the time with other stuff.

  9. بجد شرحك حلو جدا و فهمت من حضرتك جدا جدا جدا و فعلا شرح حضرتك افضل من ناس كتييييييييييير اوي i love u and ur explanation for all the videos god bless you my best teacher :* :* and hope you understand my Arabic words thank you for your great effort and for shareing your information with all :* :*

  10. our teachers suggest we do trend forecasting and then come up with the concept that we wish to work on and we even have to make the trend board while on the other hand i have never heard you mention about it
    so how important is trend forecasting and from where should trend forecasting be done because as students we do not have access to fashion forecasting websites like wgsn or others except when we are in college also is there a process for trend forecasting if yes please can you do a video on it ?

  11. OMG! I just found Ur channel…. I love how you explain things….u r very informative parson.. thank you so much 😘

  12. Hello! Zoe.
    I wanted to ask you a question as you said take a concept that is tangible and to immediately think about it.
    I wanted to take 'subliminal' as my concept. Is it fine?

  13. i also love looking at 65 thru 72 classic car restomod's interior all the stitching and types of fabrics used are great inspirations is this ok ?

  14. Hello,
    Ma'am i really like your channel it is very informative.. i love drawing and i am really into fashion design.. Thank you Ma'am.. for the helpful information.. Have a beautiful day.☺

  15. 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ now I know what to use my old magazines for

  16. I own chickens. I love chickens. I had a rooster that would steal my apple. I would sit, and he would run over, jump in my lap, and either would share the apple, or try and grab it. I miss that rooster. He was a good rooster…. Had amazing eyes like fire and coals. They were beautiful.

  17. Could explain what a theme board is and the difference between mood boards and theme boards .please🙈thanks

  18. hi..thanku for all ur videos dey are very informative…i am making my portfolio n tuk lolita japanese culture as inspiration and badly stuck with my mood board…can u plz help me?

  19. This was super helpful! I've been playing this video while scavenging for pieces I'm inspired by. Thanks so much!

  20. I just watched a bunch of your videos, don't know why I find them so interesting even though I'm a graphic designer/illustrator and have nothing to do with fashion but your creative process it's so inspiring

  21. @zoe hong what's preferred in professional portfolios, digital moodboards or physical? in school I've done both and have skill in both but what is seen as more professional usually? (especially when most of my source images would need printed out and that might not mix with glossy magazine pages)

  22. Issey Miyake does a great of at taking inspiration from traditional elements of Japanese culture and making it more modern for Men. His textiles are beautiful too.

  23. I'm here watching because F.I.T. requires I make a mood board to inspire illustrations for their fashion design admissions. And being a fine arts major in community college currently, I have no idea how to make a moodboard or draw fashion sketches. This video taught me I was going about my mood board all wrong this week. I picked 2 photos I took from my trip to Morocco and wanted to create a board focused on the bold colors I saw and geometric prints. So I attached to a foam board my photos of the gardens I saw with bright colors in Morocco next to geometric shapes from magazines of dishes and furniture. And I laid out strips of fabric next to it. I basically confused my friend who is a graphic designer professionally and uses moodboard for work. I skipped all the steps and went straight to the board with an idea in my head lol

  24. Do you think it’s more helpful to be able to cut out and assemble a mood board hands on or can digitally making one also work to brainstorm ideas just the same

  25. After 18 years I am finally getting my ass in to gear, facing my fear of failure and just enrolled in a Fashion Design course. I have to say a massive thank you you videos are massively helping me! I have watched a few now feel less overwhelmed. My biggest worry though is that I used to be great at drawing, especially fashion figure however, I had a Stroke almost 3 years ago which affected my right side and I struggle a bit with my fine motor skills, I can still write and draw but not as well as I used to…. Will this hold me back in the Fashion world?

  26. Hey Zoe! I'm watching all your videos and I'm also currently trying to Set up a fashion portfolio but I have a question….can I create more than one mood board for a portfolio? and if so do the different mood boards have to be the same concepts as the other?…

  27. I wanna ask sth that maybe moodboard in final section may be look messy" different pictures black and white and different colors but it leads to same idea.. I feel if I stick to only one thing like furniture as an example to be inspired I will be stuck into it in my project not to be open-minded "you know what I mean"

  28. i had literally no idea about the design process and was super stressed about creating a portfolio for college; i'm 2 videos in and have already learned SO much. thank you everything, you're a lifesaver.

  29. Hello Zoe, well im from Pakistan. I m really impressed the way you described the specific thing.
    I hope from now i get my helpful thing from you. Thanks .

  30. i have no interest in becoming a fashion designer or doing it as a hobbie tbh, but as someone that has had the idea of being a freelancer illustrator on my free time, this is a wonderful method to build a good concept for composition and color scheme. Thank you very much! (Sorry for the bad english)

  31. ..a designer after my own heart. You had me when you talked about the level of respect you have for a designer that can't sew. I concur.

  32. Superb… No words to explain.. include every info abt the designing.. if anybody want to know abt fashion designing. Come and sit watch the vedios.. great job.. all supports.. thank you dear

  33. I love your videos and it frustrating for me that I go to college for this and they do not talk about this stuff the way you do. They just want us to be exactly what ever they think it should be the inspo and they limit us. They are making me loose my passion and have frustrated me to the point that I doubt my talent. I don't know yet if I am gonna still stay or try to learn by my self and nailed it on my way or stay until I graduate

  34. Love all the way from India…love the stuff u mentioned ma'am…can u also tell me if trend forecasting is required to make ur collections a hit?

  35. Howdy, Zoe. Is that okay to use photoshop to make Mood Board and put in my portfolio(website)? Cutting pics from books kinda ruin the book, and printing color photoes are also costly. 🙁

  36. I’m new to visual communications and I’m absolutely loving your channel!!!!! I’m so happy I found you 😍 you’re so smart and creative and funny and I love how you respect the library like me lol ❤️ keep doing what you do!

  37. omg i think the same, i hate when they say "why do i need to sew?" , " i know how to draw so i'm studying fashion" or " i'm a stylist and a blogger" . 😒 i had a friend that draw amazing but once he new pattern making and sew his drawing turn realistic and wearable . so that's when i really saw the big reason.

  38. I’m about to start a fashion design study in the Netherlands and I was looking for a youtuber like you to help me prepare for the things that I’m about to learn. You really helped me with things that I was affraid I couldn’t do, but now I can. Thank you😊

  39. I'm getting ready to pick out a million stitches (quilt repair on a 35 year old ripped up quilt) and I thought "I need to listen to Zoe while I'm doing this" and who pops up on my feed first?! Yep, Zoe.

  40. luv ur channel, literally hand in hand with the ideas/concepts i currently pay for @ LSU😂 , ur the goat💕

  41. I've never found a more useful and understandable channel in the years I have been using YouTube, thank you Zoe! : )

  42. Hello, I love your channel and your contents. Your contents are very clear and easy to understand.
    I was looking for a textile book for beginners. Can you please suggest me a book.

  43. Im a digital media student pursuing a career in motion graphics, vfx and video editing. This video was extremely helpful.. especially since I've never done a mood board and am still having difficulties understanding what a mood board should look like. "Dont be so literal" was the most obvious statement I should follow but still struggle with it. Baby steps. AWESOME VIDEO! Thank you for helping out.

  44. Thank you for creating such valuable content. I am beginning in this step today after a very inspiring solo trip to Paris, for the first time. I am elated to begin the process. Thank you again.

  45. I have no words to describe how grateful I am for your videos! I had no idea of creating a portfolio for my Fashion School, and they couldn't teach me. But with your videos I could understand each step of it! Thank uuu

  46. Hey zoe, i have a doubt while i am about to start my design process. There is this one fabric that i am loving the texture and the look off, but now i am lost about how to continue the design process with a particular fabric as my inspiration.I am learning a lot through your videos which have a good depth explanation with an example for each, Thank you!

  47. Hello from Ukraine ! I really want to thank you for all the information that you are sharing! Because in my university I'm studying for a technologist of cloths ( idk if this is the right name for what i mean) but ukrainian educational programme made my course full of no needed information ( history , high maths , and all the stuff i dont need at all ) so I have only one lesson once in two weeks related to fashion , clothing and design . So I have to study on my own and search for the info . Thanks to you that I've found all the info for free , lots of inspiration !! You're best! wish you lots of love , luck , and all the best things you could imagine !!!

  48. Hi Zoe ..🌷🌷🌷
    I love your such a innocent and beautiful way of talking and actions, you do during your very nice lessons 😊..I am really your fan ..I love your explainations and informations about textile designing .You are a great teacher 😘😘

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