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James Carver

100 Replies to “Fashion Coward – SNL”

  1. Okay but can we just talk about 0:05 for a second?
    "My body is my canvas, and my clothes is my paint."

  2. Can I just say ladies these comments you wrote about your style are absolutely hilarious like you should all do stand up if you wearnt so uncomfortable I front of crowds big respect! You’re all gorgeous even if you don’t know it. Kind regards British woman in her thirties who wears baggy yoga trousers and a metal band hoody but mostly resides in a fluffy duck egg blue dressing gown currently in bed with the hood up respect ✊

  3. I'm just depressed. We have a uniform of baggy shirts, hoodies that are too large, and only one pair of pants that are getting too small cause you've been stress eating too much. One day you'll wear that nice dress you have but it's already been 5 years and you still lack the motivation to even try to look like a functional human anymore.
    This skit attacked me.

  4. Congrats on being hot! But this ain't for you. My story is: I'm a stranger to myself. Clothes for the introverted person. This is my store too. Because I actually do not like shopping for clothes. So is there a male Ann Taylor. Plain jeans, off white blazer. monotone suit. lol

  5. People talk about male privilege n all that in terms of economics, which is a load of bullshit. The real privilege us men have is that its super easy to have ultra basic clothes.

  6. You people wearing this – I will never understand you. It's a basic skill to find normal clothes among insane clothes in fashionable shops – it's also necessary. How can anyone wear this I will never understand. Never. One gray sweatshirt with a zipper, sure, but why not with skinny jeans simply? Why make yourself ugly on purpose? Who goes on cruises with their parents? Why???

  7. I've never being a fashion coward, but I know people that is, they repress my shining. I don't know why

  8. Literally me but a man. Wears a colored tee and some plain shorts or long pants

  9. Or try their discount line at Target called “grab a bunch of crap that might fit and throw it in the cart”! Perfect for the fashion coward who also has to drag a few kids with her! Bonus points if you have at least three bags of returns in your car!

  10. Fashion has taken such a weird turn in the past 2-3 years… I’d be down to return to a simpler style like this lol

  11. I feel worse than attacked because all of the clothes shown are better than the T-shirts and shorts I always wear. Supreme Fashion Coward.

  12. ngl i got a bit sad about this skit only bc this is how i dress and how i like to dress and its being made fun of 🙁 idk how to feel about tht

  13. I never even thought about past experiences with dressing rooms being the at fault for my problems with fashion shopping.
    But they kind of are. I never felt like in control. Always someone dragging you around and humiliating in front of strangers

  14. I need Fashion Coward in my life, I hate fitting rooms.  I'll take some of that mercy gas now, please and thank you 😉

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