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My friends! My job, my obsession, my
entire life is mountain biking, the best trails in the world, and
bringing you along with me. Because of that, everything I wear gets
put through the wringer. Day after day, country after country ride after
ride my helmet, my jacket, my shoes. Everything gets beat up and everything
kind of has a little story to tell. So today I’m going to give you a review
of everything I wear from head to toe. There should be a link to every single
product I talk about in the description. If not, I just couldn’t find
it or it doesn’t exist anymore. Some of these links are affiliate links,
which means if you spend a dollar, I earn 7 cents. Some of the products are my own products. So if you spend a dollar, I earn 50 cents. Win, win, win. I will also try to do my
best to disclose if something was sent to me for free or if I
spent my own money on it. Maybe I’ll have a little logo or icon pop
up cause it starts to get cumbersome every single time you’re
talking about something. So let’s get to it. Head to toe, top to bottom. This is the Smith Forefront 2 helmet. Protects my noggin. I like wearing a white helmet even though
it’s very dirty and kind of nasty right now. Because it’s easy to spot if
you’re looking for your friends. If you happen to go over the side of a
ravine and search and rescue is looking for you, having a white helmet
is very, very beneficial. I think I wear a lot of dark colors
normally, even though my bike is pretty bright. Having a bright helmet is actually kind
of a little weird thing that nobody talks about, but I think it’s a good idea. This helmet has MIPS, which is a
technology that helps with side impacts. It also has this core roid stuff, which
is like a bunch of straws put through. It means it’s less ventilated,
but hopefully more protective. I’ve never had a hit on my helmet. I’ve touched my head on the ground before,
but I’ve never had an impact with a helmet, and you’re always balancing
lightness and comfortability. With protection. So yeah, I dig this helmet. It’s comfortable. It’s light enough. I think it’s probably
not as heat dissipating. It’s probably not as cool as it could be,
but I think the protections there, and that’s what matters most. I was previously wearing this POC Tectal
helmet, and when you pick this thing up now. It just feels like a big nothing. It just feels like a piece of styrofoam
versus the Smith helmet, which actually feels a little more structurally sound. You know, there’s no MIPS in this thing. It’s very bare bones. It’s very almost scary to think that if
you hit a tree with this, what is going to happen? Not that the Forefront too, is that much
better, but it just feels a little bit more sturdy than this. And now for something completely
different and awesome, the WHOOP strap. I’m super excited to announce that WHOOP
is now a sponsor of this channel, making things possible that I never would have
dreamed the next year in the van and all this stuff is going to be so cool and
WHOOP is going to help a lot with that. The WHOOP strap is a 24
seven heart rate monitor. I wear it when I sleep. I wear it when I work out. I work when I’m sitting at the computer
and all that data gets logged and aggregated and displayed for you to
actually be able to take action and learn what your body is doing and
to become a better athlete. For example, last night I got eight hours
and 14 minutes of sleep, which hit my 100% need of sleep. Which is awesome, but my recovery is still
only at 56% which is okay, but not great. That means that I can’t really do a big,
big hard workout today, or I wouldn’t be overtaxing my body and over
straining, and that’s not good. WHOOP is on the cutting edge of this stuff. They give you the tools to figure out what
your training is doing, what your body’s doing, how your sleep is going. It’s only going to get better. This is just the beginning
of this technology. I’m super, super excited to finally be
able to dial myself in and get faster on the bike. If you’re interested, check out the link
in the description and use code BKXC when you sign up. It’s very, very cool thing. It’s only going to get better and you’ll
be hearing more about WHOOP as I, uh, show it off on my rides and my sleep and
my performance, all that good stuff. I very, very rarely wear a full face
helmet, but when I do, I’m wearing the Troy Lee Designs Stage helmet. At the moment it feels pretty comfortable. There’s some weird acoustic stuff when
you’re going down a trail, you all of a sudden hear weird things coming in just. However, the way that your holes
are shaped, it’s just very bizarre. It’s actually a little disconcerting. Sometimes you think someone’s like right
next to you, but it’s actually the sound from your own bike. It is a nice and light helmet. It has the MIPS technology in it. Yeah, but man, if it’s a full face helmet,
does it, do you really want it to be light? If you’re, if you’re putting this thing
on and you’re, you’re saying to yourself, Hey, things are going
to get more dangerous. Do you really want it to be more light? I don’t, I don’t know. I basically only have this one because it
has the amount through the, through the, through the chin thing, so I can put my
camera on it because my other Leatt helmet, which is much more heavy. Much more beefy. It has this kind of great on the front and
I dunno, I don’t want to be tearing the helmet apart. I guess I could just cut through it. But, uh, this thing feels like the
real deal compared to this thing. Feeling like a kind of
a light, feathery thing. It’s really up to you to what kind
of level of protection you want. Obviously you can go on and on with armor
and neck braces and armor yourself up. It never ends, but our heads are so. So important. I have decently big ears. So getting a full face helmet
on, it’s always uncomfortable. I have to really make an effort to pull
apart the Troy Lee Stage to get it on over my ears. And same thing with the Liat one. When I first tried the Liat one on, I was
like, Oh man, this is this actually gonna work. But I got better and better at kind of
spreading the helmet out and putting it on. And you can’t talk about helmets without
talking about sunglasses and goggles. I’ve got these Ryders Eyewear. Something. I think they’re the Squamish model,
but uh, there’s no name on these. These were given out at the BC Bike Race
and my little schwag bag, and I’ve been wearing them and I’ve been enjoying them. I have fought a mighty, mighty battle
with sunglasses since I started riding my mountain bike. I can’t seem to find that happy medium of
something that doesn’t break, that doesn’t get scratched up. That is too light, that is too dark, that
doesn’t fall off my nose in heavy, rough terrain. The best thing about these is that you
can wear them while you’re driving. You can wear ’em out in public. You don’t look like an idiot. They look great while
you’re riding any situation. The form is pretty good. The function’s pretty good. The style is superb. I’d been previously running these Smith
Attack Max glasses, which have all these cool features, and they look so cool,
even though you don’t look cool if you’re wearing these out in public, if
you’re on the trail, they look cool. But man, in the end, they just got so
scratched up and so beat up and so, you know, tarnished by sweat, they
started rusting out there just. There’s it. It just didn’t work. I also thought it would be so cool because
I got the Smith glasses and the Smith helmet and they all go together
seamlessly, so when you’re not riding, you put your glasses in the top. It’s a cool thing. It just doesn’t really matter. It’s not that big of a deal. And while we’re still talking about
glasses and helmets, I don’t seem to get a bad head pinch when I’m wearing
these glasses with this helmet. You know, some people have said, Oh,
you’re supposed to wear the glasses on the outside of the helmet and
wrap them on the outside. But yeah. I don’t know about that. I just put my glasses on, put my helmet
on, and uh, sometimes I’ll get a headache, kinda if something’s pinching to tighten. I’ve kind of always messing
with the, the helmet. But, uh, this combination has worked
pretty good when even the Smith combination, I feel like I got a headache
every once in a while because, because, who knows, but I blame it on
the glasses in the helmet. If things start getting dusty, I’ll put
my Smith Squad MTB Chroma Pop goggles on. They do pretty good, but I have a big nose
and this thing pushes down on my nose way too much. If I wear it and I’m narrating a video,
you can kind of hear that something’s kind of weird and my voice
sounds kind of different. So anyone with a big nose out there, is
there any goggles you’ve worn that help that don’t feel like they’re pushing down,
restricting your airflow and making you talk? Like Kermit the Frog? If I’m out for a ride, I’m usually pretty
easy to spot with my white helmet and my orange Jersey with the gray sleeves. Repping the BKXC Jersey. I love this thing. I’ve got three of them because
you can never have too many. You gotta smell good when one’s kind of
funky, swap it out and you’d get another one on. And of course to match up with the BKXC
Jersey gotta be wearing the BKXC gloves, orange and gray looking good with the
very, very simple message that I believe to my core on the palms. Just go ride. It doesn’t matter what bike you’re riding,
it doesn’t matter what clothes you’re wearing. All that matters is that
you get out and you ride. Don’t worry about the fads,
don’t worry about anything. Just go ride. Just enjoy it. That’s the only thing
I want you guys to do. And of course to round out the kit and
caboodle, you got the E socks, which matched the orange on everything. All origin gray all the time. And this season of merchant was all
a collaboration with hand up gloves. They make really cool stuff and
wearing their gloves for years. Now, if you’re not into the orange, you
know, they got all kinds of different colors on their website. When I’m feeling like a long sleeve
shirt, I break out my Marmot shirt. I’ve got two or three of
these in different colors. The fit, the form, the function
of these shirts is awesome. It’s great to find something that you
really love and you’re like, Oh God, I got to buy more of these before they go out
of style or they don’t sell them anymore. This Marmot shirt has been super good. Taking it all over the world
crashed on it a few times and. I could probably use a little patch there,
but I like wearing the long sleeve, even on hotter days, just for some protection. You can always roll up the sleeves if
you want to get them out of the way. Big time thumbs up for the old Marmot when
I feel like I don’t want to be as flashy and my BKXC Jersey, I’ll
break out my KETL Jersey. If you’re familiar with Kitsbow. It’s kinda the similar kind of look and
feel and fit where it’s, it’s a really nice, like kind of, what would you,
it’s not hipster, it’s not professional. It’s just really nice. It’s not J Crew, it’s not Abercrombie. It’s just. I like it. I really like the style. This thing is going. I’ve crashed on this one as well. I, you know, I’ve got
holes in all my stuff. I like this so much. I got three of these and then I got
a couple of the long sleeve ones. KETL is currently going through a bit of
a reboot right now, so this might not be available to buy, which is
the worst tease in the world. I know, but stay tuned. I think they’re going to get
back up and running soon. Okay. We’re still above the waist. We’re still in this region right
here, so we got to talk about jackets. I use this awesome Gore jacket. Of course, I forget the actual
model name of all this stuff. That’s why I’ve got the
links in the description. This is a real rain jacket. Before I had kind of like
a weatherproof jacket. This is the real deal. If it rains, it will actually beat off. You won’t get soaking wet. I used this in Tibet. I use this everywhere and it has been
a very, very good windbreaker and rain breaker. It’s, I hesitated so much for so
long because this stuff is expensive. But when you buy the good stuff, it lasts
long and you’ll have it and you won’t be cold and you won’t be suffering and
you’ll just, ah, it was worth it. If it’s a really cold day, I will wear
this REI black fleece underneath my red rain jacket and Holy crap,
I’ve had this thing for maybe. 15 years. This is like my oldest, most trusted,
most best piece of kit I’ve ever bought. Like, ah. When you buy stuff sometimes from REI or
other high quality retailers, you have something that is going
to last a lifetime. I’m totally blown away that this little
fleece has been everywhere with me up and down and has been a great
little piece of kit. This is probably one that they don’t sell
anymore, and then I won’t be able to find a link in the description. Okay. Like I said, we’re still above the belt,
which means I’ve got to talk about bags, bags, bags, bags. This video is not going to cover
everything I carry in this bag, only everything I wear, I’m going to do a whole
nother video of everything I carry because I think those videos
are very, very helpful. You guys help me cause
you suggest products. I suggest products. It’s a, the circle of life. The EVOC Explorer Pro 30 is my main bag. Probably 98% of my rides. I’m wearing this big old thing and I like
having all the room, all the pockets to be able to carry everything
and not have to compromise. But I guess the compromise
is that it’s a big bag. That’s, that’s the compromise. But being able to have a rain
jacket, a lunch, all my camera gear. Spare parts, tools. I just don’t have to worry. I can carry it all. And, uh, my only limit is my
back in my, uh, my fitness. I’ve been to hell and back with this
thing and it has not disappointed. It has not worn out. It’s been thrown around, busted around,
and it actually doesn’t even look like it’s that worn out. I mean, this, this little star is coming
off, but otherwise it looks like it’s in pretty good shape for
giving it such a beating. Over maybe more than a year. Yeah. I wish I knew when I actually got this. I don’t know. The one big gripe about this bag is that. I am a skinny guy, and I think a lot of
mountain bikers are skinny guys, but this is not built for a skinny guy whatsoever. When I try to put this around my waist,
I have to cinch it down as tight as I possibly can. It’s got all this extra flapping. It’s not meant. For someone with a 31 inch waist, kind of
the same problem with the shoulder straps. I have to cinch them down very tight and
then it means I just have all this extra strap flapping about. Usually this little keeper here, this
little elastic holds in the strap pretty well, but probably at least one time a
ride I have to stop and kind of put all the straps together. I suppose I could cut the strap, I could
burn it with a lighter and that would pretty much solve the problem. I kinda always hate doing that cause it
kind of puts you past the point of no return if you mess something up. This thing has a pretty cool helmet carry
system that I’ve used quite a lot in my travels. It also has an awesome rain cover
built into the bottom of this thing. Also helps with being videoed if you
want a nice bright color when someone’s following you, the the
Evoque red is really nice. Plenty of pockets to put everything. There’s no lack of space in this bag. It’s worth it to get the
big one and just go for it. I also have the EVOC Stage
12 but I never use it. It’s just too small. It looks good. It’s all slim. You can put a decent amount of stuff in
here, but once you need to carry a rain jacket and a lunch, no go. You just can’t squeeze it in. If you’ve already got two liters of
water in this thing, it’s just too small. Even though it looks like
a decent size bag, it’s. It can’t handle much on the rare occasion
that I can wear a hip pack that I’m not filming and the ride is short enough where
I don’t need to carry a bunch of water and gear. I will wear the Evoque hip
pack pro three liter version. I usually throw some kind of bottle of
liquid in here, keep a bottle of liquid on my bike, a couple snacks, my tools. It actually fits a decent amount of stuff. If you’re going to try to go naked,
if you’re going to try and go minimal. The hip strap pretty much has the same
problem as the hip strap on the pro. My waist is too small. This thing is too big. It is what it is. It doesn’t flop around too much. You kind of have to keep it cinched down. It’s not perfect. All the hip bags that I’ve ever worn
flop around, so it is what it is. That’s, that comes with the territory. But. I like it. I like that rare occasion when you can go
for a ride and feel naked and just enjoy it and not be burdened down
with all kinds of crap. All right, let’s talk about the
unmentionables now I’ve got the Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Liner Shorts here, I bought
five of these because it was going to do BC Bike Race. So that means, uh, I did seven days, so
I had to reuse them a couple of times. But I finally found a liner short that
is really good and isn’t a hundred bucks. I think these are about 45 bucks. You’ll have to check the link in
the description if you want to know. But it was just nice to find
something reasonable that feels good. I’m not a big, like, complainer about my butt, you know,
for the BC Bike Race, when it was day after day, 30 miles, after 30
miles, I wore Shammy cream. And that helped. Uh, but yeah, no complaints
about these things. Now I’ve got five of these
and they’ll last forever. And, uh, I’m very, very
happy to find something that. Fits. Looks good. Well, it doesn’t matter what
it looks like, but it fits. It’s good. I like it. My current choice of short is the KETL
Overshort, like I talked about before, is kind of going through a
little bit of a reboot. I don’t know if these will actually
be available, but I like them. I like the way they look. They feel good. They don’t get hung up on my saddle, which
happens from time to time with shorts. They’re baggy enough but not too baggy. Enough pockets, enough, good fit,
everything you want in the short, haven’t been wearing them long enough to really
know how durable they’re going to be, but so far so good. When I’m not wearing my BKXC socks,
selling seashells by the seashore. I wear my Sonya Looney, Do Epic Sheet
socks and they are really, really cool. It’s neat where socks actually give you
like a good feeling when you put them on and you’re like, yeah, I’m going to do
some epic stuff today, so I like these things. Check them out. Let’s talk about shoes now. I wear the Fiveten Kestrel Lace shoes. These things have taken an absolute
beating and they are lovely. They are stiff where you
need them to be stiff. You can still hike a bike in these shoes. They really, really eye. They look really beat up, but I think I’ve
had these more than a year and a half. I don’t, I should have a timeline for
all this stuff, but it is what it is. I don’t know. But they’ve taken such a beating
and they still keep coming. I felt like it was about time. It seemed like maybe something
catastrophic could happen, but actually when I’m looking at this,
this is not too bad. This is de-laminating a bit, but I found
a deal online for 60 bucks and bought a brand new pair. I think they were on sale because the
color wasn’t selling that well, but Hey, I’ve got a brand new pair. I’ll be good for another 18 months or so
of very aggressive riding, hiking through rocks, just not having to think. About my feet. That is the coolest thing about
having a good piece of gear. I really, really like these shoes
because I don’t think about my feet. It’s so funny when you get something that
relieves all that stress and anxiety and pain. And then you think like, wait, Oh yeah,
those last shoes I had, I was always thinking about my feet and I was always
beating up my feet and they would hurt after a ride. Not with these. These are excellent. And we’ve got one last thing. My Scott grenade. Oh God, what’s, what’s the, there’s the,
the Grenade and then there’s the this and the that. What’s the, uh, what’s
the name, what’s the name? Scott Grenade EVO Knee guards, and I think they’ve come out
with new ones since, so these ones might not even be for sale anymore, but I
really, really liked these things. The material, the fit, how tight you
can get them without moving around. You don’t even think about
them when you’re on a ride. When you are really sweaty and you take
them off, you’re like, Oh wow, that feels so good. But when you’re riding and you have
Mon, you really don’t think about it. You do have to take your shoes
off to put these on and off. So that’s a little bit of a sacrifice, but
I think it’s worth it for how well these actually stick to your knees. On the fourth day in Spain, I crashed
on these knee pads and I actually hit a spot where there’s no protection. There’s protection here, here and here,
but a rock kind of just jutted right through. Hit me in the knee. Luckily it didn’t slow me down too much
and maybe the knee pad really, really did help. But when I looked at it after and it’s
like, God, it’s right in the spot where there’s no protection. What the heck? It’s a pain trying to
keep these things clean. I finally kind of gave up and
put them in the washing machine. Uh, hopefully that doesn’t
mess them up too bad. I don’t put them in the dryer because I
think that really would kind of the heat and everything, I just
leave him out to air dry. That is the number one downfall. It’s so hard to keep these clean and not. Feeling stinky and sweaty and slimy. Just touching them right now. Not a very good feeling, but I think
they’ve saved my butt many times. I feel a little more confident having
them on when I’m not wearing knee pads. Now you feel so naked
and it just feels wrong. Like you’re gonna bite the dust. There we go. Head to toe. Everything I wear on a mountain bike ride. Most of this stuff has
been suggested by you guys. I’m always in the comments. I’m always reading what
you guys have to say. Let me know if there’s some other piece of
gear that you really, really love that you beat on and that has
survived the test of time. That’s what this is all about. I’m going to have a few more of these
videos eventually about, uh, you know, everything I carry in my bag. Bike check thing. I owe you guys all those videos. I’m going to try to do them every six
months to kind of keep you up to speed on what I’m doing, what I’m wearing, what
I’ve got, what bugs me, all that good stuff. But until then, thanks
for watching you guys. I’ll see you on the trail.

James Carver

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  27. The story is clear sir. First your going shirtless when getting your RV and now for this video. So it seems that the story sounds something like “look at me being in shape!” 😉

  28. Thanks for the gear check! I’ll have to check out those Pear Izumi liner shorts, good affordable chamois are hard to come by!

  29. I do use the oneal goggles, cheap, light and a lot of colors, and they don't squeeze my big nose 😀

    The Camelbak hip bag / funny bag is the only one that doesn't move around on you, for me it works perfectly. I can fit snacks, spare parts, tools, some money, water and maybe a drink or two in it, it lasts me a whole day if I have a chance to refill my water on my tour. It's even possible to strap a bottle of water, a can of food, camping stove or a rain jacket onto it.

  30. Whoop that affordable fitness watch.
    Would like to get a fitness watch but need one that can monitor me when cycling and still affordable.

  31. Just a suggestion for the backpack straps, I always use a zip tie to hold all the excess together. Just bundle it all up and wrap a zip tie around it. Rarely do you need to adjust them but it's still there if you ever lend it to someone else or get larger than a 31" waist! Haha…keep the videos coming!

  32. I know what you mean by headaches. The same thing happens to me when i am riding in sunglasses. It's really annoying and uncomfortable.

  33. Hey Dude, thanks for the inspiration! One question, why Orange and Grey? Not cause I disagree, just interested, is it a locational choice, does it remind you of the terrain you ride? Just a purely interested for interested sake – colour pref is an interesting topic 🙂

  34. Try this helmet

  35. since i wear prescription glasses i could only afford one eye wear so i got prescpriton goggles' ;;;;; so catch me rocking full face goggles everywhere and any level of terrain 😆🥺

  36. I’ve yet to see a study that shows the benefit of sleep tracking…often they are detrimental to sleep causing unnecessary stress etc.

  37. I feel like you are criticizing categories that you don’t have a commanding knowledge of – I assume POC knows what they are doing (although I do agree that not having any rotational impact management is not acceptable anymore) and I doubt it is your place to say that the TLD Stage helmet is “too light”. You lost me there. I get what you’re trying to say but it comes across wrong and pretty negative.

  38. Try RedBull Spect Eyewear if u getting new glasses 😉 expensive but worth the money. The dual temple system will prevent them from falling down

  39. You can get some web dominators to manage the excess straps – there are cheaper ones than the Maxpedition brand.

  40. Roll up excess strap materials and use some tape. Probably electrical but take your pick. Doubles if tape is needed down the line

  41. I usually love your videos, but I gladly pay extra for light helmets, as long as they are well designed and fit me well. Light weight does NOT necessarily mean inferior protection. All else equal, lighter equipment means less fatigue, which makes you safer.

  42. Yeah Brian a video of the stuff you pack as well would be great. Always useful to see what different riders pack. Look forward to that one 👍

  43. I really liked Whoop so much until I got the message, "excessive self pleasuring is significantly affecting your recovery time in a negative way." :. (

  44. Hand wash your knee pads with some “Sport Wash” from Amazon. It will breakdown the sweat and grime in the fabric and leave your gear without any odor. NATHAN NS1344 Power Sport Wash Detergent 64 oz Bottle

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