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[Music] hi though I’m you’re very attractive I mean I’m not objectifying you in any way no is necessarily your traditional greeting I’m not crazy I’m not sexist I promise you I’m not saying nothing is that straight why me no it can’t be we killed them all Hey how you doing sorry I just arrived from that time machine over there I came from 2015 I was hoping you guys had the time on you or if you just had some food it’s okay we don’t eat food anymore it’s very offensive here we just have solid love it’s a hundred percent gluten free hello kosher dairy free biodynamic solar-powered carbon neutral and so with the colors of the rainbow yeah yeah now look I’m gonna pass on that why you’re both wearing black it’s not black it’s african-american okay so what are your names then we don’t have names anymore they cause discrimination we’re just prescribed numbers at birth and many people were offended if their number was too high or was bad luck according to that religion yeah so we all became number one it’s wonderful no no that sounds horrible actually she’s not used to men disagreeing with her why what is she gonna do a rest well actually yes there’s a 20-year jail sentence for disagreeing with a woman and 30 years if she’s a privileged white woman with a blog and for both of you we no longer use the terms he or she we’re all equal I beg your forgiveness are a great number one I’m not sexist I’m not I’m not sexist I’m not sexist I’m not sexist I’m not I’m not I’m not so no one has free speech anymore either oh my Buddha Allah Vishnu tumblr Google God no of course we have free speech we just have to thank the traditional owners of the oxygen every five minutes which reminds me it’s it’s five past three Oh we send out thanks for this precious air them so selfishly breathe ah okay what so your God is a dinosaur no we’re all goes well legally Mark Zuckerberg made himself our god the kids even go to school of course but only for three days of the year all other days of religious holidays and on those three days we are told how beautiful we are yeah but if by the age of sixteen you’re still a straight white male we will kill you brutally what sort of perverse leader made all these laws we have no leader we simply have an equality guidance counselor they are the true number one but were originally born Mohammed Smith Chang Steinberg Patel Volkov in ballet there are also four years old your leader is for four years old yes and if you have a problem with that you are an angel and to protect this utopia we live in ages and results in the death penalty read yourself of the evils of the path and join us join us become number one with us oh no I’m not join us join us I’m not sexist by the way today it’s the 18th of January [Music] 20:16 [Music] you [Music]

James Carver

100 Replies to “#Equality”

  1. This video is so relevant!!! It is sad that this is exactly what our society will look like very soon if we continue down this path of extreme political correctness and identity politics.

  2. Man this film makes sjw's and feminists look like crazy people! Man like this film this is funny and stupid. Stupid in a, good way!😅😂😀😊😨😎

  3. I swear Caitlin Burley reminds me of Sarah Michelle Gellar in the movie Cruel Intentions. Those devilish expressions she makes with her face are spot on.

  4. Thank you for criticizing identity politics and PC. Culture. We need to see more of this. #DiversityOfThought

  5. Equality huh sounds like communism as much as I like to make jokes and make fun of it. There’s actually 2 socialists in the presidential election or something (I forgot) and socialism most of the time causes communism.

  6. Equal opportunity per individual regardless of their group is great. But equal outcome per group is extremely unfair on individuals.

  7. I know that this is supposed to be a fictionalized, dystopian video, but it is scary just how close it is to reality.
    What is even more scary and disturbing is that who knows what those little mole like radical liberals are
    cooking up in their underground caves……"I see a bad moon arisin…I see trouble on the way….I fear
    earthquakes and lightening…..I see a bad time today"….Credence Clear Water Revival

  8. Equality? Men have always been better than women at almost everything, on a collective grading scale. If you look at individuals, no one is equal to anyone else so it's not an issue. Take any 100 year span in history and men are smarter, stronger, innovative, artistic, creative, etc….. So given the track record of history women will never be equal to men. If you sit around waiting for equality you'll become a frustrated, unhappy feminist. Just take the talent you have and make the best of it for the time you've been given. No One likes a angry feminist.

  9. I am a 27 yo guy from Italy. I was emotionally and physically abused by my ex girlfriend. She disappeard and she said she wanted to call the police if I didn't leave the house. Everybody was against me because she accused me of being abusive (while she was the abusive one). I was scared everything could turn against me, I had to leave the house and I lost my job. She still was the "victim" and I was the "bad one". I am suffering like I never did in my life. I was thinking about suicide. I went to some therapists, most of them minimized the problem and some treated me like I was the guilty one. This thing deeply changed me. I asked myself: "what if I was a girl?". It would be different. I also asked myself: "what if I was married or I had children?". The answer is really sad and it makes me angry. There are a lot of cases like mine out there. Abuse comes from both sides but we pretend it's not like this. Men don't report that because they are afraid they are not believed and everything can turn against them (like in my case). Many things discriminate men, why don't we speak about that? Is that equality? Where is equality in a world where a woman can just pick up her phone and say: "my husband abuses me!" to send an innocent guy to jail?
    I am sick of living in a society where men are demonized. I am sick to hear how bad men are. It's like they say to me: "you are not welcome here!" Where is EQUALITY in all of this? Where is justice? What I see here is SEXISM against men. I am not afraid to say that I often cry when I'm alone. Everybody asks "where are all the good guys?". I think I am one of them, I always respected women, I was always kind and loyal. After this experience I will never leave my house, never get married and never have children in my life.

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