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– Welcome back to our food
challenge Friday where today we’re doing the eat it
or wear it challenge. – Yes, we are. – Yes.
– Yay. – Alright, so we’ve got
all four of us doing it. It’s me and Bryce,
kids versus parents. So me and Bryce versus Mommy
and Daddy and basically we’re doing the eat it or wear it
challenge we’re in teams so you draw a number and whatever
number you get you get to choose if you’re gonna
eat it or wear it. Whatever you choose, the
team has to choose together, whatever we choose we have to
both do it and then the other team has to do the other thing. So if we choose to
eat it, both of us, then the parents have to wear it
and we get to pour it on them. – We just have to decide as a
team whether we’re going to eat it or wear it.
– Yes. So me and Bryce have to decide
if we want to eat it or wear it. They have to decide if they
want to eat it or wear it. – So Sierra and I know what’s
inside the bags but we didn’t number them until
after we put them in. I don’t know which
item’s in which numbered bag. – Yeah. – It’ll be a complete
surprise for the boys, somewhat of a
surprise for Sierra and I. – Yeah. – ‘Kay? Let’s do this. – [Both] 7.
– [Clintus] Number 7. – [Sierra] Right here.
– [Clintus] Right there. – Oh no. Canned–
– Spaghetti. – [Clintus] Oh, Spaghetti-Os. – But not in Os, it’s like. – [Clintus] Oh, spaghetti.
– Spaghetti. Wait, do you want
to eat it or wear it? – It’s cold. – Some people eat
Spaghetti-Os cold though. Like I’ve seen
people eat them cold. – What do you want to do?
– I don’t care. You want to slop
it on their heads? It’s not the worst thing,
we could eat it. – How much do we have to eat? – Spoonful, that’s it. – [Clintus] And how
much do you have to wear? – The rest of it.
– [Clintus] (laughs) Oh my God. – Okay, let’s eat it.
I’ll eat it. Do you want to eat it?
– Yeah. – (mumbles) I don’t
know about that. That looks disgusting. – It’s spaghetti soup. – [Clintus] Spaghetti soup.
You’re already gagging? It’s spaghetti, dude. – [Tiffany] Should I get a fork? – Is that good?
– [Clintus] That’s good. – That’s good, eat it,
eat it, eat it. See, it’s not that good.
(Clintus laughs) – Who eats Spaghetti-Os cold?
That’s disgusting. – [Clintus] Alright,
buddy, you’re next. – [Sierra] Heat it up.
Just heat it up. It’s like, why? – [Tiffany] Aw, is
sister gonna feed you? – [Clintus] I think you should
just dump it in your mouth. – No! – That’s good enough.
There you go. Don’t spill it. – Why do I? Okay, I’m just gonna
take that off real quick. – [Tiffany] You have one noodle. – Eat it, just eat it. – Ew! – Alright guys. – [Clintus] Yeah, no, you’re
dumping that whole thing on us. ‘Cause you only ate one noodle, you only put one noodle on
my head, how about that? – [Tiffany] No, the
whole thing goes on. – Well, half and half.
‘Cause you both have to wear it. – I volunteered to do this one. I was like,
“Oh, I’ll do this one, “I just won’t
shower until later.” You on the other hand were like,
“I don’t want to do this one.” He’ll eat the
spicy noodles like crazy! Okay! Go! – [Sierra] Not all of it, use
half ’cause Daddy has to have some too.
– Okay, that’s good. – [Sierra] Get on Daddy, too.
Don’t use it all. – [Bryce] Daddy,
you’re too tall. (group laughter) Daddy, come here.
– I can feel it running. – [Sierra] Bryce,
make sure you get it. – Okay. I don’t know where to put that. – Come here, buddy.
– No! It was your’s– – Yeah, I know.
– to wear. – Oh my gosh. – [Sierra] Mommy
has more than Daddy. – That was supposed
to go on all of us. I don’t know why
you didn’t dump it all. – [Sierra] Alright,
you guys pick a number now. – Ten.
– [Bryce] Ten. – [Sierra] Right there. Oh, right there. Ranch.
– Ranch. – [Sierra] Eat a spoonful of
ranch or dump it on your head. Spoonful of ranch. – Eat it?
– I can eat it. – Yeah.
– [Sierra] Ooh, gross. – [Bryce] No, we’re
gonna have to wear that. – It’s only ranch.
– [Sierra] Spoonful. – Bleach.
– [Sierra] Bleach, oh god. We eating Tide pods now? – Gross, of my gosh.
That’s not very good. By itself.
– It’s not bad. – [Sierra] Alright,
we have to wear it now. – A’ight kids,
come get your ranch. – Oh geez,
you got it on my hands. Ah, geez.
(Tiffany laughs) – Ew, my ears! Ew! – [Bryce] What’d you get? – Four.
– [Clintus] Four? Ooh, that’s a good one. – Green Mexican salsa. – Eat it or wear it? I’ll eat it.
I want to eat it. – What’s it taste like?
I don’t know. – [Clintus] (laughs) This one,
right here, Ms. Picky-Pants. She has a hard
time eating stuff. – I’m eating it. – [Clintus] Nah, you
got to do it as a team. – I’m not wearing this. – Why not? – [Clintus] It’s
not even that bad. – I forgot it was a spoonful.
Oh, geez. – [Tiffany] I just had
to do a spoonful of ranch. – That’s so gross. – That’s not that good. (Clintus laughs) – [Tiffany] Something’s
that completely by itself. – [Bryce] Kinda spicy. – Seriously? – [Clintus] Ooh,
that smells good. I want to eat it. – [Tiffany] I can smell
the Spaghetti-Os right now. – Just ’cause you
wouldn’t want to wear it, so. – You can’t spit it out. – So gross. – [Clintus] (laughs)
It’s not that gross. – [Tiffany] We put
this on our tacos. – [Clintus] Yeah! Ooh, it’s cold. – [Bryce] We’ve all
choosen to eat our things. – [Sierra] Oh my gosh.
– [Bryce] Ew, it’s all chunky. (group laughter) It’s all chunky. – Gross! – [Bryce] Ew, you have green.
It looks like throw up. – Baby poop. – [Bryce] Did someone
throw up on you guys? – Ew, it does
look like throw up. – [Clintus] Come here, baby. – [Bryce] Lick it off her hair. – We’re gonna ruin
our appetite for dinner. Number eight. Light one. (hums excitedly) I will gladly eat this one. Aw, thank you. – [Bryce] It looks
like you’re sweating green. – Alright kids. – Ew, ew! Ooh, it’s cold. – Ew! – [Sierra] No, Bryce,
that’s not fair. You gotta take it. Oh, yum.
– It’s cold. (Clintus laughs) – [Sierra] It’s like a–
– [Clintus] Facemask? – [Tiffany] Sierra’s like,
“I’m gonna lick it.” (group laughter) – It’s my choco-mask. It’s my beautiful choco-mask. – Mom to the rescue, sorry. You okay?
– Yeah. (Clintus laughs) – What the heck is that? – Beans, baked beans. – [Clintus] It’s
not even that bad. – It’s not bad. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Fill that up. – [Clintus] (laughs)
Sister calling him out. – This is really soupy. – [Sierra] Don’t
get it in their eyes. Like go towards the back of
the head in case it drips. – Oh gosh, oh my gosh. – [Sierra] Make sure
you get chunks in there! – Shower. Why did I take a shower today?
– Do I use the rest of this? – [Sierra] Yeah. – Well, you get
to use half on Dad. – [Bryce] Look
how much there is. – That’s fine. Okay. – [Sierra] Alright
use the rest on Daddy. – [Tiffany] Oh, (laughs) gosh. – [Sierra] Ew, on your leg. – [Bryce] Daddy, ready? – [Sierra] You just snorted. Slap it, like, yeah. (laughs) Ew. Probably should’ve
taken off your Apple Watch. – [Tiffany] Aw, thanks Bryce. – [Sierra] Ooh,
on your back, ew. – (laughs) He’s totally
getting me back. – [Clintus] (laughs) Hey!
(Sierra laughs) – [Bryce] Please don’t
be the whipped cream. – [Sierra] Yes! No wait,
I wanted that one. – [Bryce] Dang it. – [Sierra] I want
to eat that one. – [Bryce] Why you guys
getting the good stuff? Like better. – [Sierra] Daddy
doesn’t want to eat that. – [Bryce] Better stuff.
– Gonna eat it or wear it? – That’s a big spoon. – [Sierra] Oh, I forgot
I put that in there. You can use that. – That was supposed
to be the get it out. – [Sierra] Oh yeah,
for over us to wear it. He doesn’t really like
whipped cream or frosting. – [Bryce] Wear it,
please, wear it. – Yeah, when it’s a cupcake
he smears the frosting off. – [Bryce] Wear it, Daddy.
– Too sweet. – [Sierra] Smear it all over–
– We eating it? Oh. – [Sierra] Oh, I want to eat it.
– [Bryce] Dang it. You guys didn’t even
put the sprinkles on. – [Sierra] No,
that’s for when we wear it. – [Bryce] Oh. – [Sierra] There’s a
lot worse stuff in there. – [Bryce] Should wore it, Daddy. – [Sierra] Yum! Delicious.
– Swallowed it. Woo! – [Sierra] That’s how
I do the hatch chile stuff. – Oh. – Oh. – [Tiffany] Right
on the eyeball. – [Clintus] That’s
a lot of frosting. Can you handle
all that frosting? – My nose! – [Tiffany] You can lick it. (laughs) – Stop. – [Bryce] Okay Daddy, my turn. – [Clintus] Your turn. (group laughter) – Oh!
– That hurt. – [Tiffany] Watch the eyeballs. – [Clintus] Peew! (group laughter)
Peew. You wanted some
whipped frosting, right? Oh, I got the
green stuff in my eyes. (sprinkles being shaken) – I got one sprinkle. – [Clintus] What’s
coming up next? – Nine.
– [Clintus] Nine. – Yes!
– Whipped cream? Eat it. (Clintus laughs)
– [Bryce] My turn! – [Clintus] Another
thing I’m not a fan of. – [Tiffany] You’d
rather wear that one. – [Clintus] Yeah, well, yeah. That’s a lot of whipped cream. Oh yeah, that
fabulous hair right there. Aw, it’s a Tiffany sundae.
– Do I look like a cupcake? – Ew, the waste! – [Clintus] You made it too big.
Oh, right in the face. (laughs) – [Sierra] The waste! – [Clintus] You
put too much on top. – You’re right in front of me. Oh, it’s gonna fall. – [Tiffany] That’s good. – That’s good,
that’s good, that’s good. – [Sierra] You weren’t looking.
(Clintus laughs) – [Clintus] I wasn’t vlogging,
I’m sorry. – [Sierra] He just
whipped his head at her and it just all flinged. – [Clintus] It’s a
whipped cream whip. Aw. (laughs) – He just head whipped.
(Clintus laughs) – [Sierra] Here,
here’s the towel. – Can’t believe you did that. Did you mean to do that? – [Sierra] Yes, he
looked right at you. – [Clintus] It was a
spur of the moment thing. I didn’t have the camera ready. I’m sorry. I’m sorry guys.
(laughs) – [Bryce] There’s two,
three, eight and five. – I hate this stuff so I got
to make some fun out of it. – [Sierra] Oh. – [Bryce] Cottage cheese. – You won’t have a problem
eating this but I don’t like it. One, two, three. – [Sierra] Gross, gross, gross. I would wear that,
I would not eat that. Would you eat that? – [Bryce] Yeah,
I would wear that. – [Sierra] Just swallow.
That’s what I did. Don’t even taste it. – [Bryce] Spit it out,
spit it out. – [All] Ew!
– [Sierra] Watch out. – [Clintus] Really?
– I can’t do it. – [Clintus] Wow.
– I can’t do it. There are so many
smells going on right now. – [Bryce] Daddy, you
should do a big spoonful. – Oh my gosh. – [Sierra] He’ll
do that happily. He likes cottage cheese. – [Clintus] Come on, babe.
– [Tiffany] No! – [Bryce] No, Daddy,
just eat it. – [Sierra] He’ll eat it happily. He’s fine with it. She couldn’t swallow that. – So what’s that mean?
Do I have to wear it now? – Here we go! (group screams) – Keep your mouth closed,
you’ll be fine. – Oh my gosh, it’s cold. – [Bryce] Ew!
– Ew! (screams) Ew, stop.
It’s gross. He just whipped it on
me like Daddy did to Bryce. It’s chunky. Gross. – [Clintus] This is
the worst challenge ever. – Yes. – [Clintus] What?
What’s with all the sweets? – Oh, wait ’til
you get the next one. – What’s the next one? – Eat? – Yeah.
What’s the next one? I don’t remember. – [Bryce] Feels so weird. – Just making a nice,
little sundae. – Oh whoa. – [Bryce] How are we
gonna even walk inside? When we’re stepping in all this? (Clintus groans) Okay, that’s good Sierra. – Ah, down the neck.
Down the neck. – [Bryce] This is the worst one. – [Tiffany] This is
the last one. I already know what it is and I
don’t want to eat it or wear it. – Oh!
– [Sierra] Vinegar? – Oh, really?
– Is that bad? Now we’re gonna
smell like vinegar. – That’s bad, but,
hey, you know what? No one picked sardines. – No.
– Or anchovies. I was expecting something fishy. Apple cider vinegar. Well, at least it’s apple
cider and not white distilled. – So are we eating it? – Honestly, I think
eating it would be better. – [Bryce] No! – ‘Cause it’s
just like one teaspoon. But wearing it,
smelling it, I think… Actually, I don’t know. I mean I like vinegar. I eat vinegar like
vinaigrettes all the time. I’m thinking it’d be better. – [Sierra] Why do
we even have that? – No, some recipes call for it. Okay. Oh my gosh. (coughs) – [Bryce] Just
take it like a shot. – Oh my gosh,
that’s horrible, babe. You’re allowed
to eat this, right? We’re not gonna get sick. – [Clintus] Yes.
It’s actually a detox. – [Sierra] Ooh, yuck. – It’s bad. – No, that was
not that bad at all. – It’s bad. – No, I’d rather drink
that than the frosting. On the other hand,
you guys get it wear it. – Sierra, hold your breath too. Three, two, one. (gags) Smells disgusting. – That’s all I’m doing.
– [Clintus] That’s good. Alright guys, that is it. My least favorite
challenge I’ve ever done, eat it or wear it. Sierra and Bryce
did it on her channel. I’ll have it linked
in the cards up here. – [Bryce] I don’t think,
I think this one was worse. – Well, once your Mom and
Dad were involved we were like getting crazy but I think
your guys’ food choices were much better. Honestly, there wasn’t a whole
lot in here that was gross. There really wasn’t
a lot that was gross. You didn’t like
the cottage cheese. I’m not a big fan of frosting. But nothing was like gross
like sardines, anchovies. – Some things aren’t
gross to eat but gross to wear. – Well, yeah, wearing sucks. There’s the aftermath. – [Bryce] Shower?
– Yes, we’re gonna go shower. Thanks for watching. “i” in the sky for
more food challenges. Like I said, Sierra’s eat it or
wear it will be up here as well. Let us know in the comments down
below what other food challenges you’d like to see
us do in the future. Vlog on. (upbeat music)

James Carver

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