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She is Shruti Arjun Anand & she is Anishka you had liked our dare challenge video so today we are here to do another awesome challenge & that is EAT IT OR WEAR IT Challenge So today we wore dirty clothes as we don’t want to ruin our other new clothes these are not dirty clothes dear actually these are old ones yeah old clothes so what we have to do in this challenge so here we’ve two bowls in which some chits are there so ingredients name were written in the chits that what are stuffs we have so need to do is either you have to eat that or you’ve to wear that so whatever be the ingredients will be out either you need to eat that or wear that that is you’ve to put that stuff on yourself ok lets see who’ll face the challenge first oh god plz save me from both of these as you can see here I am too young so give this video 80,000 likes ok who’ll do the challenge first from both of you as I am too little lets you do first no!! I am not oh god plz save me lets whether she eats earthworm or wear them oh mom I was shivering wandering here & there in the room if you are enjoying plz hit LIKE to this video now its my time to take revenge Anishka now its your turn lets she whether she eats or wear it just close your eyes yess!! wear it plz don’t do that now its your turn so egg is here oh god plz give out something weird this time omg its so cool as AC is off so its good to have this on me what’s in your chit dear so whether you’ve to drink hot coffee or put it on yourself so here is the hot coffee yeah this is first eat it yeah!! don’t want to eat it this makes your hair good hey Anishka you are talking too much now take the chit ok now you’ve to eat this & this is without spice as she is so thin nothing happens to her with maggi lets she whether she eats or wear it as i’ve broken an egg on her head have you seen that ok tell in the comments whoever have seen that why always this happens with me only okk stop now what to do with this shampoo ok put this on her so guys are looking like this making your favourite video as most of you requested to do a eat it or wear it challenge oh I felt burning sensation with this video oh god I can’t see anything with this eye so do like & share to this video and plz give it 100,000 likes instead of 80.000 so how would you know if we are online so do subscribe to our channel also press that bell icon so that you’ll get the notification on your mobile if whenever we are online and you be the first one to watch our videos first also do comment below which video you want to see next ?

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