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Dry Cleaners Middletown New Jersey Dry Cleaners
Middletown Review Dry Cleaner Middletown NJ Dry Cleaners Middletown NJ New Jersey says
Everyone knows a good dry cleaner is hard to find. That’s why Any Garment Cleaners of
Middletown is your best choice when it comes to a good Dry Cleaners Middletown NJ to fulfil
all your dry cleaning needs. As a Dry Cleaners Middletown NJ We are a friendly
family owned and operated Dry Cleaners that offers professionally Dry cleaned and pressed
garments for less! Providing QUALITY service, that is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. No more random or unpredictable pricing, Any
Garment Cleaners of Middletown IS THE Dry Cleaners Middletown NJ OF choice which offers
ONE EASY price for all garments. Just $1.99 ANY Garment. Our store is a modern and clean facility with
all new, state of the art equipment and we are a Dry Cleaners Middletown NJ who are Environmentally
friendly providing ORGANIC dry cleaning. Our convenient store hours are Monday through
Saturday 7am to 7pm For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, this Dry Cleaners
Middletown NJ as a great offer if you mention you watched this video you can get ANY Garment
Dry cleaned and pressed for $1.69 each garment. Bring in more than 10 pieces and pay a $1.49
per garment Plus If you PROTECT our towns and bring in
your Police Uniform we will dry clean and press it for 99 cents Per Piece. So remember Any Garment Cleaners of Middletown
is your neighborhood Dry Cleaners Middletown NJ Gives us a call at 732-671-2700 or visit us
at our store location – 1847 Route 35 North in Middletown New Jersey

James Carver

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