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– We all know our
drawers can get cluttered with old, outdated clothes. Even for us, sometimes it’s tough to find that pair of scrubs that you need. Clothing clutter can make
it hard to track down what you actually want to wear. So today’s Doctors Prescription is a trick to give yourself some wardrobe wellness. (audience laughs) Instead of stacking your
clothes on top of each other, what you’re going to do
is put them in vertically. When you do that, when you stack
clothes vertically like so, it’s really obvious which shirt is which. All your options are
visible to your naked eye, saves room in your drawers. Maybe you really want
the teal colored T-shirt or teal colored scrubs– – Color coordinated, right
there, easy to pull out instead of having to lift everything up, pull the bottom one out, and
then your whole pile’s a mess and you can’t close the drawer. – And I think they wrinkle
less if they’re like this, too. If you’re rolling them this way, the probably don’t come out completely smashed.
– Did you know this? I mean, do you do this? – Actually, I read this book called The Lifechanging Magic
of Tidying Up years ago and this was a tip in there. But I also think the other tip is that this is also
gonna help you remember when you’ve bought something
and then just tossed it in your drawer and
completely forgot about it, ’cause I think that
happens to a lot of us. And then the other nice thing about this is if you can see everything,
one of the tips in that book is you can take things out and think about whether or not it actually brings you joy. So I think that’s an
even better litmus test for your clothes than if you’ve
worn it in the past year. That’s a pretty big shirt there. – I’m just gonna see if it brings me joy. (audience laughs) – That actually fits you. – Yeah, it looks good. – Looks good. – [Audience Member] Does it bring you joy? – Yeah. (audience applauds) – That can bring you some joy too. – Long and straight. – Well I will always remember today’s show as the one where I put on a red golf shirt to end it and it brought me joy.

James Carver

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