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-We’re gonna do this special on NBC, on November 26th,
about 50 years of — Is that 50 years from
your first time at the Opry? -Well, actually,
I became a member 50 years ago. -Gotcha. -That was my dream,
to be a member. But I’ve been actually
doing the Opry pretty much like 60 years.
Because I was on when I was 13. -13 — What was it like the
first time you went to the Opry? -It was amazing,
because my Uncle Bill Owens used to take me back and forth
to Nashville. That was when Johnny Cash
was first on the scene. -Uh-huh.
-You know, he was all — You know, and he was
the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. I was 13 years old.
[ Laughter ] And I was looking at him,
and I’m just feeling all those things that —
you know, that you feel. That’s the first time
I really understood what sex appeal really was.
-Wow! And I just —
you know, I just really fell into
a burnin’ ring of fire. [ Laughter ] But I loved him.
He introduced me, yeah. -Oh, that’s something else. You obviously — You have this really unique,
like, iconic look for so long. What — Who —
Where did you — What were you inspired by,
as far as how you wanted to look with your stage persona? -Well, don’t I look
sort of like a hooker? -No, no, no.
-I do too. Actually, I told this story
a long time, but it’s true. There was the town tramp
in our little town. Everybody said she was,
you know. I thought she was
the prettiest thing I ever seen. She had this big yellow hair, lipstick, high-heel shoes,
red nails. And when I was little,
we were just country kids, and every time we’d go downtown,
I’d see her, and I’d just be fascinated,
and everybody said, “Oh, she ain’t nothing
but trash.” And I thought,
“Well, that’s what I’m gonna be when I grow up — trash.”
[ Laughter ] So that’s kind of
how I patterned my look. And I honestly, to this day,
I just feel more comfortable, you know, wearing tight clothes
and flashy things. -Well, I speak
from the rest of us — we’re very comfortable
with that, as well. -Oh, good.
Well, good! [ Cheers and applause ]
-And you are now — There’s just — I’m so impressed how there’s
just no stop to you at all. You’re starting
a line of cosmetics. -Well, actually,
I’m actually gonna have a line of all kinds of things. I’m gonna have wigs,
and I’m gonna have perfumes, I’m gonna have clothes — I’m gonna have
all sorts of things. So, it’s my brand worldwide,
with IMG. So we’re gonna be doing
a whole lot of things. I’ve done everything else.
Why not do that? [ Laughter ] -Well, you are
a force of nature. And I cannot tell you what
an honor it is to have you here. Thank you so much
for being here. -Well, let me just say,
you are a special guy, and everybody just loves you.
-Thank you so much. -And I do, too,
so thank you for having me. -Give it up for Dolly Parton,

James Carver

100 Replies to “Dolly Parton Reveals Johnny Cash Was the First Man to Turn Her On”

  1. Every celebrity has been starting a line of cosmetics in the last few years because it's where the money is at the moment, and I'm so fed up with the unreasonable market growth.
    Dolly does that: shut up and take my money

  2. It's just painful to look at Dolly Parton now.
    It's like when the Walmart cashier has meth teeth, and it makes you desperately want to brush your teeth. I feel the need to touch my face and reassure myself that everything is natural flesh and muscle.

  3. Dolly is anorexic looking. Twig of a woman with a monsterous bobble head. Don't kid yourself, she is charming beyond measure. But seriously she looks sickly.

  4. She's had so many facelifts the corners of her mouth have been pulled up affecting her speech. It's sad when people don't know when to stop.

  5. i DONT CARE WHAT PEOPLE about DOLLY (((she is THE BEST and GENUINE))) LOVING person in hollywood/country genre……i have ALWAYS LOVED HER and ALWAYS will

  6. Elvis presley was the greatest sexiest man on Earth. Johnny cash was just a good singer But it was Elvis Presley that had it All in spades.

  7. Poor Dolly, she's got to be tired of answering those same old tired questions by now. And she answers them the same, word for word, each and every time.

  8. Every straight guy I know immediately says.. they REALLY wanna F*ck Dolly Parton… Like ALWAYS…. 😻 I'd wanna be her for a week or two!

  9. She’s finally launching her own beauty line!!! I watched an interview from a few years ago on the Hallmark Channel where she said starting her own beauty line was one of her dreams… GO DOLLY, making your dreams come true!!!

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