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This is Mustardfaith777 with another edition of set dungeons we are going to do the Shadows Mantle now I didn’t like how I recorded the first video so I’m doing it again basically it is found in Pandemonium Fortress level 3 basically you go to Pandemonium Fortress level 2 and head towards Malthael and that will bring you to pandemonium fortress level 3 here 6p shadows chain of Shadows for the belt vault costs no resource for two seconds after using impale do not use holy point shot as the quiver the reason for that is holy point shot throws out three impales instead of one in order to get a chain going you have to hit all three impales when you cast it if you’re using holy point shot so don’t use holy point shot single it out and just throw one more than enough damage to kill everything in this set dungeon Carly’s point returns hatred and I just have wraps of clarity on there just to help with the defense not like we’re going to need it because all enemies in this is pretty trash alright skills impale ricochet shadow power gloom companion back companion preparation punishment fault tumble and vengeance see the only reason why I have this on here is after I complete the two parts of the set dungeon that need to be completed I use that just to kind of sweep through the rest of them and kill them quickly alright and let’s go ahead and get started chain consecutive bonus damage impale hits on 20 different enemies five times and also slow 45 different enemies with your shadow power some people don’t understand this they think clicking shadow power once in the beginning makes everybody have shadow power no you actually have to go up to an enemy and hit your shadow power oh good it starts us off with a good group in the beginning I like that whenever you’re using impale do not use forced stand still you might not know what forced stand still is as soon as I’m done completing a set dungeon I’ll explain to you exactly what forced and still is basically just hopin’ through be very meticulous going through the map you don’t want to miss one I’ve done this two or three times and ended up missing an enemy kind of gets aggravating after a while so be very meticulous get all the little nooks and crannies if you tend to run out of discipline what you could use is you prob, you could use Night Stalker instead of maybe thrill of the hunt that will give you the ability to gain some discipline alright my third change should be coming up soon see already completed the second objective now we just got to work on getting the chains together and once we can finish up with the chains then we’ll go in a just sweep through everything quickly there’s the third one now don’t get worried because you will end up getting into the final enemies before you hit your chain especially if you have your power amped up you might think about lowering your damage output maybe take to take a quiver off and not use quiver at all that might help oh and I just lost my chain that’s not good still got a few enemies left got enough enemies to be able to do it you could probably fail once on the chain and still be able to pass the set dungeon you fail twice you might as well start over because there’s a good possibility you won’t see I’m just kind of checking all the different areas making sure I’m not missing anything an objective one complete and now we can just finish out everything and there it is set dungeon is complete now like I mentioned before what I was talking about forced stand still if you left-click you’re moving around for standstill is for those who haven’t changed it on their hot keys it’s normally the shift i changed mine to the spacebar a little bit easier for my hands to handle but you can actually throw your impales when there’s no enemies there so eliminate forced stand still and actually click on the enemies you while you’re moving around and you should be able to continue to chain always keep an open line of sight so hopefully this helps and hit you up on the next one if you like this video please hit the like button and subscribe button and there’s plenty more to come talk to you then bye

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