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so I hope that no one takes offense of
me acting like I’m trying to brag and show off look how pretty I am with my
purse hey guys welcome to my channel welcome back to my channel either way
we’re gonna be doing a haul together and I’m super excited about this one just
because I’m kind of like if you’ve seen my hauls you know I kind of just like
collecting clothes like it doesn’t have to be designer name or something super
expensive heck it can even be tacky and I like it I don’t even know where to
start like in my closet I have a drawer that’s
primarily dedicated to these purses and then I have some other bulkier ones that
are put on display also as a disclaimer which I mean to put in like in all my
haul videos this is not to brag this is just because I like watching haul videos
so in response I’m going to make haul videos I have never joined the Kate
Spade family until recently but these are so cute so classic white and this
one’s a bit bulkier so I’ll most likely carry it with the handles and then this
one I have it all tucked in but this one has a longer strap and I think that’s
perfect for it because it’s a little bit more petite good pop of color I have a
lip gloss in the shade so yeah spring summer watch out I’m coming and
I’m gonna be looking hot with it another new addition that I have and I still
like need to read it the tag each time but this one is it’s Japanese brand and
it’s a BAE obey oh it’s seeming yaki brand so it’s kind of neat because look
at this like how compact can you make this in travel and they do a lot of
geometric designs so what you’re hearing now is because I have zipped and tucked
away in it the chain that comes with it I think there’s no perfect thing than
having like this really gunmetal onyx color chain with it
just perfect and then I did get a little bit of a mix and match but it still
matches when it comes to the wallet this wallet is so cute
like you can see how it’s reflecting different in the lights holographic
hologram whatever you want to call it zip that up then you have the inside and
it’s pretty typical and if you watched my last whole video you remember this
Louis Vuitton I’m hoping I stretch the fabric enough it’s easier to get out I
have always been a fan of the color red and I know I still need to use it some
of you guys might remember my go yard because I did a what’s in my bag whats
in my purse video and I think people got annoyed with me because I did more
talking into than showing off what was in my purse open it up it’s really just
an open compartment yeah you have this too like quick like a little service
like a little wallet I think I have feminine products and pens in here
but it just it’s a bit hard because if you know like if you were traveling to a
foreign country and there’s pickpocketing you probably don’t want to
have this tucked on your shoulder where someone’s reaching in the back end so
you kind of have to know where you should bring a go yard I do have a long
shot now my mom has bigger totes this one it’s kind of easier when there’s
stuff in it cuz it gets a bit more puffed out but I think it’s super cute
because first off I love salmon but then I love the choice of having a brown
handle the fabric itself of a long shot you can kind of look like a toiletry bag
but you know you know girls are they’re like oh there’s a long shot it might be
worth bringing your toiletry bag to the mall you know so other girls will be
jealous of you I don’t know how it all works I barely went to the mall but I
remember that was like quite the ordeal of what you were showing off in high
school I am about to show you the coolest gift
I ever got and it came from I think a market that was in France or Germany and
it’s called zip it and let me see I got to take the pin out take it so you
unravel it are you ready for this how did I do this it starts blowing like
really fast I got it going there we go what’s happening and then BAM it’s like
it’s a total handbag purse and yeah don’t worry once you put your items in
here you can do the final zip and you close it off these purses were gifts
this one I believe was from Peru and then this one was from Indonesia where
they actually dye it right there in front of you and I believe that they do
something with like wax strips to make the pattern and then they splash on the
dye so then when they uplift the wax you see the actual print itself you got to
pay homage to Vera Bradley they made that perfect satchel purse and in
college I used the crud out of this this was much brighter when I got it and you
just have so many zippers so many pockets when I was in Tampa I had access
to a charming Charlie’s and it was bad look how cute this purse is and when I
opened it up it’s super weird because it’s like sectioned off but I have an
actual purse strap cord and then I have a little handle for a clutch so I get to
choose what I want throughout the night and this was perfect for my sorority
formals and it has a silver chain that matches
the zipper and then I’m doing like a criss cross thing I have this gold
clutch because when you a dress for formal you’re gonna need two
things to choose from the gold side or the black and silver side like you know
one of these is gonna work so I had to get these two essential pieces don’t ask
me where I got these all I know is when I was a flower girl this ended up being
in my possession and then this I think was passed down from my mom last but not
least I gotta show you my addiction to Sam moon now I know that they have a
store like in Dallas and in what in Plano but they do have a website and I
believe their website have everything on it so if you want really good deals this
is the place to go because I’ve never had a problem with the quality of their
products so I think this is perfect for summer and then this is just a little
perfect satchel just because I feel like these leather trends they fade in and
out of style so it’s always good to least own one of the common trend
initially I bought this for my niece and I loved it so much that I asked for one
for Christmas and every time I go out with this I get a compliment rightfully
so I have this which is a little bit harder to match because it’s a specific
brown but I do have more luck with this Brown and for and for a while I thought
that this type of design was going out of style but I recently saw it in pink
and it’s coming back this is weird and I can’t explain it but I got it from Sam
moon as well and it’s just a chandelier purse it’s so pretty
he’s like this video subscribe if you want to have a great day guys bye

James Carver

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  1. I like how the frosting is so elegantly falling off her face throughout the whole video #ThisIsWhyWeWakeUpInTheMorning

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