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I have always been fascinated by jeans… Among all contemporary textiles, it is the one with the richest history The first pair of jeans was born in the USA… …in 1853 in the middle of the Gold rush… … thanks to Levi Strauss and tailor Jacob Davis. In 1873, they introduced copper rivets to reinforce the stress points… It is the starting point of denim innovation Jeans transcend all social classes… …bikers, rockers, punks and all counter-culture have embraced it from blue-collars to white-collars Jeans are iconic ! In 1969, I was born… …and Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon Thanks to him I invented in 2003 “ARMALITH” A high performance & abrasion resistant fabric, …made by including an aerospace fiber within a single layer It’s been nearly 15 years since I’ve started working on this fabric… to give it the authentic look of genuine jeans. With such a fabric, I launched in 2015… THE brand which is only committed to safety, comfort and style Since the manufacturing is French made… …we have an eye on every details Thanks to your support, we have never stopped pushing the project ahead We recently developed a special sewing thread… …to warranty full resistance to our seam lines. This year, we’ve designed water-repellent… …new colored jeans and a modern slim fit with room to move. From yarn spinning to rivet, everything is done locally …with the greatest respect for nature, people and their work It is the first armored jeans it is the most reliable jeans It is THE jeans

James Carver

One Reply to “De Levis à Bolid’Ster. L’histoire du jean en Armalith Skin”

  1. super vidéo qui montre le savoir faire français ! Peut-être un jour serez vous au salon du 2 roues de Lyon. Au plaisir d'échanger avec vous et d'essayer les différents modèles de Bolid'Ster 🙂

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