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100 Replies to “Dale Hansen Unplugged: Botham Jean and Amber Guyger”

  1. When have you ever heard of anyone else making this same "mistake" of unknowingly going into a wrong apartment, believing it was theirs, shooting the resident of that apartment in cold blood, then only getting off with a 10-year sentence? I'll wait!

  2. Let’s not forget that she didn’t render any aid to try and save his life. She let him bleed out alone as she paced out side his door wondering if she would lose her job or not.

  3. Jesus Christ said love our enemies and forgive those who do you wong . I would forgive her to but I not give her to but give her urge I not.

  4. Sheer madness, amber will never serve out that 10 year sentence. Pure cowardice and stupidity from the jean family.

  5. Easy solution to police brutality and empowerment is RACE. Send black cops to black communities, send white cops to white communities, send latino/Hispanic cops to latino/Hispanic communities, etc…. Problem solved! 🎤 drops mic

  6. Let this sink in: You are more likely to be shot and killed by American civilian police officer then a foreign terrorist!

  7. Im noticing Mr Hansen getting up there in age. Im wondering further when are they gonna honor this man for his work. Cant say I have ever disagreed with this man's take on situations. Incredibly self aware and WISE. Should be honored before his passing. Everyone should.

  8. it was not a mistake she personally knew bothem that is THE reason she DELETED her Facebook account the day after she killed that man

  9. I raised my children on 13-14 hour shifts … never did I walk into the wrong home! And with the responsibility of a weapon, I just think more could have been done (or not) to at least apprehend that man until back up arrived. No reason to start shooting just because you have a gun. Run out of the apartment … do something!! Why does death have to be the answer? Yes … a price has to be paid.

  10. Here is an interesting fact:

    Amber, her married boyfriend have both killed a black man. Her Walker Texas Ranger investigator has also taken the lives of innocent people. A trio of killers.

  11. If it truly was a mistake, she deserves her sentence. About a year for each mistake she made that led to his death. The red doormat, the ajar door, the smell of a stranger's home, the man casually eating ice cream, firing twice on an unarmed man, refusing to render aid after the shooting. For a trained officer she made every single wrong decision in the situation. I thought she would get 15, honestly, just due to the circumstances. Her character witnesses for the punishment phase was her best defense.

  12. This is to show you how unfair this prison system is. Who it’s meant for. & of Justice is really ever served. Imagine if the judge and jury were predominantly white. Bet she wouldn’t even do 10 years….

  13. Lies. Yes we here in texas have an open carry law. So yes we do all have that power if we wish to have. All you need is a license to carry to walk around with a gun on your hip. Any license gun owner could have made the same mistake.

  14. Am I the only black person with enough sense on here to here him slick try and justify other black people getting killed by white police officers?

  15. Is it just me or are black people becoming more human that the whites in this country?!
    Just give all these a minute before a Becky calls a cop on a black person for breathing while black!!!

  16. That woman should've got 20-25 years, she never tried to help the innocent man she killed. Nothing brings him back but 10 years isn't enough of a sentence for taking a life especially when you've been trained as a police officer.

  17. The young man believed it is what his brother would want him to do, Christians are taught to forgive and turn the other check, I personally believe that is why she only got 10 years from the jury because of what the brother said and did by hugging her , , I personally feel she should have gotten life,

  18. I understand justice and mercy, and Brandt and Judge Kemp were an extraordinary example of character and healing, but that shouldn't change the fact that Amber deserved a 20-year sentence. The 10-year looks like preferential treatment.

  19. I've seen offenders get Protested year after year. All you need 2 do is call the parole board & see when they are eligible / put in 4 a request 2 be notified of the date. You can also protest through the county sheriff dept.

  20. One more thing…i didn't say that my opinion mattered. My opinion and protesting an offenders release are 2 separate things. Check out 78th legislation

  21. She Will NOT make her 1st parole hearing , 95% of offenders never do. Usually it's the second or third , and then it's a year to 18months between each hearing .

  22. Blame the jury. When you get the call, you don't take the easy way out so you can get back home. The jury didn't do their job and if my wife was on the Jury, I'd divorce her for agreeing to this circus of a penalty

  23. Old race card Dale, never misses an opportunity to play the race card just like the majority of his commentaries.
    He’s never been in a fire don’t fire situation. If he had, his eyes would be as big as saucers and he would then understand that her brain had to process the situation in a millisecond.

  24. A black man kills a dog and get 45yrs,smh. White boy goes in and shoot up a whole black church and he's mentally ill, smh. Amber Guyger goes in and shoot a black man in his apartment and she only gets 10yrs. Where is the justice? #Smh

  25. How can you possibly know if Amber Guyger wouldn't have shot you? You say you want to live in a world with less divisiveness. Then stop posting racially divisive rants on you tube!!!!!

  26. By mentioning the "death penalty for stealing my TV" part, I think you indirectly highlight how stand-your-ground/castle doctrine is bad law.

  27. American Christians are the biggest hypocrites in the world. There isn't one Christian in a thousand who has the character that Brandt Jean has. All these comments here about vengeance – nothing about forgiveness.

  28. I watched that overwhelming moment as it occurred live. When Botham's brother asked the judge if he could hug Amber I thought…nope…that is not allowed in court…then the judge said gave her permission for the hug. As he walked over I thought, "this is going to cause some legal problems later on down the road". Then the moment made me tear up. It was heartfelt, touching, moving and loving.
    Then I heard the newscaster say the judge is now approaching Amber and is talking to her. "She is giving her something". And I thought "this is going to cause some legal problems later down the road". Then I heard it the judge's personal Bible and I teared up again…but then, I thought, "this is going to cause some problems down the road."

    The Freedom From Religion Foundation has now filed an official complaint and I"m certain now a legal battle will ensue. The judge is likely to be reprimanded and possibly be punished. So now, this bizarre and insane killing of an innocent man will now hurt more innocent people.
    Amber Guyer has caused a lot of heartache, pain and problems. Now, let's all forgive Amber, again, and hug ourselves.

  29. This man only speaks well thought through truth and I appreciate that when it comes to other races besides his own we need more people like this man

  30. You are the first white male journalists that made this statement that I like Police have to be better than us just like doctors or technicians. Training does that apparently Dallas has some issues in that department (Police training)

  31. The simple truth is that Amber is a racist and has hatred for Botham. If it was the other way round Botham would have been given life without parole for killing a police officer.

  32. She should have gotten more years. This is nuts. She posts racist stuff & how she wants to shoot people & dresses like she is attending their funerals. WHat a horrible person. She needs to be removed from society for everyone's safety. Cops need better psychological testing to keep people like this from becoming a police officer. JMO. The Police Officers need better training on how to deal with people in general especially those with mental illness.

  33. well she will have this eat at her the rest of her life I now my uncle killed a man buy accident years ago and he still has not gotten over it and it been over 37 years

  34. Let’s try to remember, she very well may get out in as little as 5 years, in fact I expect it…….but she has to live somewhere, and it’s NOT going to be on my street, or in my town………

  35. "she wouldn't have fired if he wasn't black"…. …and you know this Dale because…..???? Are you are omniscient now? How do you know she didn't just see a peson and it was so dark she couldn't tell one way or the other?

  36. "I'm not racist but… Dale is an idiot". There, I have just disproved his little theory. Anytime someone says "I'm not racist BUT" it is a preemptive strike against the inevitable response from people who will call ANYTHING someone says racist, just because they agree with what was said.

  37. All people of color are being hunted by the cops. Your live does not matter to any Caucasian. The only way to survive. Is if all Negros, Hamites, Latinos, Asians, and Aborigines, Arabs, and Aborigines come together. The hunt is on. And we are the prey.

  38. Just for a moment imagine a black men entering the house of a black woman and shooting her- life without parole or the death penalty. It pays to be the elites in America.

  39. Well put sir. I pray for that type of forgiveness, but something deep inside of me tells me that a well trained police officer should know better or at least find reason for fear for their life in order to take a life.

  40. She made a mistake,racism doesn't need to be brought into this. She should've got a longer sentence based on what she didn't do after the shooting.

  41. His brother giving her that long hug was flaky. As well as the one touching her hair, and the judge hugging her and giving her a Bible, and those other dopes crying because she was found guilty. Not ethical courtroom behavior.

  42. I read that there were three major studies done on this exact subject at three major liberal universities and all three reach the conclusion that non white officers actually shoot blacks and Latinos at higher rates than white police officers.

  43. You've had people come into your house uninvited…
    And you also live in a heck of a lot better neighborhood!
    Do not compare!

  44. When did washed up, has been, local market sportscasters, start lecturing on social issues? Get real WFAA. Get someone who doesn’t have a old alcoholic ravaged face and brain to give me sports news. Sports bring us all together.

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