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James Carver

4 Replies to “Daddy, wear your seatbelt!!!”

  1. As a pediatrician, and The Car Seat Lady AND someone who met with the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission to talk about getting built in car seats put in the "taxi of tommorrow" (something which was very possible, but the T&LC was completely disinterested in doing) – I am saddened that you chose to show a child riding without a booster seat when she so clearly needs a booster to help the seat belt fit properly. She does not pass step 2 or 3 of the 5 step test – which means she is at risk for serious abdominal and spinal cord injuries. A safer ride for her means a booster seat.

  2. It's very sad to see a video focused on safety be so negligent when it comes to the greatest death risk of all for children- riding in cars. This little girl is not big enough to be in just a seat belt. She isn't even close.

  3. Seat-belts are always needed in modes-of-transportation that have seat-belts.  For example, Cars, Planes, Taxis, Trucks, Some Buses, Some Trains, etc.

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