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oh my god I love it so much I love
it it’s so gorgeous this is the prettiest veil we’ve ever made it’s January 6th right 2020 yes and we I just got I just landed from
Hawaii in New York and I came to meet one of my best friends Suzannah
how long have we known each other oh gosh how long have we known each other we were 17 and you’re 16 okay and I was
15 right all right so 21 years right or 20 years 20 years we’ve known each other
so Suzannah got engaged this year and who did she call Brandon all right tell us
about your wedding dress it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and makes
me look way more beautiful than I ever thought I could look that’s not true it’s gorgeous
yes it is it’s a words can’t describe how amazing it really is
it’s seriously killing it on YouTube right now
I told Brandon I was like I didn’t know what my dream wedding was until you
showed up in it until you guys designed it yeah it’s really happening don’t cry you’re wearing white are you about to cry no yes you are I kind of want you to my dad we haven’t shown him any pictures yet all right you’re good to go sister
man I’m just saying this is like the best wedding dress wver I think it is so
great you’re next you look so beautiful I love it how do you feel I feel amazing are you ready yes do you want something like this Dana you don’t even have to wear Spanx you look perfect okay let’s not ladies do you have it on right now no it looks perfect you could always use a little Spanx so for me getting to make a wedding dress for one
of my best friends growing up is like the ultimate experience and it’s been so
fun and Suzannah’s mom has been here her sister who is my other best
friend has been here and today was just the two of us and all of our friends at
the studio and so we will see you next in the big city of Longview Texas so
we’ll see you there bye okay today’s the big day
and this is one of my oldest friends that has loved me through so many things
and been one of those most selfless people I know so to get to make her
dress was is one of the greatest joys I’m being quiet cuz I’m in the church
and it’s about time for pictures and then we’re walking down the aisle in one
hour no veil is on yet I like that thank you he can see in the mirror you look very handsome too dad its gorgeous isn’t it yeah my sister’s getting married today and
we’re so excited we’ve been just anticipating this day for so long I’m
wearing a custom look by Brandon Maxwell we’ve been friends for 17 years
and he flew me out to New York and we did a fitting and he made this
especially for me and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever worn it’s more
beautiful than my wedding dress was I like never felt like this ever before
and and he made my sister’s wedding dress and it’s gorgeous and she’s I mean
I can’t really put into words like how beautiful it is and how special we both
feel and what he’s done for us hey can somebody help Brandon take it in your
head no no yeah I think you’re in there you’re in there yeah this one feels secure it’s
never coming off and it was gorgeous beautiful sorry to interrupt but it’s like time to walk down the aisle oh it’s time to walk down the aisle I don’t have my shoes you don’t have to go right now oh okay what now what what did you say I’m sorry I’m feaking out it’s over we made it everyone’s married and we’re
done you gotta get that sign in there that says cleanliness is next to
godliness it’ll let you know we’re home in the south
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James Carver

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