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Crayola invites you celebrate creativity together. Welcome to Create-to-Learn Family Projects:
Moved by Math. “Foot Traffic” People measure all types of things every day: distances walked, sizes of clothing or a room,
quantities of food, and time for cooking. In this activity, children will trace their
feet and cut them out to use as non-standard measures, then create pictographs to represent
the data they collect. You will need: Blunt-tip Scissors, Multicultural Markers, Triangular Crayons, and Washable Paint Brush Pens. Create: Start by having children trace their
feet and the feet of an adult, and cut them out to use as non-standard measures. Together, decide what to measure using the
cut-out feet – perhaps the distance from the front door to a table and to a chair. Children will measure the distances twice
– once with their feet and once with an adult’s feet, counting the number of non-standard
feet used. Then, draw a pictograph to show the measurements. Present: As children share their pictographs
and demonstrate how they used the paper cut-outs to measure distances, ask questions using
math terms. Which was more, less, or the same? What distance was longer or shorter? What other math information can be discussed
based on this project? Respond: Ask children why measurements taken
with individual’s feet cut-outs are not always the same and how it can be confusing when
non-standard measures are used. Now, measure the distance using a ruler or
yard stick, and compare the results. Connect: Make a list of other things that
can be measured. What types of measurement units are used when
buying milk, potatoes, and cereal? What else do people measure in daily life? Crayola invites your family to visit
for more activities that combine art and math.

James Carver

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