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  Countryfile’s presenters returned this evening with an autumn special that included a number of seasonal segments as the nature lovers visited different landscapes across the UK on the BBC show However viewers were horrified as Ellie Harrison watched veterinary nurses dissect a gannet who they suspected had ingested lethal amounts of plastic  On today’s instalment, Ellie was wildlife spotting in the Channel Islands and John Craven retraced the steps of John Keats 200 years after he wrote the poem, To Autumn  Meanwhile Anita Rani discussed seasonal produced with Michelin star chef Tommy Banks and Steve Brown investigate the reasons why leaves change their colour during this time of year  In one segment, Ellie introduced: “Back on Alderney we’ve been given permission to film a procedure never before performed on the island ” Ellie watched as two veterinary nurses carried out a necropsy and dissected a dead gannet READ MORE Countryfile: Charlotte Smith stunned by climate change revelation  The host continued: “They suspect these birds have directed plastics so will be looking for evidence in their stomachs ” One of the nurses explained: “This juvenile bird had to be put down after it was brought in missing a foot, it’s thought plastic filaments severed it ” One horrified viewer tweeted: “Well #countryfile has really surpassed itself this week Had to turn off again after they started cutting birds open @BBCCountryfile.” Another wrote: “5 42pm no need for that graphic bird bit. My seven year old traumatised. #Countryfile ” “#Countryfile just in for tea. Ellie gannet autopsy does no one at the BBC eat?” another added  “One thing I’ve learned never eat during Countryfile #Countryfile,” a fourth remarked  However some viewers thought the disturbing scenes were important to spread awareness of the birds’ plight  “#Countryfile Tragic scenes with these poor birds but important to raise awareness of the damage of plastic ” Elsewhere, Ellie distracted viewers as she introduced her segment on wildlife spotting   Another wrote: “Distressing to see on #Countryfile the impact #SingleUsePlastic is having on the gannet population of Alderney ”  Kicking off the show, Ellie explained: “Autumn is nature’s last hurrah before the winter sets in and it’s a time when our wildlife readies itself for the cold days ahead or so it should… “But here on the Channel Islands the milder temperatures mean that it’s perfect for a bit of late season wildlife spotting and there’s on particular animal I’m hoping to see ” But rather than commenting on the wildlife she was hoping to spot, viewers were distracted by her orange coat  “Ellie seems to have turned up dressed as a pumpkin #Countryfile,” one tweeted.     Trending READ MORE Helen Skelton: Countryfile star yet to retrieve money after £70k scam  “#Countryfile is Ellie trying to look like a pumpkin Weird coat,” another wrote. A third added: “This coat is truly bizarre and I want one in every colour #Countryfile ” “I cannot stop looking at her orange tent #Countryfile,” another joked. “#Countryfile Ellie is in season with her pumpkin coat,” a fourth tweeted  “Nice pumpkin coat #Countryfile,” one viewer complimented.  Countryfile continues Sunday at 5 15pm on BBC One.

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