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I Never Expected You To Be Street Food. I Never Expected You To Be Street Food. (Pink Junghyun’s ingredients) Pink Junghyun. I have no idea what she’ll make. I’ll put a twist on classic street food. Retro Gaga’s Retro Street Food. Retro Gaga’s Retro Street Food. It’s about to get interesting. The breathtaking 15-minute cook-off. Pink Junghyun vs. Gray Junghyun. The cook-off shall begin! Here we go. (Gray Junghyun sets the timer) Gray Junghyun messes up from the start. She’s shaking already. That’s not important! What do I do? – She’s a bit clumsy. / – A bit clumsy. She’s wasted 10 seconds already. (Clumsily wasted 10 seconds) Pink Junghyun’s timer starts. Hurry, hurry. Olive oil. Plenty of olive oil. Anchovy broth. That’s the way. (Heating up the broth) Turn this on. Let’s just turn them all on. There’s no time. Junghyun’s charm is that she uses several stoves. Yes, yes. Why is this making me so nervous? (First time seeing the flavor artist like this) You end up struggling with turning the stove on. The pressure was really something. Oysters. (Cooking oysters and shrimp in the wok) She’s frying the oysters. And she just added the shrimp. Minced garlic. Minced garlic. (Adds minced garlic to the oil) (Slam!) That’s the way. (Charisma) That’s the way. (We’ve never seen Junghyun like this) This is a side of her we’ve never seen. (In a hurry) (Stay in there, oysters and shrimp) And now the fish… (Fish?) Goes in. – What’s this? / – What is that? What did you put in there? I bought some rockfish. Rockfish for street food? – That’s a fillet of rockfish? / – Rockfish fillet? (Yep, that’s me) (All over the place) Salt! Salt, salt, salt. She wasted all her time looking for salt. She’s running around the kitchen. How much time has passed? (Checks the time while adding salt) Why are you checking? You don’t have time for that. – 2 minutes have passed. / – Plenty of time. (Salt on the fish) Dried garlic powder… (For the oysters and shrimp) Goes in. Pinch of basil. (Oh my) (Struggling) A pinch of basil. Cook the bead-shaped rice cakes. Today’s main ingredient, bead-shaped rice cakes. The chefs must get so nervous. Why am I so nervous? The fact that you’re on a timer… It’s so much pressure. (Closing the lid to make sure the fish is all cooked) She’s cooking the rockfish completely. Add salt once the water boils. Then add the pasta. The pasta goes in. She added the pasta right on time. Anchovy broth seasoned with salt. She’s even taking care of the broth. Now the dried bonito. She’s brewing the broth. (She’s even making the broth properly) It’s a combination that’s hard to imagine. The pasta just has to cook. All done now. (Over 8 minutes left) She can use so many flames at once. That’s not easy unless you’re a pro chef. She’s gotten cocky after last week’s win. – She’s changed a lot. / – She’s changed. Her stance has changed. She’s changed a lot. Her stance has changed. Meanwhile, Gray Junghyun. What is Gray Junghyun making? Scorched rice? (She starts with rice in the pan) I think she’s making scorched rice. When Chef Yeonbok went up against Gordon Ramsay on the show. A battle between Lee Yeonbok and Gordon Ramsay. We begin the battle now. You look nervous. Of course I was nervous. (Even the master chef was nervous) Very busy. Very busy! Very busy! Gordon Ramsay ran around the kitchen. He just ran. – He’s taken aback! / – He just ran. Even Gordon Ramsay struggles. Of course. (Gray Junghyun is so calm) Two eggs. (Prepares the eggs while scorched rice is cooking) Move the eggs. I made this for my nephews when they were kids. Sausage. She’s wrapping the sausage with bread. How can you cook that in 15 minutes? (Wraps it in bacon one more time) (Coats it in egg and cooks it) Slowly. That’s going to take a lot of time. I know. That’s hard even for chefs. 15 minutes like this. (The scorched rice is coming along) My all-purpose spicy rice cake sauce. She’s adding spicy rice cake sauce to the rice. Then she adds the cheese on top. (Adding mozzarella cheese) (Melt, cheese!) That looks delicious. That looks so delicious. That’s amazing. (The sausage bread has cooked golden brown) (They’re all impressed) It’s an egg hotdog. (Cuts the sausage bread in half) She’s already plating it! How many minutes are left? 6 minutes left! She’s already plated one dish. Is it possible to do this that fast? 6 minutes left! How is this possible? In just 10 minutes? I’m feeling rushed now. Stay calm, stay calm. Gray Junghyun is a lot more… (Plates the cheese scorched rice) She’s fast. All done. All done. (Tops it with green onion) I have to boil the egg! What do I do? The egg! Too late for the egg. She forgot! The egg takes at least 9 minutes. I’ve failed. Chef Junghyun doesn’t get flustered normally. We’ve never seen her like this before. This won’t work. Boil the egg. I just have to finish the egg. I should’ve started with the egg. (How’s Pink Junghyun doing?)

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