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100 Replies to “Conan Gray – Wish You Were Sober (Official Video)”

  1. when conan opened the door and it showed all the people at the table playing spin the bottle i swear i thought they were a cult

  2. when he used to sing lana del ray covers and sit in trees wishing to get away from his small town 🥺 i love watching him grow

  3. This brings back memories of my first drunkenness at a party.

    here's a comment that no one asked for but here it is

  4. please come to turkey 😭😭😭😭🤧🤧💘💘💘💓💗❤️💖❣️💟💌💞🖤💜💙💚💛🧡.

  5. I loved the video, it totally sums up what being drunk feels like.
    And I love Conan too, he did an awesome cd 😭❤

  6. End of video
    My mind: piano keys
    don't you know I'm no good for you? I've learned to lose you can't afford to

  7. police:19 but i wish you were sober

    girl :can't even walk in straight line

    Police:ok conan who gave her alcohol
    conan:a guy at a party

  8. is that Heather and his love interest? The look in Conan's eyes as the woman kisses the guy infront of Conan was the same vibe as Heather (the song)— mad but he can't do anything about it, which is why he just watch as he did in Heather(the song)

  9. Just watched a video of Conan introducing himself, a 7 year old video. And that's what he looks like now. I'm shook.

  10. pause at 0:20 and I'm not sure but I think that's ynw melly if that's how u spell it I'm not a fan of rap but my friends are so I have no clue

  11. Ok. is it just me or r Conan's videos escalating. he had little innocent videos like idle town and generation why. but now they are like killing yourself with a shovel, hanging out with ur body, kidnapping people, and others. I mean I love them but Conan are you ok??

  12. I was skeptical because I thought it was just some kid. But this is actually really good. Nice job I'm digging it!! Keep going please.

  13. Omg Conan your so talented I’ve been such a big fan for the longest and i was even here when you did YouTube and knew you’d become big when I heard your song idle town I’m literally speechless about your whole album and I wish that I could meet you in person your songs are so amazing I love you sm!:,)))))

  14. Here is how the video goes down Maniac starts playing and Conan saying this party’s shit,he gets drunk,starts making scary faces that still give me nightmares, nearly kisses a guy,falls out of a fucking window and survives, points his tongue out, wakes up in a bed and see these two people kissing and makes a face that is like “did you not hear what I said in crush culture” “I👏said👏 crush👏culture 👏makes👏wanna👏spill👏my👏guts👏out!”

  15. Personally offended I wasn’t born in the same year and area as Conan and never went to the same school as him so I couldn’t crush on him and be in his class

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