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Alexis sunshine 83 it's always sunny here here we are at the rules it is quite sunny today it's like 90 degrees I am literally dripping in sweat this is going to be the most like unattractive took with me ever but the reason why I'm super excited about this is because I've got all the gain the through pain all together I think this the first like video that we like the rich collab pretty upset I couldn't get money out of my bank account for whatever reason so I don't want to spend too much money just because then it's like Jessica's money cuz she's helping me out – you're fine this may just be like a big like hot mess to be honest so it is so hot that Kerry actually got an umbrella which is so smart yeah catch me in the shade I was just telling Kerry like I can't even look at tenem jackets right now because I'm dripping in sweat so much I'm sorry this is just literally me complaining about Vicki even though literally like probably a month ago I was complaining about how cold it was but trying to bring you guys the accurate expiry yeah hardly even picture it has like glitter on it okay honestly if this was in a bigger size it's in an extra-large but I could get like a youth or something this is amazing like the back of that okay so while you were over there we had an idea that we could hold forever so drifting sometime can pick out outfits like this until each other and then like go out and film does anyone remember 303 my favorite don't trust me oh damn always was not a small I would totally buy it yeah they would look amazing on Jessica Jessica oh she's on the phone it's like my mom working this is the most beautiful thing but I literally feel sick looking at it hmm Harley that is amazing that is so cute he takes a break in Lake Tahoe Danis you won't upper son [Laughter] so I think in almost every single like perk with me I'd done at the Rose Bowl I always end up going over this bridge just because there usually is the best clothes on the side I feel like home decor home types up is kind of like in the beginning and then all the like clothing stuff is around the bridge so we're going on over we just spent quite a lot of money on water because again it's quite hot and you know paying for water versus bei mean I think he definitely rules out no I am so sad about this shirt it's so cute it says plant the earth with flowers but it has like this like yellow stain on it I used to literally ask my mom mom please can I get the blade from Target she was like no it was a little bit bigger amazing as if this was not literally a child shirt I know it doesn't look that small right now but it's like this is the shirt I'm getting yes those are cats but that like it's you pretending you but let me sum Britney oh it's okay Jessica saw I thought it said Backstreet Boys it's fine it's fine okay hmm I don't know if you guys can see that Harley oh I think you could fit in it so that would be amazing I feel like it's gonna be too small but I don't know [Applause] of all those like vulture Eagle Charles yeah alright so I think we've only been here for like an hour I learned – yeah I've been like two hours and honestly like I'm pretty sure I almost passed out at one point but that's okay that's why I always got snack that's the first tip at 15:00 always bring snacks I'll water yeah so I think we are actually going to head on out I've got a good amount of stuff not a bunch but I actually ended up 13 like 2 weeks ago with all of them and I just never showed you guys what I got so I think I'm actually gonna include it and they'll like haul portion we're gonna head on over to Jessica's pain in the pool and then I'm gonna show you guys a little bit later okay Leanne says this will be the last time that you guys see them my son trainers will miss you I'll see you say yeah I'll be back alright we are back home it's been a couple of days since going for rifting and all that I've been horribly sick and I'm still honestly like kind of sick so sorry if I'm a little bit off but my sore throat is just it's killing me but I figured maybe talking about some thrift clothes will make me feel better hopefully maybe so of course I went to the Rose Bowl I also like two weeks ago went vintage shopping with them gals and I just never showed you guys what I got so I think I'm gonna combine it with what I got at those vintage shorts and what I got at the Rose Bowl just because I didn't get like a bunch of stuff because obviously it's a lot more expensive than just going down to Goodwill or savers because these people have basically done that they've done like the hard work obviously the prices are gonna be more expensive and says they're more expensive I'm naturally not gonna buy like that much also thank you to everyone that said hi to me at the Rose well that was absolutely amazing and let's just get into the good so the first thing I got I am so excited because I have been searching for this type of shirt for such a long time and you guys haven't seen like a thrifting video I did with Kari I think it was going to the lowest rated Goodwill or something I'll have it kind of linked we wore like a matching cat and dog shirts where it has like dogs on mine and then the dogs butts off the pack and then hers was cats and then cats butts on the back and I've been searching for one just like that we both drifted them at like separate times and Leah found this one which is like it's basically it's got the cats on the front within the butts on the back obviously I love cats I want a cat so bad hopefully soon when I saw this I was like I I have to get it honestly I don't remember any of the prices I think it was maybe like $15 which is a little expensive especially because I probably got my dog one for like five dollars but it was just meant to be and I couldn't say no spent look at them butts look at them but favorite cat poo is this cat this x1 I think I got for like five or ten dollars it's at this little booth very close to the front of the Rose Bowl and every time I go there I usually find something and it's usually quite inexpensive which is surprising because usually the themes in front of the entrance are a little bit more expensive just because they got you right there and it's like convenience but I was really excited to see this is a tomahawk fall ride 27th annual 2008 Wisconsin and it's a harley-davidson but it has everything that I love it's got the eagle on the front and then it does have a motorcycle on the back it's basically like a harley-davidson shirt without actually being a harley-davidson shirt which obviously is why it wasn't as expensive it just has everything that I would want it to have has a toggle on here from American Vintage the sixteen dollars which I needed sixteen dollars I don't know if I would get it but only five or ten I am damn full back and you know it's not Harley Davidsons shirt so I'm pretty proud of myself um except for the next one is the Harley Davidson shirt so I mean I did not get any sweatshirts our denim jackets which is funny because I'm hearing – Jenna jacket right now air conditioning am i right so all these are t-shirts which is pretty cool the next two I actually got from the same like shop front the really cool thing about this each rack was categorized by like a different theme so there was a Harley Davidson rock there was a Disney rack there was like a college sweatshirt back there was a motocross metal band like everything which made it so much easier to actually go through so I obviously went to the Harley Davidson one and they were a little bit expensive I think this one was $25 but if you have their stores out don't really have the best stuff I think you know it's kind of worth it but it just looks like this harley-davidson live free I've got the plains and then the back says groves harley-davidson and it just looks like that and the back the hard part about really finding like a harley-davidson sure is having the graphic on the front a lot of you guys say just flip it over but like it doesn't fit the same when it's on the other side so if was a no-brainer for me to get this obviously he's from her the Davidson and it was in an extra-large and I'm just so so happy I didn't have a plan when I went to the Rose Bowl so I really tried to put in as much thought when I was buying everything so I wasn't just buying something just to make a haul so that's why it's a little bit smaller then at the same shop I went into like they're like NASCAR section which I love like cars shirts my dad's really into cars same thing with like Harley Davidson that's why I'm like so into it just because I grew up with it it just looks like this and it says 25th anniversary I put two cos on it and I really like green so this was like perfect I think is so cool I don't have like a black car shirt my two other car shirts are white I believe I think I have one that's red but then it just says this in the back just looks like that and an interesting part is even like fast fashion companies are really getting into the NASCAR like car type of thing I saw sure I'm brandy melville that was like very similar to this but I just I just thought it was really cool really awesome I know I'm definitely going to where it is in a large and it fits really nice actually I don't know if actually fit I've been trying on any of these I haven't washed them or anything just because again I've been bedridden this one was 20 dollars so I'm almost 25 and then this was 20 dollars then I'm gonna show you guys what I ended up getting happy vintage shores I believe I got some things from American vintage all maybe the stores link down below cuz they're on Melrose so they're like open every day so if you can't go to the Rose Bowl you really want to find like specific pieces vintage shopping is basically that but holy moly it is so much more expensive I did find a Harley Davidson shirt that looks like this you guys probably already saw me wear it and someone actually commented like what is that shirt when did you haul it I just have been waiting for the perfect timing to show you guys so cool it looks like that Harley since got the Hawks got the plates I think this one was probably $25 as well they really hiked the price up they can because people like me are silly enough to actually purchase it for that price I really like the back of it South Carolina and I just thought it looks so so cool obviously I've already worn it so I know I'm going to continue wearing it it's in a large and it's a really nice fitting one looked amazing with like my pink hair mmm which kind of missing the pink hair not gonna lie and then I also already worn this in a video but I figured I would actually show you guys it is this Minnie Mouse t-shirt I think this one was at American vintage and it probably was like $25 or $30 it is originally from Disney and it is in an extra-large and I just thought it was so cute like I haven't been thrifting a lot of Disney pieces lately so see this like especially being white finding a white vintage shirt that doesn't have stains on it and this one doesn't and I just think it's so cute and I really like how then you have like the hearts on top and she just she looks so fabulous then I believe at American Rag I found these shorts which totally remind me of American Apparel shorts they just look like these they do fit they aren't oversized or anything they're actually are like a perfect fit because bottoms which I don't know how I feel about the cuff bottoms I think there was a little bit of I don't know pressure that I needed to get them because everything was so expensive and I was like I gotta find something that I like really like and I do really like them I just don't know if I love them we'll see I'll try to rock them as much as I can they are originally from Palmer Palmer they are in a size 6 and they do really fit me perfectly it's just I don't really wear fitted shorts as much I just really like the detailing just because they were different they weren't just normal shorts and has like the embroidery on there I think this one was we're probably 45 then from American vintage I got these genes which are Tommy Hilfiger jeans and they do fit kind of like my Levi's 501s but they aren't super high-waisted but they still like fits I actually really liked them they are in a 5 and they are a little bit oversized but then the bottom is really cool they're kind of cropped I think they would look really cute with maybe some sneakers or even just like my Jade and Doc Martens when I was trying them on I had to like call over like Leah Jessica and Kerri to double check if I had a camel toe because that's the biggest thing with high-waisted jeans like do I don't want a super-intense camel toe that's a great part about having friends with you is they will tell you the truth it really like the actual wash and yeah I'm super happy with everything that I got I don't know how much it is all together don't really want to like think about it at all again the Rose Bowl only happens once a month I don't think I'm gonna go until it's colder or at least I may go just right in the morning versus the hottest time during the day altogether I had fun and of course being able to thrift you know with Leah Kerri and Jessica just all of us together was so cool I will leave all their videos linked down below because we all like filmed our own trips with me so definitely go check it out and if you guys do like 15 videos there toss their doing with me is make sure you hit subscribe right down below and hit that little bell to be notified every time I make a new video and also don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter I like sanjaya 83 to keep up to date with me during the week although this week I basically been in bed so I haven't been able to post anything apologize but hopefully this coming week I'll be okay I will see you guys on Wednesday with a brand new video enjoy life be happy and I love you lots bye

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26 Replies to “Come Thrift With Me | a SIZZLING summer thrift try on haul”

  1. Your glasses are freaking awesome! ❤️ Also, I catch myself humming your theme song at random times 😆 Whoever wrote it gets one of these 👍🏼

  2. Those fitted shorts looked absolutely stunning on you! If you won't wear them now, you're going to regret it when you get older. I know it as a 46 year old lady.

  3. I was looking through the comments and I saw that you have liked and responded to almost all of the comments and that is why I like you because you actually care about your subscribers! Love you

  4. Is it bad that I’m jealous it’s only 90* for you? Lol. It’s been close to 100* and heat index of about 114*. Melting…

  5. ALEXAAAAAAA 💛 ok I’m writing this as I watch so this is my live commentary

    This music choice- GIRL I LOVE
    wait I’m so dang sad I missed those overalls!! WHY?! I feel so bad for not hearing you- rip cutie pie overalls
    So sad I couldn’t participate in the dream street singalong… clearly I’m irrelevant
    Still not over the price of that hollywood jacket omg
    I’m so glad you didn’t pass out omg that got a little scary for a sec
    that cat butt shirt is THE BEST!! I WANNA FIND ONE NEXT
    The racing tee colors are goooorgeous
    obvi you look good with ANY hair color but low key miss the pink a lil bit too
    omg omg those embroidered shorts are sooooo cute
    Omg omg omg!!! I forgot about those Tommy jeans BUT WOW GIRL THEY LOOK SOOOOO CUTE ON YOU

    okay it's over i'm still always shocked at how good you are at getting all that outro out in one go. you are a QUEEN. love you and miss you ladies and this was the best time ever okay that's all byyyeeeee 💗

  6. australian clothes shops well harley davidson tees for like $60 i wish i could thrift them too 🙁

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