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– (FBE) So today,
we’re gonna be reacting to… yourself.
– Oh, really? – To me? I do a lot of stupid stuff
on this show, so I feel like there’s a lot of content
for me to react to. – I basically skip over
the parts that I’m in the video when I watch it.
I find myself so cringeworthy. – (FBE) So, you’re a college kid now.
– I am. – (FBE) But before, you were
obviously in our teen cast, so we thought it’d be fun
for you to react to yourself from your very first Teens React
episode you’re in. – Oh, [bleep]. I don’t wanna.
Dude, I said like two words that entire episode.
I was so awkward. At first, I was so worried
about saying the wrong thing that I would just filter myself,
but now I really don’t give a [bleep]. ♪ (hardcore rock music) ♪
(explosions blasting) (eagle screeching)
(guns firing) – I really don’t think
I’ve changed at all for some reason. I never really change.
Even as a kid, I’m pretty much the same.
– (FBE) The first thing we’re gonna do is pull up a picture
from your first episode. – Oh my god.
Look at my stupid face, man. – Wow. That’s teens?
Dang. I didn’t think it– wow! I’m flabbergasted.
– I was 16! Oh my god! I’m 21 now.
So, that was a long time. I’ve always thought,
“What do I look like in people’s eyes?”
And then, every time I see a throwback picture of me,
I’ll just be like, “Damn!” I’m like, was I as annoying
as I look, you know? – I just remember the way
that I would dress. I know for sure I had
some Adidas track pants on with some [bleep] Nike Roshes.
I was in that weird middle ground, where my parents didn’t pick
anything for me anymore, but I still just had no swag
and idea how to put outfits together. – Dang, my hairline! Ugh.
Why did my parents or whoever took me to these places not tell me
to get a haircut, you know? Before, that was one
of my biggest regrets. I’m glad I stepped my game up honestly
from this picture, ’cause I look good now.
– I think it’s cool just to see how far I’ve come,
you know, from a shy little kid to kind of like this guy
that just says what he actually thinks and not, you know,
what people wanna hear. My responsibilities now
are so much more different. I’m an EMT now.
I’m in the medical field. I’m going to medical school.
And before, this kid is just worried about football and, you know,
what he’s gonna have for lunch tomorrow.
I think 16-year-old me would be very, very impressed
with 21-year-old me. And 21-year-old me
would be very ashamed of 16-year-old Alberto.
– Fine Bros came into a time– came into my life during a time
that was very turbulent. And for a long time, I just felt
like I didn’t have any control over what was going on around me.
And this was a very nice constant. – (FBE) Now, we’re gonna show you
some footage of your first episode. Do you remember what that topic was?
– I don’t at all. I don’t remember the topic.
– Yeah, it was Movember. Basically, this dude tried
to get his mustache off every way but shaving.
– So, the first one I filmed actually was we reacted to
Mortal Kombat fatalities. ♪ (pop rock intro) ♪
– Oh, god. I was 16. This was five years ago.
– ♪ (hums along) ♪ – Oh my god. The–
dude, that song, I haven’t heard in forever either.
Dude! It makes me look like I’ve been on the show for 100 years, bro.
– 14. I’m 20 now. – (man shouts)
– (Carlos laughs) – Still the same laugh.
– (Alberto) Did he say Mortal Kombat? – Shut up, nerd. Dude.
You could tell he’s so nervous just ’cause I’m fidgeting.
I do that normally, but there’s different types
of fidgeting, right? Right now, I’m calmly doing it.
But him, he was like uhhhh. – (both laugh)
– (Darius) Whoa! – (laughs)
– (Benny) Why would he make a video doing this?
And why would that video get over three million views?
– Three million?! I don’t even wanna be part
of this generation anymore. – Still stand by it, man.
I mean, I honestly have boomer energy, I’ve heard.
– (Alberto) Scorpion. – Why did I say–
I didn’t even– there was no context
behind any of it. I was just saying it just to say it,
just repeating things so I’d have things to say.
– (Benny) And what are your thoughts about the fact that this whole thing
was created as a viral commercial for the–
– Oh, wait. That’s why. I remember why they did that episode.
I remember definitely during that time,
I wasn’t seeing any movies, because I think I was
really struggling in school and I wasn’t able to really
concentrate on anything fun at that time, I feel like.
– (Benny) When it comes to girls, are you happy that they have
to deal with all the grooming that they have to do?
– (Carlos) I mean, I don’t feel like they should have to do it,
but it’s not normal to see a girl with peach fuzz on her upper lip.
– (Darius) Like literally just destroyed the stroller, the…
– Exactly. You’re right. I mean, at that time,
I don’t mess with Satanic stuff. I feel like if I were just chillin’
and I see a devil baby come directly towards me, I’m like,
“I’m not the chosen one.” (chuckles) You know what I mean?
– (Benny) If you were on the street and encountered this baby,
how do you think you would’ve reacted? – (Darius) I would’ve socked it
as hard as I can, started… – See? See? See?
I’m telling you, nothing’s changed. I would’ve decked the [bleep]
out of that baby, I’m telling you. – (Benny) And what is the purpose
of sharing a video? Why do you do it? – (Alberto) Being able to say,
you know, I saw it first. – Why does my voice sound
a lot deeper than it does now? Which is kinda weird,
’cause he was 16 and I’m 21. – (Benny) There’s companies
and marketing firms creating videos… – Damn, I needed some chapstick, man!
– (Darius) Thanks for watching my first episode of Teens React.
– (in higher pitch) “Thank you for watching my first episode
of Teens React.” (chuckles) – (Alberto) You know, YouTube
gives an opportunity to everybody, not just, you know, you have to be,
you know, famous or you have to come from a certain connection.
You know, it gives EVERYBODY an opportunity to do and show
what they want. – All right. Alberto has a point.
That was pretty good. That was pretty good
for your first episode. I’m not gonna lie.
I’m not gonna be too hard on him just ’cause that was his first one,
but (sighs) dude, there’s so much more I could’ve done that I didn’t do.
– I had been a fan of React ever since like Kids,
so when I heard they had Teens React, like, casting call or whatever,
I really wanted to be on the show. But that was during a time
when my confidence was super low. I didn’t know what I was doing
with life, and I was just like, “You know what?
I’m gonna wait until later on, see if things get better from here,
and maybe then I’ll go onto the show if I feel like I want to still.”
And I did, so I applied. And then, yeah, I mean,
the rest is history from there. – Production was a little weird,
because we would only– I think, at that time,
the Fines were still kind of filming with us like once in a while.
And then, the producers were pretty much– you know,
we only had five or six of them, so we would see the same faces
over and over and over and over again. But now, it’s like, dude,
we have a four-story building. You know, there’s constantly
new people coming in. – Over time, being on this show,
it taught me– people would hit me up and be like, “You changed my life.”
And I’m just like, “Dang! I wasn’t even trying,” you know?
The biggest groundbreaking one that really changed my whole–
like, whoa. This is bigger than I really, really thought
was the whole Billie Eilish thing. – (Darius) She’s gonna play
a huge part in the music… – (Billie) Darius. This was one
of my favorite dudes. It’s really weird,
because I remember him being a kid. I would always agree
with his opinions on stuff, and I just thought
he was so funny and cute. I was like, “Ahhh!”
– The extent it went with people that hit me up for that was trippy.
Like, so many DMs, so many new people to follow me from her fan pages.
Just like of how legendary she is, it projected onto me of how,
like, dang, all I did was just be in front of a camera, laugh,
have fun, try new things, eat new food, and then here I am,
like, getting told, “Oh, wow. How does this make you feel?”
Or like, “Damn. I would like– I wish this and that,”
and it makes you feel like– it’s a privilege, you know?
– I’m always happy that I’ve been able to push through this adversity
that my disease is giving me. This was always a fun thing
to come do to get my mind off of stuff, even though,
in the video, it didn’t seem like– I might not be having that much fun.
I always went home the happiest kid on Earth.
– I didn’t feel like I understood the capability of what I would say
on camera and the effect, you know? I feel like I was more just like,
“Yeah, you know, I’m having a conversation”
more than like, “This could potentially affect
someone else’s life.” Now that I’m here,
I feel like when I talk, it’s good to let people know
my real, real, real intentions, ’cause that’s the whole point
of me being here. It’s supposed to show
that we’re all connected in some way. – (FBE) What has been
your favorite Fine Brothers moment? – Ah, shoot. Probably the things
that happen off camera. I think a lot of the times
people kind of think that everything that happens
on camera is the fun stuff, but a lot of the times,
there’s things that never go into the videos,
because, you know, they’re bloopers or because you say a certain thing,
stuff like that. – It was just a really fun thing
to look forward to, so I guess what FBE means to me
is the hope of looking towards a new day, because for a long time,
I wasn’t looking forward to the next day.
Sometimes you feel helpless. Sometimes you feel like
there’s not gonna be a tomorrow, but there always is, and the sun
will shine on another day. – (FBE) How does it feel
to watch yourself, having now grown from teens reacting
to now being an adult and being able to kind of see yourself
and your own transformation? – Dude, I think I just–
I think it’s kind of surreal still. I think a lot of the times
I kind of take it for granted. I’m like, I’ve been doing this
for so long that I kind of forget, you know, what it was like
to come in on the audition shoot and be nervous and not know
what to say and stuff like that. So, I mean, it’s humbling.
It’s cool. I know I talk [bleep]
about myself a lot, but, you know, it is surreal,
and I am grateful for it. – It changed my life
as a little kid for sure. I was bullied for it,
which was weird, ’cause I was just–
I mean, I thought it was pretty cool. And a lot of people, I feel like,
were jealous of that. When I watch myself,
it’s funny how I don’t even show that in any way.
I’m pretty much the happiest– what did other people say?
Cutest little kid when it comes to that, you know?
Just sitting there smiling about everything.
I would do exactly what you did, ’cause you still got
to where I am now, and I’m pretty proud
of that, you know? I wouldn’t change anything
I did in the past, ’cause I’m here where I am now,
and I feel like if I just keep doing what I’m doing, then I’ll end up
where I need to be. This is unlike any job,
I feel like, on Earth. You know, this is
like next level stuff. To be a part of it,
it makes me feel so– you know, it’s a beautiful thing.
It makes me love life twice as much. So, I can only
thank you guys every day. – Hey, everybody!
Lauren, producer here at FBE. Thank you all so much
for watching this episode. And if you guys want
a more exclusive look at what happens here at FBE,
make sure you go to our channel, FBE2,
which is more than just vlogs. We got livestreams,
we got exclusive stuff, and so much more.
So, make sure you check it out. Link’s down in the description.

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