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– We turned our house
into a shopping mall, the kids picked their very favorite pieces and they’re going to share with you what they decided to keep. Very cute. Abby, I’m actually concerned you’re not going to have enough clothes. Is this not the favorite thing you got? Okay, Eve, finish up. Watch to the very end because we’ll do a little
fashion show for you. (upbeat music) Is this what happens when you
get your kids cozy jackets? Let me see. – [Russell] Soft. – So Eve talked me into
letting her keep both jackets. Go get the other one, go
get on your fuzzy one too. We turned our house into a shopping mall and let the the kids shop from the mall which turns out to be the best experience, I think we’re gonna do it every year because the only thing
that came into the house were items that I loved and then the kids got
to pick what they loved. And we were debating on which
jacket Eve was gonna pick. – So we got both. – We got, we got the, the teddy bear jackets seem to be really, really popular right now. We’re gonna do a haul for you, the kids are gonna show you
all the things they picked. The things in boxes here
and the things in boxes here are going to be returns. I also have a few piles in the house of things that I’m gonna return. We’re returning more
than half of the stuff which is good. The kids picked their very favorite pieces and they’re gonna share with you what they decided to keep. We’re gonna start with Eve. Watch to the very end because
I’m gonna have them try on, we’ll do a little fashion show for you with some of the clothes on,
their favorite outfits on. – And there’s an on and on and off button on one of my shoes. – ‘Kay, show ’em your shoes
with the on and off button. – This is the on and off button. – [Ruby] ‘Kay, so turn it on. – There you go. – And it sparkles and lights up. All of the kids have winter
boots that fit them except Eve, so, Eve, show us the winter
boots that you picked. – So, so soft, they have fur in them. So, so, so, so, so, so soft. (gasps) – I wish I had softness in my shoes. – This is like a little sheepy sheepy. I think this is a panda. Jumper. – [Ruby] Very cute. – Another one which is huge. – [Ruby] This one is one of my favorites and this one came from Hanna Andersson. The original cost of this
Hanna Andersson dress was $54, I got it for $11. It was like 50% off the clearance. It was the last week of
June, I got it for $11. It is a summer color but
if we dress it with like a yellow sweater, it kinda
brings in the fall look and then pair it with a boot then you kinda get the fall look. So this is a shirt. Again, it was from a summer collection but I thought that the
colors were fall enough that you could make it look fall. – And also this. – [Ruby] Yep, some pants
that fit you, right. (giggles) Okay, Eve, finish up. This is one of my favorites. This one came from Nordstrom and it’s super soft, super warm. All right, Eve, I think your turn’s over. – To start with, I got
some new workout clothes so I got some leggings and
just a simple gray t-shirt. I also got new jeans and I
think they’re both high waisted, I’m liking the lots of buttons. For church dresses, I got this
one for winter and Christmas and it’s really, really cute. The sleeves are kind of baggy so either I need to start
bulking up a little bit more or we’re just gonna take it in to get hemmed a little on the sleeve. This is Old Navy, I think, but
that’s the front of it and- – [Ruby] Yeah, so this is another example of how we took a summer
dress that was on clearance. I think we got this one for like $7. – Yeah. – [Ruby] But it’s yellow, which can easily transition
into a fall color, so we paired it with a brown cardigan. – And then this dress
is from Banana Republic. – [Ruby] And it is so pretty on Shari. Shari’s giving a talk in
church coming up soon. – So we bought a new dress. – [Ruby] And so she will
give the talk in this dress- – [Shari] Yeah.
– [Ruby] Super pretty. – ‘Kay, lots of underwear and bras. – [Ruby] Bras and underwear. – And then I opened this up
actually just five minutes ago. It’s a really big oversized sweater that’s really, really cute and warm. This sweater that has the cross, I don’t know what you
call that, wrap around. I think I actually have
this exact jacket in pink but the green was also really cute. It’s not super warm or anything but it’s a nice accessory kind of layer. I think this is like a
hoodie slash sweater. It’s super cute. – [Ruby] It’s like a sweatshirt. – Yeah. Finally, I have a, I think
it’s a North Face jacket like this but it’s white and it was getting really old and dirty, the sleeves were kind of dingy so I got this one to replace it. It’s not too hot but it’s definitely warm. – [Ruby] Abby, I’m actually concerned you’re not gonna have enough clothes because Shari actually already has a bunch of workout clothes and she picked more workout clothes and I got them in mind for you ’cause I don’t think you have any. – [Shari] She doesn’t need them. – [Ruby] She’s defending her territory but you can borrow Shari’s
workout clothes if you need to. Show us what you picked out, Abby. – This is like Shari’s
sweater but it’s all blue, nice and big and warm. – [Ruby] You could wear
that to like Thanksgiving or a football game or
something, it’s really cute. – And then I got these black pants. And then I got this, this
is just a really cute shirt. This one which is also
a very cute sweater. – [Ruby] That was probably
one of my favorite sweaters. – And then I got this dress. – Show us your jacket. North Face is such a great
brand to keep you warm. North Face is a little more expensive. We get all of our name
brand jackets from Zappos and they tend to be a little cheaper. It’s so interesting to see the kids’ personality come out shopping because some of ’em like they want tons and tons and tons and then other kids are like, like Eve, Eve picked everything and then Abby picked very few pieces. ‘Kay, your turn. – Okay, so I first got
this really cute jacket. It’s like Abby’s but it’s blue and it has white fluff. – [Ruby] You actually had six
pairs of pants in your pile and I took some out of it. – Yeah. I offered Abby a pair of pants but she was like, “I already have some.” I got leggings, leggings, leggings. And then I got this jacket. And I got this dress. And then I got this shirt
and then the sweater, that goes with the sweater. – [Ruby] This is one of the shirts I was on the fence about because it’s really got summer colors, I didn’t want to get it for fall, but you found it. That’ll actually go with it too. You could wear this sweater
with that shirt too. – This sweater. – [Ruby] You know what? That sweater would also
go well with this shirt. You could mix and match it with that too. – Shari recommended this for me. – [Ruby] It’s Gollum’s turn. This is like the teddy bear sweater. Is this not the favorite thing you got? – This is actually the
favorite thing I got because it’s so soft. – [Ruby] It’s like carrying
and wearing your teddy bear. – I got like this blue sweatshirt thingy. – [Ruby] I like this because it has just a really kind of fun detail. – I also got this shirt. – [Ruby] Every boy needs
a really great henley and I like when you can take basics and have little details on ’em that make them not so basic. – I got this sweatshirt. – [Ruby] You like blue, don’t you? – And then I also got these jeans. – [Ruby] These jeans
have like, almost like the same lining you would
see in a hoodie sweatshirt. Can you see how organized he is just by the way he’s doing his haul? Okay, show us the top that goes with it. That looks so cozy. It looks like a- – And feel the inside, it’s so soft.
– [Ruby] Marshmallow, yeah. That’s really fuzzy. – Pajamas. – [Ruby] And new pajamas. Socks, socks.
– [Russell] Socks, socks. – [Ruby] Anything else
in there besides socks? Oh, your shoes! Show us your shoes. – So these are my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday shoes. – [Ruby] For school. Friday is dress day so
they have to dress up but I thought these would
still be okay on the playground because they kinda have that cushion. I’ve boughten these shoes
before, the Florsheim, they literally last all year. They’re a little more pricey,
we got these on Zappos, I think they were like 60. I literally bought them big for Russell and you can tie them tight so your foot just, it doesn’t
come popping out of it. They lasted all year long. ‘Kay, come up and show us. (upbeat music) I love how you’ve cuffed this. (upbeat music) Fun fact, Shari’s owned these shoes for- – Four or five years. – [Ruby] Like almost five years. (upbeat music) You’re going to look silly, the crazier the better. (upbeat music) The more goofy the better, woo hoo! (upbeat music) – Whee! (giggles) (upbeat music) – [Ruby] Touch the ceiling, woo hoo! (upbeat music)

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