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Hey Guys, welcome back! Today I’m going to open up these two packages. So, let’s get started! Okay, so I’m going to start on the top! Mom showed me a little trick so you just pull it like this… I knew they there
we’re bein suits in here I owe ya So then it’s easier.. And if it doesn’t fit then just send it back. If it’s clothes. What is that? Huh! What?! Aww, I knew they.. there
were bathing suits in here! Huh! Oh wow! Let me just… OH, that’s a lot of stuff, ok. Awe, these look SO cute! I am so excited to try these on! And, I think I know what’s in here. Maybe bathing suits, more bathing suits. But I don’t know… I just need to wait and see… Oh, cloooothes! What, what? What? Oh, yeeaaahhh! Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love… Huh! Guys this is a sweatshirt dress! And get
it? Love it, because look it says LOVE, I love it! Okay! Huh! Are these pizzas? Oh, no. (Laughter) Yay! I got another bathing suit! What?! Oooooo Woah! Th…So this is the back… Is it? Oh yeah it is. Umm, back, front. And, I don’t know if this is going to fit me. And here’s the bottom half. 🎶 So guys I’m going to be right back. I’m
just going to try them on. Let me just snip and then, snip. And, take it Ok guys! IIII…. put on my bathing suit.. I love it! Look at it. So here’s the bottom piece. Then, here’s the top piece
and here’s the back… And I re… and if you guys haven’t seen my other video.. Where I opened up my love sandals, You should watch that, because I’m going to wear those with the bathing suits. Okay it’s time to try this on!
I’ll be right back! Okay guys, this is the last one, but second, so… Here it is, here’s
the bottom half and then here’s the top half. yeah think now guys I Here’s the back and…yeah! So now guys I’m going to try on my, um, half dress and half sweatshirt! I’ll be back! Okay hi guys I’m back with
my outfit, and look how pretty these tights are! 🎶 I just love them, and here’s my shirt it’s
like a sweatshirt dress, and here’s some stripes and it says “Love, love, love, love, love, love.” And I just love it! Get it? So, if you guys liked this video give it a thumbs up, and make sure you don’t forget about my Instagram. Bye Guys! Awww, these looks… not the video… (So you can try them on) In the video? (mhmm) So guys if you like my video give it a thumbs up and… (you’re trying on that one..) Oh.. Remember that other video with all the tights well looky here…
now I have the tights on this video! and I’ve…Oh wow! Ok… not a good one (It’s a dress) Oh it’s a, um ho… it’s a shirt.. (shirt..dress) dress

James Carver

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