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Well, this is the year 2000. Many things happened that
year. Amazing things. Unbelievable things. Like this one: The Y2K bug. Yeah, that year. Once again, the world thought
that the end was near. Really near. It involved computers
malfunctioning, and a nerdy plot that
freaks out a lot of people. And, yep, you guessed it… Nothing happened. Boomer.
Move on. The important thing is
having a plan. Finally, later that same year, we got the 2000
Olympic Games. The place? The beautiful
Sydney, Australia. Take a look. This is the
opening ceremony. The woman carrying
the Olympic torch in front of more than
100,000 expecting fans is Kathy Freeman… an athlete and a symbol. And this is the moment that
is going to last forever… But the most memorable thing
about that night was the runner, and her amazing white suit. But that is not all… A few days later, Cathy Freeman
caused controversy at the Games in her stunning
aerodynamic suit. This is the moment
that rocks the world. And this is the suit. A one-piece skinsuit
in the colours of Australia, with a hood framing
her interesting face. By that time, Cathy was one
of the first athletes to test the “swift suit”. The running suit Cathy Freeman
wore in Sidney has inspired an
Australian-designed space suit, which has made it all the way to the International
Space Station. Now, back on Earth,
we gain perspective of what Freeman
achieved that day with that piece of garment. She won the Gold Medal
in the 400 metres event. Clearly, a moment to remember.

James Carver

20 Replies to “Cathy Freeman’s Iconic Sydney 2000 Athletics Suit | Fashion Behind the Games”

  1. I was child in Sydney 2000, Cathy Freeman when lighting the torch and winning the 400m were striking, out this different and incredible technological costume.

  2. seriously this is not iconic!!! she just copied this from Flo-Jo…Flo-Jo set all the iconic fashion and style.

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