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There’s so much
information out there about the Coronavirus,
so we’re breaking down one of many important
questions for you. One of the questions kids
want to know the answer to is,Can I…If you don’t have the virus,
you definitely can. In fact, it’s important
to get exercise and fresh air. But you need to take some
extra steps to make sure the virus doesn’t spread. First of all,
you shouldn’t be hanging out with your friends,
if you have no choice, but to see other people, you definitely can’t
hug or high five them. In fact, you should stay
two arm-lengths away. Also, don’t forget
to cough into your elbow, avoid touching your face,
and wash your hands often. If you do have the virus,
you shouldn’t leave your house unless you
absolutely have to. Wear a mask if you want
to stand outside in your backyard for a quick
blast of fresh air and sunshine. Do you have a question
you want answered? Submit it toCBC Kids News
at I’m Mydel Antolin
forCBC Kids News.♪ [upbeat]

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