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Hi, welcome to Expert Village. I’m Gretchen
Soares and today we are going to be discussing how to shop for children’s clothing. In this
clip we’re going to talk about accessorizing our wardrobe and adding pieces for our children.
A very important thing to add is hats. In sunny weather, you need a nice brimmed hat.
It should be medium weight cotton with a nice sun brim on it to keep the sun off their heads
and faces as much as possible. And for cool weather, a nice heavy knitted cap pulled down
over those ears and keep their heads warm and the tips of their ears warm. The same
for a little girl, a nice medium weight cotton brimmed hat for sunny weather and a heavier
knitted hat for the cooler weather. Another good piece to add would be sunglasses. Some
people think these are a little tedious and hard to keep on. They’re really great for
protecting their eyes when you are outside. If you get a pair of sunglasses, especially
for infants and toddlers, I like the bendable, flexible kind. They can’t break them as easily.
These do just about everything. They bend and twist and do all these fun things. And
they’re cute. These are actually the good kind with the UV protection on them especially
when outside playing. Another important thing to remember with little girls, especially
if you’ve picked any dresses is to pick a couple pairs of tights. I like some of the
heavier type knit types for winter time and some of the lighter weight types for spring
and summer times. All children’s tights tend to be washable. You just want to double check
that on the packaging. The cotton-poly types are just going to throw in and launder with
your clothing.

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