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Hi welcome to Expert Village. I am Gretchen
Soares and today we are going to be discussing how to shop for children’s clothing. In this
segment we are going to talk about how to make it easy to dress your child daily. I
find the easiest way is to have a full coordinating wardrobe. When you are building a wardrobe
it is important to keep in mind how often you do laundry. If you are a once every two
weeks laundry person you are going to need more garments to get through that two week
period. If you are a person that has a laundry facility at home and you are running a road
of laundry every couple of days you don’t need quiet as many pieces. I like to keep
things in a similar color family so that they can all mix and match pretty well. You know
when you reach in and grab something it is going to coordinate pretty well. It’s also
good when you have somebody else caring for your children and if you are a little picky
on how then look. Somebody else tends to but the orange shirt with the purple pants and
the pinks shoes never flies in my house. This way I know whatever they put my kids in I
am going to be ok on how my kids look. It is also really great when you are getting
to self dressing ages. Where the kids want to pick out there own clothes. When you have
things that coordinate pretty well you are not going to get an upset stomach in the morning
when you see what they walk out their room wearing. You want to keep in mind to keep
some short sleeve shirts in addition to some long sleeve shirts and don’t forget the outerwear
and jacket wear so that they are covered from sunshine to cooler weather and everywhere
in between. I run laundry on a regular basis so I like to keep five days or six outfits.

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