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what's up guys it's Katie welcome back to the spotlight today I have some VCS outfits which I'm sort so excited about I have been dying to film this ever since I like first threw the idea out there which if you missed it a couple of months ago I did a music video inspired lookbook well I pretty much just picked a bunch of my favorite and these from the last year one of which was euphoria and I asked if you'd be interested in seeing a dedicated video to BTS style and everyone was like duh of course we do why why why did I even bother asking I don't know but here I am today I have seven looks one for each of the boys of course and this time around I've actually taken inspiration from their personal style I thought it would be fun to kind of switch it up Plus that means it looks that they genuinely enjoy wearing as opposed to just something a stylist throws them in for a particular street or concept but fun fact I originally got into BTS simply because I admired that fashion sense no joke a lot of you guys asked how I actually became army and when because I feel like it is very fun to hear everybody's story so let me know how you first discovered BTS in the comments for me it was actually I am territory oh I'm sure a lot of you guys subscribed to her here on YouTube she used to talk about them a lot back in like wings era I think it was like early 2017 when they were on tour in America and yes I was intrigued I found them check them out I thought the best style was awesome always admired from afar sort of thing and then it wasn't actually until earlier this year that I felt deep down the rabbit hole I think it was like in my recommended there was a BTS American interview on crack video you guys are the ones I'm talking about for some reason I felt compelled to click on it and I'm so glad I did I fell in love I spent like a full week only watching BTS videos and doing nothing else with I'm like moving on to the actual outfits learn like I mentioned I have seven looks one for each of the boys because mean what is the soul like Stan mmm I don't comprehend at this point I'm pretty much even giving up on having a bias because it is too damn hard I admire all of you who managed to stay loyal but for me personally I made five strikes like every day and I'm over it I'm over it but anyway first up first up we have gin and gin style I feel like can go from zero to 100 real quick but I'm kind of leaning more on the casual low-key sort of side of things I feel like he does that casual simple dressing really well and the one signature that kind of stands out to me is the fact that he loves to wear pink keep in mind that to create these outfits I try to use things that I already had in my wardrobe I think there's only true things that I ended up purchasing and this baseball cap was one of them because I mean how could I not it screamed his name only like three or four dollars from Kmart as well so I figured I could spare that but I pretty much scented the look around this for the rest of the outfit again kept it simple white t-shirt a pair of rich jeans from ASOS and just a pair of white sneakers the other accent piece that I decided to go for was a pink denim jacket I believe I've seen him wear a pink denim jacket in the past obviously his was not cropped though this is more of a feminine touch on it but this is what I had to work with and honestly I feel like June is the sort of guy who would do like I really cheesy matching couples outfits so this is just this is the girl version of what Jen would be wearing next up is the angel himself j-hope I absolutely love his sense of style it is probably one of my favorites of the bunch and if nothing else it is definitely the one that I realized who the most I would say if you guys have been on my channel before you know that I really like to express myself through my clothing and kind of just play around with all different sorts of styles and I'm not too scared to go bold so I feel like j-hope is definitely in that same category sir I figured that it would be one of the easier ones for me to recreate and then I remembered that homeboy spent a fortune on his outfit challenge I have done my best but honestly not only a lot of his pieces expensive they're also really unique so it's kind of hard to find a drupe for them in the end I decided to face my look off this one particular outfit that pops up frequently when you are searching for hobbies street style I'm sure you guys have seen it before and honestly it's no quiet it's like flamboyant and playful as I would have liked to represent him but I think it still works because it has all of his quirky accessories which of course included his adorable little beanie they kind of like pop up at the top and when he was the brown one especially it looks like a little acorn it is just the cutest thing I wasn't pulling it off so much but I tried my best and then I also had to use his other signature staple accessory the pouch bag I really do wish I could have done a more playful look for Jenny coke lorry it would have been really fun to recreate some of the outfits he went for like the Cougar and um um performances I love those I love all of the boys styling for that it is definitely very my aesthetic I think so I don't know let me know if you guys want to see like a pot to where I kind of take inspiration from stage outfits or music videos or it could be really cool to do an outfit that kind of represents each era moving on to the man who is just stealing the hearts of locals everywhere at the moment it is Jimin and Jimin style to me is very chic and kind of like a simple sophisticated sort of vibe I mean obviously he walks around looking like a freaking Disney Prince on a day-to-day basis so it doesn't exactly have to try very hard to look amazing so I think for him it is all about having like a capsule wardrobe he does the basics perfectly so I started out just with a pair of black trousers and a white button-up shirt and then from there you can kind of add whatever accent piece you want depending on the sort of mood you want the outfit to take I decided to throw on the sweater vest over the top and I mean most of the boys have been styled and something similar to this preppy sort of vibe in the past but I do think that Jimin carries it or invite into its personal style sometimes as well but if you know what digging that you can always switch it out for a leather jacket instead this is another one of his staple pieces and it obviously adds more of an edgy sort of vibe especially when he it was some black sunglasses as well but for me to stand out in this look has to be the shoes because this is a big zoomin vibe that sounds like a dress tree but there's just something a little bit funkier about them because they do have that large buckle and also a bit of a platform and you know know that jimin is trying to seek answer okay I know I said that I've pretty much given up on having a bias but I will still always have a so sparkling in the sugar I just find him to be the most relatable personality wise and I don't know let me know what you guys think but I feel like that's the main reason why do you pick a bias is because you feel like you can relate to them the most right but anyway I however don't relate with styles that much it's a lot more plain and look darker than what I was personally opt for usually however I definitely am a big fan of the black bucket hat so I had to go with that I know it's not everyone's cup of tea though sorry I feel like you could change it out for a black baseball cap if you feel like that suits you better as well from there I just kept it simple with an old black face and tried to spice it up a little bit by throwing on a flatter over the top originally I opted for this one because it obviously stays in that same kind of dark color family but I don't or I just couldn't help myself I have this yellow one that I absolutely adore I decided to switch out for this one he has been spotted in like a split one with a little bit of yellow before and I know that Jimin has worn a yellow one quite a number of time so this is just like if sugar decided to bro it from gym in one time I don't know moving on to my other little emo kid Jong Kook and originally I thought that I'd have to go with his classic look of white shirt rib jeans and a pair of Tim's but you go doesn't have a pair and she wasn't about to drop that sort of money just for one look so I decided to take more inspiration from some of his darker sort of looks I feel like he wants to morph into young G because he is not taking off his black bucket hat i'ma recently so I decided to sell this once again and the other great thing about JK style is I feel like it is quite relatable it definitely has a very millenials sort of vibe to it and he does wear a lot more affordable brands one of which that he's been spotted in but a lot in the past is stuffy so this is the only other item that I did end up purchasing and I'm so glad I did because it is ridiculously comfortable and I actually think I'm gonna get a ton of wear out of it it's pretty much just striped super oversized definitely something that I could see him in when I started planning the outfits a couple of weeks ago I didn't actually know what to start with it I was thinking maybe a pair of jeans and then I have a boots or converse but just didn't quite feel right and then a couple of days ago JK turns up in a freaking pair of filler disruptors and I didn't know I could be so excited it was someone wearing a pair of shoes to be completely honest but for some reason I was just losing my over it I knew that I had to style the fillers and I just teamed it with a really cozy pair of track pants and of course his signature kind of oversized bag that he always carries with him when he's at the airport next is our president kim namjoon RM and when it comes to his style I feel like he has gone through a lot of different phases like I would love to see him sit down on a V live and do like a style evolution video I think that would just be the best thing ever I have so many that I love from him but I figured I should try and kind of swirl around the wave that he's in at the moment and I don't quite know how to explain it it's kind of like a modern nomad hippie I guess like free spirit is the word that kind of comes to mind but I look at his outfits at the moment so immediately I knew that I wanted to style this pair of cargo pants that I have from ASOS these are definitely dreams sort of vibe I feel like for the most part he wears more kind of like relaxed loose-fitting clothing so cargo pants are an awesome option I just tucked in a white t-shirt and then his other sort of signature at the moment is wearing kind of like layered longline shirts or coats so that's exactly what I went for I teamed first a Paisley shirt and then over the top of that I chose this thrifted Calvin Klein denim shirt and lovely to finish it off I feel like you had to have like a longline necklace as well you could even save up a few more accessories he often went beanies and like specs as well but I just decided to keep it simple this time around [Applause] Oh Lewis that brings us to lucky number seven I'm finishing things off with tang I absolutely love his style him along with J heard the two fashions that I relate to the most but once again his taste is my too expensive for me and when you guys can't relate at all but I think that you can surprisingly recreate his look pretty well on a budget especially if you opted for printed and patterned shirts you can get things out the thrift store I go for these for under five dollars and even the black pants I'm wearing in this look again thrifted and put a stance it's important to offer for more of a wide leg sort of silhouette I feel like that's what he is reversed regularly seen in which suits me perfectly because I do not have two legs look skinny pants and then from that I feel like you just have to finish it off with some cool accessories personally I feel like tight and a beret is like going tears or pad figure with that I love my red one which again thrifted and then DIY so this look is very very affordable I guess one of his like most famous Apple it looks is when he's dancing in the foyer faux leopard print cart so I just decided to throw mine on one for fun but I do actually really like how it mixes the two patterns and I think that's a styling tip that he's definitely comfortable with as well I really hope you guys enjoyed if you did please remember to give it a big thumbs up for me and let me know in the comments who style you prefer the most in BTS I feel like it is such a tough call for me personally and what kind of is the most similar to mine it is like tied top spot for j-hope tay and also you know moon but in today's video my favorite outfit actually ended up being cookies so I love to hear your thoughts and hopefully you can hit subscribe and stick around so I can see in my next one thanks guys

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38 Replies to “BTS Inspired Outfits! (dressing like every member of BTS)”

  1. I know everyone wants Jimin's shoes so just wanted to say that sadly I've had them for over a year and they aren't available anymore 😔😔 BUT these were the closest I could find on ASOS – They often add new designs with that similar sort of vibe so maybe just keep checking back 💜💜💜

  2. You did such a good work! I could see every member in the outfits😍 i really really like the style from tae and jimin🙈 i just love the kinda classy and clean look of Jimin and the little extra look of tae‘s outfits. But when I’m lazy I always look like jk and jin😂

  3. I found bts becuase at school we were watching the news and black pink came on and it was talking about the success of there new song at the time (I don’t remember which) so when I got home I wanted to listen to it but I couldn’t remember the name but I remembered that it was kpop so I put that into YouTube and idol came up so I watched it and sis my wig was of to Pluto I was shook

  4. i`m a jimin/v person i looove their style and i`m a fashion designer and my new collection is based on their style …… you did very well on all of their styles

  5. This is my second time watching this video and I wish I could like it again ugh. This is just so good and everything is so accurate. I think you really nailed Jimin, Joonies and Tae's styles in this lookbook!

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