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It’s the GJS team here, to give you an exclusive first look at the all new Brother GTX garment printer. It’s faster, more cost effective to run, easy to maintain, and the results will blow you away! The GTX is Brother’s fourth generation DTG and has been developed from the ground up to be a dedicated textile print solution. The GTX utilises two of Brother’s new, next-generation, on-demand print heads which contain 3x the nozzles of the previous model over a wider print area. Brother’s newly developed textile ink delivers a 30% increase to the colour gamut, giving us richer greens, purples pinks and blues. What I like about the new GTX is this full-colour display that allows you to show the image you’re about to print, and its position on the platen. This teamed up with 800mb of internal storage allows you to store 100 print files, creating better workflow and increased productivity. The newly formulated Innobella Textile Inks are specifically developed for use in the GTX, they provide an ultra-fast print speed whilst maintaining high-resolution. They also produce an ultra-soft feel of hand and increased durability. The inks are supplied in a convenient and easy to use pouch which are also environmentally friendly due to the new design. The new Brother GTX’s sleek design offers a comfortable working space for laptops and all of the connectivity ports are at the front of the printer, making them far more accessible than ever before. Two key new features are the white ink circulation, and wet capping system, meaning ink-tube cleaning is a thing of the past, saving you time, money and ink. You’ve heard what we think about the machine, now let’s hear what our customers have to say. What I like about the GTX is…I like the speed of the machine, I like the colour quality, and also I like the easy maintenance. For more information go to: or call us on 1300 457 888

James Carver

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