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Whether you love to rough it Or prefer staying in luxurious hotels, These travel hacks are must-haves on your
trip! Hey, Amy, over here! I’m comin’ over, girl! Woah! Yikes! That had to hurt! They should put up a warning sign or something! It really stings. Ow, ow ow. Woah, that thing is gnarly! And it feels as bad as it looks! Hmm… Ah! Amy! Try putting my antiperspirant on it! It’s worth a try, I guess. Just roll it right on there. Hey, it doesn’t even sting! Hey, girl! No! Don’t walk that way! Aw, down she goes. Another one bites the dust. Let’s go save the day, shall we? Looks like vacation time is finally here! Woah, this hotel is fancier than in the pictures! Let’s wait here while they get our room
ready. It’s like 100 degrees! Let me get our water bottles out. Huh? Why is everything all wet? NO. WAY A toothpaste explosion! Look at all this stuff! Maybe it was the altitude? Next time pack some toothpaste nuggets! On wax paper, Squeeze out your toothpaste in little globs. Make enough to last for two or so cleanings
a day. Then sprinkle on a little bit of flour. Now take a little jar like this one, And slide in your dried globs inside. Now there’s no way they’ll spill. And when you’re ready to brush, Take one and pop it into your mouth! Don’t worry, it softens up in there. See? Try one for yourself! When you lose yourself in conversation, You don’t always see what’s coming. That was close! Now you jump! With these lil legs? Okay, I got this. Just gotta make sure I’m stretched. Alright, puddle, let’s do this. Gahhhhh! NO! Oooh, so close. Great, now my feet are soaked. Why did I think my little legs could jump
that far? Ugh. Before you swear off shoes forever, Here’s how to fight wet shoes all together. Simply rub a candle stick on your canvas shoes. See the wax coming off? Once you’ve covered the whole shoe, Take a blowdryer to it. This will seal the wax. Let’s give these guys a whirl! Now puddles are no match for your tennies! See? Dry as can be. Ta-da! Ah, nothing quite like being out in nature! Hey, I gotta take a little break, okay? Woah. My stomach! Wah! I can’t get outta here! I knew I’d regret those chili fries! But there’s no bathroom out here! Not yet, anyway. Get up girl, I need that thing! I’ve got some business to tend to real quick. Sometimes when you’re out in nature, You’ve got to get a little creative. Even if that means making your own toilet. Once you have an open seated chair, Pop on a plastic toilet seat like this one. Make it secure with a plastic zip tie. Once that’s done, flip it over. Now install a big plastic bag to catch the
— Uh, you know… Make sure it’s on tight! Before you know it, You’ll have a DIY porcelain throne! It seems fitting to be in nature when nature
calls! Alright Sophia, you’re up next. Woah! I’ve waited two weeks for you to get here. And boy are we gonna have a good time. Wearing new shoes is the best, isn’t it? From the park to the mall, You wear them everywhere! But it comes with a price. Hi, Amy. Oh man, these new shoes are killing me. See? Ooh! That’s brutal! Hm… I have it! Say hello to your new best friend! One strip of this stuff is all you need. Hey, I’ll give it a go! There, that should do it. Let’s see. Yes!! Aw, there’s no stopping these girls now! As if carrying groceries alone wasn’t hard
enough, Why not throw weather into the mix! Cant…reach… No! Well now I got it. Wait, I’m gonna try something. Want a hands-free umbrella? Just make one by buttoning it into your coat. Once it’s fastened in there, Take the hanging straps from your backpack And tie them against your chest. Now grab those grocery bags and run! Feel more prepared to head off on your next
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