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I’m making up my 647 Boxy Jacket sewing pattern Check out for the download So this is my 1 metre of Harris Tweed that I shall attempt to squeeze my Chanel style
Boxy Jacket out of I’m utilising short lengths of linings and interfacings I had hoped I would find enough buttons in my button box but I may have to reorder some extras I will be making shoulder pads
This is a great way to use up spare fabric and lining Taping up this pattern took me less that 15 minutes but cutting out always takes longer So to the next stage I am 5’3” and I need to reduce my Back Waist Length
Visit my Design Notebook Page for details I have marked my slash lines
They need to be at the same level across the bodice Measure up from the waist
Try and avoid construction marks Check carefully that your line
is at right angles to the grain Make a note of your adjustment on the pattern Slash across the lower line
Move the pattern up and tape Alter the lining in the same way Do the same for shortening sleeves In this case I am reducing
the already shorter length sleeve as I am squeezing this jacket
on to my single metre of fabric So my pattern just about fits! Here is the edge of my fabric and here is the fold I am absolutely on the limit I even have resorted to cutting of hems I can add false hems at construction time Be resourceful
#UseWhatYouHave for #SustainableFashion Follow my progress on designing
and making up my sewing patterns at If you have a love creating your own wardrobe
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