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James Carver

100 Replies to “Box {Four-Sided} Fishtail Braid | Wear it Down or Up in a Bun!”

  1. Hi guys was just wondering if you have seen the video
    How to reverse fishtail braid hair Tutorial | New Quick Way by Bebexo.
    I did the box braid thisway by twisting my hands the otherway for the second part. It looked cool and was super fast!!!! Have a great. Blessed week !!

  2. Calories do are so pretty and your mom too awful Bailey and Brooklyn and for letting you let her do you hairstyle so thanks love you

  3. You should try dividing the hair into a half up half down kind of thing and do two French fishtails with the top half and have them curve from the temples to the middle and when they meet bring them together into a box fishtail. Then it would be a kind of half-up-half-down-French-box-fishtail and I think that would turn out pretty cool… So yeah! Maybe try it sometime.

  4. I actually taught myself this, and I never even saw it before I did it. I used to think I was the first to even do it lol!!

  5. I love the stacked braid but my own preference I don't like a low ponytail so I did a stacked Dutch French braid it looks great but can't seem to link a picture of it!!! I do a different hair style every day thanks to your tutorials you help make it happen!!!

  6. جميلة جدت اتمنى ادا بيها مجال تنزلون كل جديد وانا انشاء الله اعلق للفيديو وازيد التعلبقات

  7. Just discovered this today, 2018: So lovely & easy-to-understand (and follow, LOL!) tutorial! Thank you so, so much! It really looked lovely. Even though this is an older vid, I'm subscribing to see what else you have & I'll definitely be binge-watching your tutes!

  8. I miss the old simple days of this channel… I can’t believe I’ve been subscribed for over 5 years I remember when you did the twins name reveals

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