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“Made In the USA” by Lupe Fiasco plays There was a time that this life was all
I ever wanted. “Made In the USA” by Lupe Fiasco MO: Paradise. Mo Monroe is wanted for the global financial
terrorist attack known as, Black Monday Ooh! [groans] You’re one America’s most unsolved crimes. Cool! That is the opposite of that, that is hot. As in the heat is on. DAWN: Ladies! We are going to shatter the glass ceiling! We are not in the ego
business, we’re in the getting paid business! And business is sex. Hello! Whose got the biggest brains? And coming soon, the biggest muscles? You do hunk. You bet your tight
little bottom you do. [CROWD GASPS] Do you honestly think Mo is not out there right now plotting his revenge? BLAIR: They had a bit of a falling out last
season, autumn. DAWN: Mo is gone and he’s not coming back. Miss me? What’s with your look bro? You look like a polluted waterfall. I’ll have
you know this is very popular hairstyle. Mo is back baby! [LAUGHING] [SPEAKING IN ACCENTS] Was that his accent? That is his accent. No it’s more like this. No, that’s what I am doing Akeem. No Akeem, I’m doing it. –No, that’s what–
–MO: You are doing some broken down thing. Play ball! Shooting! [SCREAMING]

James Carver

19 Replies to “Black Monday Season 2 (2020) Official Trailer | Don Cheadle SHOWTIME Series”

  1. I’ve been waiting for the date of when Season 2 is starting I was hoping it would be this month but I’ll have to wait in anticipation until March 15th. I wanna see Moe back on top and take the Jammer group down! #teammoe

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