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Hey I’m Bilge It takes 20,000 liters of water to produce these jeans and t-shirt I am wearing right now, and this is AllThings.Bio. Today, we’re going to talk about bio-based t-shirts. A t-shirt is a uni-sex fabric item named after its T-shape generally made of cotton, linen or synthetic fiber. But what happens when a t-shirt is made of wood, bamboo, nettle or milk protein fiber? Right now, I am wearing a t-shirt that is made out of wood fiber. Wood harvested from sustainable cultivation is shredded up and immersed in a water bath until the cellulose is softened into a wet pulp. This pulp is then soaked in a solvent until the cellulose fully dissolves. Next, the cellulose solution is squeezed through a fine sieve, which forms the cellulose into long strands of fiber ready to be spun into yarn and woven into magic fabric. The resulting t-shirt is soft, comfortable and it feels pretty much like a common cotton t-shirt would It does not lose its shape, doesn’t scratch my skin. It feels soft and not rigid. It comes in every color but it’s not very easy to find in shops so I had to order it online. Okay, let’s wash it! Better at 30 degrees though, like any other normal t-shirt No special detergent needed Don’t bleach it though, and alright! It looks fairly wrinkly, just like any other t-shirt. No special care needed while hanging or ironing but you can’t throw it in the thumble drier. Tricky questions? The answer is no. Yes, it does. Bye!

James Carver

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