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(tinkling music) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy! – [Announcer] This video is
sponsored by American Girl. (lively music) – Okay students it’s time for Addy to share her report with the class. – Yes, I’ve been waiting
all morning for this moment. – Now the assignment was to describe in detail what your dream version of the best day ever would be. – Ooh, I can’t wait to hear this! – My dream best day ever would all start when my sister, Maya and I would walk into the American Girl store. Here we are Maya, at
the American Girl Store! – Let’s do this! (upbeat electro music) Where do we even begin, Addy? – By selecting our dolls. (upbeat music) Let’s start with the
historical dolls first. – Yeah, over here is Julie. – [Addy] Wow, look at them all! – And here’s Melody. (upbeat music) And there’s Kit over here! – Wow, she’s from 1934! (lively music) Wow, Mary Ellen! – It’s her seaside diner! – [Addy] Milkshake, who wants a milkshake? It’s Kaya and Aniya and Mary Ellen. – And here’s Julie, Rebecca, and Melody. Hey, Maya! I heard that we can find a
doll that looks just like us! (Gasps) – You mean the Truly Me dolls? Yeah, let’s go find them. (upbeat music) Here we are Maya. Okay, I’m gonna find the doll that looks just like me! I have blonde hair just like these dolls. Which one do you think looks just like me? Hmm, maybe doll 27. Yeah, I think you’re right! She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Just like me! Okay Maya, it’s my turn. Help me find a doll that looks like me. – What about number 59 in the back? – [Addy] Yeah, her hair color is spot on. – They’re beautiful, Addy! – Totally agreed. And don’t you just love their outfits? – Oh, for sure, I wish
this came in my size. (spring boings) – Oh, I just love the Truly Me dolls! They’re like an 18 inch best
friend that just happens to have your same style, spirit, and look! – Totally, and there
was dozens of options, so it was easy to find ones
that look just like us. – Wow, that really was
the best day ever, Addy! – Oh, it’s only the beginning, Maya. – What? How could it possibly get any better? – Well, you know those cute
outfits they’re wearing? – Yeah? – Well, it turns out that they
had them in our size, too! (Gasps) Plus, there were tons of
other matching outfits for us and our dolls. – No way! – Then, once we changed
our clothes, we went to the American Girl hair salon to get matching hair and manicures! – For us and our dolls? – Why, of course! Let me continue on. How should we get our hair styled, Maya? – I don’t know, there’s so many choices. – Ooh, I think I want
the braided space buns. – Oh super cute! I think I’ll do the waterfall. – That will look adorbs. – But before we do our hair
let’s do our doll’s hair. (upbeat music) – I’m gonna add blue and pink
highlights to my doll, Maya. – I wanna do blue, pink, and purple. Now, which ribbon color
should I choose, Addy? – I’m gonna do blue and pink. – I’m gonna do blue and pink, too! – Maya, your doll’s looking great! – So is yours! It looks amazing! I can’t wait to have
hair that matches yours. – Your doll’s all done. What do you think? – Love it! Think I should match
my hair to this, Maya? – For sure! Time for our hair now! (upbeat music) How’s mine looking, Addy? – Fantastic! How about mine? – Totally adorbs. We are so twinning with our dolls! – I know and I’m loving it! – What do you say we all
get our nails done, now? – Fabulous idea! – I want gold and sparkly. – And I want pretty and pink. – Ah, this is the life isn’t it, Addy? – Absolutely Maya, for us and our dolls. – Yeah, I think mine is
enjoying the manicure just as much as I am. (happy music) – Oh, it’s time for my doll
to get her nails done, Maya. – What shade of polish
did you choose, Addy? – I went for pink, just like mine. (upbeat music) – All done and they look fabulous. – All right, Maya, our hair is done, our nails are done, and we even
got our dolls’ ears pierced. – Yeah, and she didn’t even whine! – Well, what should we do next? – Hmm, let me think. (spring boings) Wow! We even got our dolls’ ears pierced? – Sure did, and they even
could’ve pierced your ears, too. But I didn’t think you
were quite ready for that. – Good call. Maybe next time. – Well, you did an excellent job on your best day ever report, Addy. I’m thoroughly impressed. – Oh, but I’m not done, yet. – But, how could this day
possibly get any better? You’ve already picked
out American Girl dolls, selected matching outfits, had your hair and your dolls’ hair styled,
and enjoyed manicures! What more could you possibly
squeeze into this day? – A visit to the American Girl Cafe to have delicious food
and scrumptious desserts! (upbeat music) – Here’s a special seat for you. – All right, ladies, what shall we order? – I think I’ll go with
the Fancy Bow-Tie Pasta. – Excellent choice. I think I’ll do the same. – [Maya] Ooh, a pink lemonade sounds nice. – I just realized we haven’t
properly named our dolls, Maya. – You’re right and I think
her name will be Lily. – I love the name Lily. But I think since my doll looks like me, I’m gonna call her Lil Addy. – Okay, Lil Addy. Love your name. – Time for some fun
conversation starters, Maya. – Okay, what’s the first one? – This is a good one. Would you rather be stranded on an island with your best friend or your sibling? – Definitely best friend. – Hey, but I’m your sister! – And my best friend. – Aww, perfect answer then. – Oh, here comes our food. – Let’s dig in, Maya. – [Addy] Drink up, Lil Addy. – Mm mm mm. – Here’s a bit of pasta for you, Lily. – Eat up, too, Lil Addy. – [Maya] Mm mm. – Thanks, Maya. Lil Addy loves pink lemonade. – Okay Addy, did we save room for dessert? – Um, don’t we always? – Yeah, that was a silly question! (happy music) Unicorn shakes were a great idea. – You can say that again! – Unicorn shakes were a great idea! And now for the Dream
Come True Chocolate Cake! – Dream come true is correct! – Mm hmm. A Unicorn Milkshake and chocolate cake? This really is the best day ever! – And I loved that Lil Addy and Lily got to enjoy the meal with you! – Yeah, and if you don’t
already have a doll, the store has plenty of dolls that you could choose from to join you at the cafe! – Well, I’ll say it again,
excellent job, Addy! (applause) – But, I’m still not done! – You’re kidding me! There’s more? – You bet there is! In my best day ever we leave the cafe with our dolls and take them
to Dr M at the doll hospital. – Doll hospital? – Yep, they’ll need a checkup before we take them home with us. (energetic music) – Wow, they even got a hospital gown! – Well, her heart sounds nice and strong. I bet you take very good care of her. – I hope she doesn’t have a fever. – Well, looks like there’s no fever here. – Phew! – How’s her vision? – Perfect. She’s got good reflex, doesn’t she? And I also want to check her hearing. (bell chimes) Can she hear it? – I’m so glad Lil Addy’s okay. Why don’t you do Lily’s checkup, now? – Okay! – Oh, her heart sounds very strong. And no fever, either. That looks like a normal
temperature to me, that’s great. – So glad to hear. – I’m gonna use my flashlight
to look at her eyes. Oh, looking good to me. I’m gonna ring the bell. Three, two, one. (bell chimes) Can she hear it? – I think her hearing’s good. – Oh, she’s got good
reflexes, doesn’t she? Looks like Lily’s completely healthy. – Thank you, Dr M. – You’re welcome. – Let me check your teeth, now. Looks sparkly white to me. – E, F. – Wow, she has perfect vision, Maya! – Lily, do you have
butterflies in your stomach? – Oh no, I think Lil Addy
may have a broken arm. – That was an x-ray mix up! Lil Addy’s just fine. – Phew! (spring boings) – Wow, until today I had no idea that there was a doll hospital! – Me, neither! And that was a very thorough checkup. I’m glad to hear your
dolls are nice and healthy. – Me too. But the hospital also has crutches, wheelchairs, eyeglasses, and all sorts of accessories available
if we had needed them. – Best day ever. – Well, Maya. – Are you about to tell
me there’s even more? – Well, we still need one more thing to truly make this the best day ever. – Really? I’m dying to know what it is! – A shopping spree! (spring boings) Okay Maya, ready for a shopping spree? – Shopping spree? Of course! – There’s outfits, accessories, pets! Where do we even begin? (happy music) It’s a camp hangout! – It makes me wanna take
you camping, Little Addy. We can grill hotdogs, pop
popcorn, and even play corn hole. – There’s so many puppies to choose from and even a kitty! Or her own hedgehog house! Maybe I’ll get the husky. Yeah, you’ll make a great pet. My puppy will need a doggy bed. Donut pet bed, I’ll get this one! Oh, and I can’t forget a leash! Flower leash set. Sounds awesome! – Wow, she’s a gymnast like me! I wonder if she can do back
handsprings on the mat? And she’s even gotten a medal? – Three in one Game Night Set? I love air hockey! And I bet you would, too, Lily. – Wow! It’s Blaire’s Family Farm Restaurant! We could have a picnic, Little Addy. And Blaire uses all farm fresh produce. And check out the food cart, Little Addy. – Look, we can make cookies
in the gourmet kitchen set. Care for some tea? Definitely adding this
to the shopping bag. (energetic music) – Cool, a bowling place? (ball clacks) – Lily wants to bowl, too. – [Addy] Well, welcome to
the American Girl Lanes! – Oh, I’ll take some candy
with our bowling shoes. – Should we add it to
the shopping bags, Maya? – For sure! (happy music) Best day ever.
– Best day ever. (spring boings) And that would be my dream best day ever. – No kidding! – So absolutely amazing! – If only it wasn’t just a dream! – Yeah, if only it would really happen. (phone rings) – Oh, I have to snap out of my daydream! Toy School, this is Miss Lucy speaking. Hi this is Addy’s and Maya’s mom. I’m so sorry to interrupt a fun-filled day at Toy School, but could I speak with the girls for just a second? Why of course, just one moment. Addy and Maya, your mom
would like to speak to you. – Huh? – That’s odd for her to call us at school. – Hi, Mom, what’s up? – Hi, girls. I need you pack your backpacks up because I’m coming to pick you up early. I’ve got a fun surprise for you. – A surprise? What is it? – Well, I wasn’t going to tell you. But we’re going to the
American Girl store! (Gasps) – Best day ever.
– Best day ever. – What? What am I missing? This video was sponsored by American Girl. (tinkling chimes)

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