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Barbie – When the Twins Grow Up Found you! Oh! How you find me? I see your feet under the bed Silly feet! Now to find Annabelle… She not in there he, he, he! Jillian! There she is! Found you Annabelle! Oh! Did my sister tell you where I hiding? Well… Isabelle! How… Hey! What this? It look like a photo of me with Santa No, it look like a photo of me with Santa but I not remember this Where did you find this? It on the floor where you drawers are It must have fallen So that me with Santa, Mummy? No, that’s me when I was about your age But… It look like me and Isabelle You’re right I never realised how much we looked the same So that mean you going to look like your Mummy when you older? What?! I hope not! I don’t… I mean… There no way I going to look as beautiful as my Mummy Mmmm… Well luckily for you two it’s very unlikely you’re going to look exactly like me when you’re older Goodnight you two Goodnight! So what you think we be like when we older? I don’t know, Annabelle but I don’t want you to grow up too fast Hmmm… Goodnight! I pretty sure I be beautiful when I older Nah, ah! I be the beautiful one We’ll see… Mum, here’s the groceries you wanted Thank you so much, Annabelle You’re a life saver! You’re welcome Oh! How was your meeting with the President? It went so well! He likes my ideas about solving world hunger so he asked… Barbie, this is Jack, Jack this is my Mum Hi, Annabelle’s Mum Don’t talk! Just… Go watch some TV Ok… Isabelle! Don’t call me Barbie It’s Mum to you Yeah, yeah! And another boyfriend? That’s two in the past week Well the others were annoying me Aren’t you going to ask how my meeting
went with the President? No! Don’t care! What’s for dinner Oh, dinner! How would you like it if I cooked a roast chicken? Oh that would be wonderful… Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! And stop being such a goody two-shoes But I… I’m getting take away so don’t worry about me for dinner Isabelle… Isabelle! I just noticed another dent on my car! Annabelle did it! What?! I need twenty dollars, Ken It’s Dad to you Twenty dollars, Dad! Here you go… And loose the t-shirt Ben 10 was out ten years ago But… Oh, Annabelle Thank goodness you turned out to
be a nice, beautiful young lady Oh wow! What? What is it? …and I was so nice to everyone and I help you with the shopping and… Oh! I so beautiful when I older I not believe it Wow! I can’t believe you had a dream about that And me? What I like? Oh… What that suppose to mean? I not sure how to say this, but… You not very nice, Isabelle She wasn’t? Not at all She rude… Me? …and she not very pretty… Sorry Sis …and she ask for money all the time… Great! …and she crash the car again! My car! Well it only a dream, so it not true! Well it could be… And me? What was I like? Well you still like Ben 10 Yes! Goodnight girls! Goodnight, Daddy I hope I have a dream about when I older tonight I not sure if you want to I tell you that you not very nice I not believe you! Now let me go to sleep Oooh! I not falling asleep! Count sheep backwards Ninety-nine sheep… Ninety-eight sheep Ninety-seven sheep… Ninety–six sheep… Ninety-five… (Doorbell) Isabelle! What a nice surprise! Hi Mum! I think you look more beautiful every day Oh, Mum! Geoffrey and I thought we’d come say hello Hi, Mrs Carson Come in! Come in! So how are the wedding plans? Well, that’s part of the reason we’re here Oh… We’ve decided we just want a small wedding Just the family and some close friends But why? It was going to be too expensive But we don’t mind paying for it It’s your special day No, we’ve made up our minds And no presents either You’re such a good daughter, Isabelle I only wish… Mum! Mum! Is my dress ready? No dear I haven’t had time to… What? I need it! Now! But your sister is here! Woah! What happened to you! Me? What… You look terrible! But… Mum! My dress! Sorry dear Working on it now… Alright Annabelle, you’re new car is parked outside Finally! Only about three days too late! Sorry dear And get rid of that Ben 10 top Ben 10 was out ten years ago But I still like it… What?! You like it? I asked for a hot pink car! Not light pink! Can’t you do anything right I’m so sorry dear Oh boy! Huh? You had a dream? …and I going to get married and you say I look more beautiful every day That not what happen in my dream That’s wonderful dear And me? I look beautiful too? You not too bad… Ah ha! But you not nice! What? You very spoilt Oh… And you make Mummy and Daddy do everything for you Ooops! Oh, ohhh… And me? What was I like? Well you look a lot older… Ohhh… But you still like Ben 10 Yes! Listen girls, they’re just dreams I wouldn’t worry too much about what
you’re going to be like when you’re older (Snoring!) (Snoring!) Three thousand dollars! What? The girls spent three thousand
dollars on outfits yesterday They said they didn’t buy anything! Isabelle! Give me back my lipstick! No, it’s mine! Girls! Fine! Don’t be surprised if you find all your makeup in the bin! You wouldn’t dare! Try me! Girls, isn’t it time you two got a job? Ha, ha, ha! What’s so funny? We’re not getting a job Yeah, we don’t need to Then how are you going to move out of home? We’re not No!

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