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Barbie – The Ball Dress Disaster Wow! You like it? Like it? I love it! You sure you want me to wear this to the ball? Of course! It will look so nice on you I think this is my best design yet Thank you Lumière! This is so nice of you I’ll be back before you leave for the ball to make sure everything looks perfect Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Please look after the dress I will See you tonight! Wow! Who that Mummy? That was Lumière He’s loaning me this dress to wear to the ball for Daddy’s work tonight Woah! Nice dress! Can I… Don’t even think about touching it! How she know I going to ask that…? What is that? It Mummy’s dress for the ball tonight Ball? Ken’s work is having their annual ball and I needed a nice dress Nice dress! That’s better than nice That’s like…like… Really nice? Really, really nice! I want to wear it when I get older Sorry, but I have to return this to Lumière after I wear it He was nice enough to loan me his latest design for tonight Well you’re definitely going to stand out at the ball Try it on Mummy Try what on? The new dress Mummy got Woah! Can I… Don’t even think about touching it! How she know I going to ask that…? I’m too scared to try it on I might crease it or put a mark on it You going to look so pretty in that Mummy Thanks Isabelle I’m going to pick up the shoes now You two want to come with me? No thank you I stay here and make sure Tommy not touch the dress Me too It be terrible if Tommy ruin your dress It’s not Tommy I’m worried about… I know what you mean Mummy I keep an eye on Annabelle too Chelsea, you’re in charge Skipper and Stacie are upstairs and Ken should be home from work soon anyway No problem It’ll be fine Yes! Another one! Oh boy! How good am I playing today! I win! I beat you Isa… Hey! You not even playing the game! Yes I am No, you looking at Mummy’s dress Nah ahh! I have something in my eye Don’t even think about touching that dress! I not! Geez… (Doorbell) I get it! Hello girls! I am Lumière Oh! You’re the dress designer This is correct! I like your dress Mister! It so pretty Why thank you little miss Here’s an extra pair of shoes Barbie can use, just in case We’ll let Barbie know I hope she’s taking care of the dress Oh yes No one allowed to touch it or even look at it Mummy lucky! New dress Now new shoes She’s going to look so pretty at the… What? I couldn’t help it But… Please don’t be mad I try it on next! No, I’m next! I’m older Oh, I thought you going to yell at me What you think? It really pretty But it’s a just a little bit big for you You right! I need those shoes Hand them over Because that’s really going to help Come on! I want to try dress on There! Dress look better with shoes on? Still too big Owww! Well I don’t… Hey! The shoe… It stuck! The heel stuck in the dress and it won’t… Stop! You’ll ruin… …get off! (Rip!) …the dress! Oh no! Maybe it just a little tear No, it’s big one! (Slam!) (Whistling) It Daddy! Quick! Barbie? You here? Anyone? Hmmm… Maybe she’s outside… No, can’t see her there Annabelle! Don’t stand on the dress The dress so big I have to Move! Move! He’s coming! (Rip!) No! Annabelle! I told you not to stand on the dress! Strange… Maybe she’s getting ready upstairs Phew! That lucky! Lucky? There’s two tears in the dress now! Isabelle going to be in so much trouble Me? Come on, let’s sneak up to our room All clear! No one here Hmmm… No one here either Hide! I’ll check downstairs again That a close one! What we going to do? We have to fix up the tears I’ll go get Barbie’s sewing box Ok I… Don’t touch the dress! Mummy not going to be happy with us Us? You put the dress on! Can’t we just cut the tears out? Great idea! These should do it! (Snip) (Snip) (Snip) (Snip) Be careful I will, but don’t move How it looking? I think it looking pretty good
I can’t find… No! What wrong? What have you done? I cut out the tears But now there two big holes in the dress! Oh yeah… That probably not look too good Maybe Mummy not notice… Woah, woah woah…! (Rip!) Oh no! Oh no! It ok, I fine Not you! The dress! Whoops! Well at least the dress fit Isabelle now There you are! What are you wearing Isa…? Hey! Is that… Is that Barbie’s ball dress? It depends Depends on what? If you get mad at us or not What have you done?! Come on, maybe we can fix it Mummy! Hi girls! Boy! Traffic is bad out there Oooh! You look nice Ken Thanks! You better hurry Here’s you dress You’re all organised You going to look great Mummy Yeah, really good I’ll go get dressed Maybe you can get the camera Ken Ummm, yeah! Great idea You think she notice? I don’t think so We fix it pretty good I hope so! I was left in charge so I’m the one who’s going to be in trouble What’s wrong Ken? Just waiting for my name to be called Why would… Ken! And there it is Ken! I’m just a bit busy at the moment dear You think she upset because of the dress? What do you think? Ken! Just act cool girls… Huh? What happened to my dress? Wow! You look beautiful Ken! The dress! It’s too tight on you? Where are they? Girls! Do not say a word! I not saying anything Me… Ah, ah! Either… Archoo! Oh great! I told you not to touch the dress I’m sorry It was my fault I should have… No it not It my fault Mummy I put the dress on It just so pretty Well thank you for telling me that Isabelle We’ll talk about this later Right now I need to worry about what I’m going to wear to the ball You can wear one of my dresses if you want Thank you Isabelle And if you tear it I not get mad (Doorbell) Who could that be? Barbie! You have the dress on! How does it look? It… It fits perfectly! Fantastic! Open the door so I can see the whole dress No, you don’t need to see the whole dress Of course I do I’ve been waiting all day to see what it looks like How about I just tell you how it looks? Barbie… Ta-daa! My… My… Arrrrh… (Thud!) I told you, you didn’t need to see it!

James Carver

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  1. That man who brought the dress was that a fake mustache kikikikiki it looks like it was just drawn😂😂😂

  2. Annabelle weird the dress 🚶🏿‍♀️⬅️➡️💃🏻

  3. Isbell and anbell and Chelsea Isbell your are very bad I love your videos your the best YouTuber make more videos I love them so much make 100000 more Barbie showes becuse there are very fun you the beat can I be the shout outs you are awesome and cool and nice 👍I love you guy so munch good Jo’s 😜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💩🦄🥰😍😄🥰😍😜😝😋😋

  4. Grace what song is that it sounds awesome I know the name of the song is called show me your light it’s the instrumental how did you do it i want put it in my channel when I be 10

  5. Wow! I am surprised that Barbie actually has a real Barbie doll named Lumiere, that is so cool, just like from beauty and the beast!😄

  6. Can you make a video when Annabelle and chelsea have been keeping a sceret from Isabelle? and then Chelsea wrights it in her diary and Isabelle reads it ?

  7. All right all right that's enough cancel your Channel right now because I saw something violent when Barbie put the dress on Ice saw a person with no arms and head

  8. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  9. These are the worst videos ever! Most annoying videos!!! Don't stand on the Dwess! Isabelle is going to be in so much twouble! Dat a cwose one! How it wooking? I think it wooking pwetty good. ugh!

  10. lasbelle stay on the tv so and barbie said girls do not tunch the dress you lasbelle you get trouble and you barbie might upset i thank so not haooy

  11. I really like your videos greatly they make me laugh I like Chelsea skipper and Annabelle Isabelle Stacey and can I really really like your video and I want a nuisance but I want bye

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