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Kinder Playtime! (children laugh) Welcome back, friends! Hi! Welcome back to Kinder Playtime. What are we doing today, Ms. Emily? Princess Dress up! Princess dress up! Look at all of the pretty dresses! And all of our pretty princesses. You ready to dress them up? Alright, let’s get started! What do you want to wear Elsa? I really like that silver wrap dress. That looks cute! Okay, you can try it on. Else, we’re ready for you! Wow, I just love this outfit Emily. I love your dress! You do? I like the way the silver looks. It’s so pretty. I love the pink! The pink? And look, I have pink shoes to match. So fun and cute. And look at my little purse. Thanks for letting me try this on, Emily. You’re welcome! How about you, Mulan? There was a dress that I really liked. It had a blue skirt, with red dots on it. Can I wear that? Umm. Probably, sure. Thanks! Come out Mulan. This dress is so fun. I love the berry rain on your dress. The rain, you mean the jewels? Yeah, the jewels look pretty. I know, I love this pattern. I like the bow on your back. Oh yes, the halter top? So pretty and fun. And look at these blue shoes! They’re so funky and fun. yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah Plus I have this awesome clutch. Yes, it looks pretty! Thank you so much Emily. Snow White, what about you? I really like the outfit with the polka dot pants. Okay, you can try. Snow White, we’re ready for you. I’m ready to come out. I just love my polka dot pants and pink shirt. Umm, you look pretty in the bow. You like my sparkly pink bow on my shirt? I like all of the necklaces they put on it. Let’s just look at these polka dot pants some more. They’re so fun! And here’s my shoes. Awe I also thought this blue clutch would look really great. What do you think? Umm, you don’t put it on your hand. You just hold it like this. Isn’t that pretty? Yes, it looks pretty! Thanks for helping me pick this out Emily! Cinderella, it’s your turn. Pick a dress! I really loved the pink one with all of the sparkles. It made me think of magic. Can I try that on? Yes, it’s you. Cinderella! Wow, would you look at this!? What do you think? It looks pretty on you! I love it! This very sparkly pink dress is very different from I usually wear. But, it looks like so pretty when your purse looks like a sweeper. It looks like a broom a little bit, doesn’t it? That’s kind of funny. Yeah. And I love my shoes! Oh they look so pretty. They have pink pearls all over them. Thank you so much for helping me put this on Emily. You’re welcome! What do you want to wear Aurora? I really liked the jean skirt with the lace print on it, and the t-shirt. Yay! You think I’ll look good in that? Yes, Aurora let me see your clothes! Emily, this is so comfortable, fun and easy! Yeah! I just love it! Yeah, I wish I could try on it! You want one of these one of these outfits for yourself? Look how fun these shoes are. Do you love them? Yes I do! Okay, what’s your favorite part? The shoes, the skirt, the shirt or the purse? I love the purse because it has the heart on it. It is. It’s a heart. Isn’t that fun? Yeah! I just can’t get over how much I love this outfit. Thanks Emily! You’re welcome! Pocahontas, what about you? I really, really want to wear the blue dress with the pink stuff on it. Oh yeah. That looks pretty! Sure, you can wear that. Oh, thanks Emily! Pocahontas, it’s time to come out! Wow! This dress is dazzling. I don’t know if I’ve ever worn anything quite like this. But, it looks so pretty! Awe, thank you Emily. I super appreciate that. And I like my diamond purse. And I don’t normally wear shoes, but these silver ones go perfectly with my dress. Yeah! Thank you so much for such a fun time, Emily. I love you. Thank you! Yay! You look so pretty! Thank you for putting this fun day full of fashion for us, Emily. Yes! We had so much fun. Thanks for watching, bye! Leave us a like, write us a comment and “sumscribe.” Thanks for watching, bye!

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