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everyone for today's video I'm gonna be showing you a bunch of stuff that I got for Daisy recently and a couple of little bits I've got for myself I feel like I've been non-stop shopping for baby clothes recently and I've definitely gone on a bit of a mad one in the past like two weeks but I'm trying to tell myself it's because Daisy's grown out of everything and also all of her stuff is summer stuff it's getting a little bit chillier that's not I'm telling myself to make myself feel a little bit better for how much I'm spending but also buying baby clothes is so fun I definitely find buying clothes for her way more enjoyable than buying clothes for me because they're just so cute but I'm also really excited because the lovely ladies at channa mom have offered to give one of you guys a 150-pound factor for H&M you guys know I love hich nem it's one of my favorite shops if you watch this channel a lot then you know that I love hate sim for Daisy's clothes I also love it for my clothes and I love it for David as well so it's just one of those shops I think is good all around and I feel like you guys make catching them as well so if you want to be in with a chance of winning that voucher all you have to do is subscribe to channel mum on youtube and also click the link in my bio which will take you to their website and you just fill out a form it's so simple you just put your name and your email address and then you're done if you don't know you channel mummys then they're basically like an online community of monks they have a YouTube channel they have an awesome website and they have like a Facebook community page I personally watched pretty much every single video off their youtube channel when I was pregnant because I wanted to like know what was happening with Daisy when she was in my tummy I also wanted to see other people's symptoms at like a specific week because sometimes I just felt like I was losing my mind or going crazy or being super hormonal and it was just really helpful to watch their videos and know that I wasn't alone in that situation and actually the things I was feeling we're really normal and now that Daisy's here I use their Facebook page all the time to just ask like a really simple question that I just want mums opinions on for example and one with started feeding Daisy I didn't really know the best foods to give her or food that she would like pureed up and stuff so I just asked that I've also sent a picture in there when Daisy had a rash and all these mums just come back and say oh don't worry that's just this or that's just this or try sweet potato or like things like that it's just really really handy to be able to ask questions and get feedback from actual real life month so now that I've explained that I'm going to show you the clothes that I've got for Daisy and a couple of bits for me because you can't go shopping without getting a couple bits for yourself since I've just been talking about H&M I'm going to show you the H&M stuff first I feel like this is where I spend all of my money but at least the stuff is cute so the first things I got are these little they're like leggings but they're thicker I think they're meant to be jeggings but they've got this really cute pattern on they've got little pockets on the bum he's definitely lacking in trousers at the moment I've got a bunch of types but not really leggings so these are perfect I love the pattern I think they're really really cute and I think with like a knitted jumper or something these would look adorable I also needed to get Daisy some more like like vest thing she has a ton she has a ton of vests but she's grown out of them and they're also just like short sleeve vests and I think now that it's getting a little bit colder she needs some long-sleeved ones H&M is the best for like long sleeve little under things I forget what they called baby grows I've got these pink ones this actually came in a set of two so it says pick one with long sleeves and it's got this little pattern on there and then the other one that came in the set is the spotty one which I absolutely love I feel like unlike a comfy day for example on Monday we're flying to France I want him to be super country and I feel like this with some leggings or like some little trackies will be really really comfortable and I just really like it so that's a cute little sporty one I also like the little details they've got like this little detail on the sleeve I think it's really cute it's got that round on the collar as well the last thing I got from H&M baby is it's this little dress thing and it's so cute it's made out of that soft material I'm not sure what that materials could but it's really soft and it's just got the cutest little details on there it's got little buttons on the back and I think that would like a long-sleeved white top and some little types would be horrible I love that one so much this one was $7.99 then I got some more bits from Zara the first thing I saw was this blouse I absolutely love the pattern I love the color I love make the buttons and the details I just think that's a really adorable top I think up in sake top with a little pom-pom on I'm obsessed with stripes I don't know if you guys know that but I love stripy things and so does David so when I saw this I was like yes I'd seen this online and I really wanted to get it so then when I saw it in the shop I picked it up and this was $4.99 which is so good the next thing I got is some little jogging bottoms David absolutely loves and ages in comfy clothes and he just loves jogging bottoms I don't know why he thinks that she looks so cute in them to be honest I just got these because Dave I just know David was think she looks so cute in them so I just wanted to see his face when she was in them there was also this spotty jumper which I got in this size up because I just thought then she'll get a bit more wear out of it but I thought this would look really cute with some pink leggings or some jeans and it's just nice now that it's getting a bit colder for her to have some jumpers this was 999 I think it's really cute the last thing I got for Daisy is this pink knitwear jumper I don't know if you saw our blog the other day but I actually got this exact same jump it in like a cream color and she's worn it like every day since I bought it because I just think it's the cutest thing I absolutely love it she looks so cute in the little white one so I grabbed it in pink as well because I just this will go with everything I can check on with leggings and it's really nice and cozy so that is the last thing that I got for Daisy I think I also grabbed this top for me in Zara like I said I love stripes and I just thought that this long-sleeved slouchy top was really nice it looks quite a big on camera but it's actually quite a nice fit and it's just like one of those really comfy tops that I can chuck with some jeans and not have to think too much about my outfit so the last little things I got with some summer dresses which I'll show you in a second but I feel like it sounds absolutely not saying that I just bought some summer dresses when we're coming to the end of summer but the reason that we're going to France on Monday is because one of our friends is getting married so I needed like a summer dress that was somewhat formal and I haven't been able to find one anywhere I've been looking for like a good month and I just haven't found anything but I like but then I went into this shop called apricot which I haven't been in before and they had so many cute summer dresses I love them all I can't decide which one I liked better so I bought three which sounds a bit ridiculous but also my friend that I'm going with she hasn't been out to find a dress either so I thought I'd just pick them up and then if she likes one then she can have one as well so it's gonna be quite warm so these are quite summery dresses but this first one has got this link bandeau top and going through the little shoulders and it's long line and it's got these little slips for your legs I think the colour is lovely I love the pattern to be honest I'm not much of a dress wearer but this past summer I've loved wearing dresses which is confusing for me because I'm a big tomboy and I don't like dresses but this summer I'm loving them it literally shocks me that I'm saying this but I can't wait to wear a pretty dress I never thought those words would come out my mouth but hey and then the other two are like a dark blue color so I'm not really sure which one I want to wear yeah David likes yet David likes this next one that I'm going to show you so I might wear this one but it's the same top and the exact same style dress but it's just this pattern instead of the red to be honest I think I like this one the best I just think this color looks nice of blonde hair but David really likes this one on so I guess you have to just look on Instagram on Wednesday and see which one I go for plug this one has a v-neck which when I tried it on it was really really glamorous it's like a lovely fair is such a pretty dress but I just have this like and he didn't know what the right word is but one of my insecurities is my boobs and because this is a v-neck like I feel like it shows quite a lot of cleavage and I'm just not one for sure in cleavage I'd rather have it like covered up and not on show so that other two with that band design I feel like they're better for me I'm not sure if I'll be comfortable wearing this one even though it probably looks the prettiest I just think all day I'll be like all my boobs on show and I won't like it sadly I don't think I'll be wearing this one but it is so pretty I think that's pretty much everything that I got for this haul I would absolutely love advice on what dress you think I should wear to the wedding because I'm really undecided I'm not completely sure so let me know your favorite dress that I showed you and also tell me your favorite item that I showed you of daisies don't forget to enter the competition to win 150 pound factor from H&M it's so so simple I've left the links in the box below so all you do is subscribe to channel 1 and fill out the little form it will take you two seconds if you guys like this video then please know click the thumbs up and subscribe and we will see you for some holiday vlogs next week I cannot wait to get in some Sun Shyne I'm not loving this cold weather so we will see for some holiday bugs next week and Jeff thank you so much for watching and we'll see you soon bye

James Carver

39 Replies to “BABY CLOTHES HAUL // £150 GIVEAWAY!!!”

  1. River island are doing mummy and baby collections so they can be matching, it’s kinda cringey but I think you and daisy would be adorable matching!

  2. I think that my favorite dress that you bought was the last one but I’d have to see it on to decide, but I think you should go for the dress you feel most comfortable in because at the end of the day your comfort is what matters most

  3. I like the blue dress better, but I know you would look gorgeous in either one… 😀😉

  4. I literally went to the new HnM in Poole yesterday & bought my little girl who is 10 months old some super cute outfits! The clothes are so reasonably priced for our little humans considering how quick they grow!x

  5. Hey ebony like you I've always been such a tomboy but I've found since becoming a mum I started wearing more girlie stuff and dresses.. Sounds dumb but think it's related to motherhood lol xxx

  6. I think they are both gorgeous but I would wear the second one but that's just my preference 😊 xx

  7. I’m exactly the same as you Ebony, I was a massive tomboy(not liking pink or anything). Had my daughter Daisy and it changes everything!

  8. Love all of Daisy’s outfits!! I think you should go for the pink/red dress the colour would suit you so well 😊 x

  9. The last dress you could pin it / a small sewing job for the cleavage area I do it all the time to feel more secure if I really like something x

  10. I loved watching the week by week bump updates on channel mum, just looked at the channel again and it made me feel all those emotions again 😍

  11. Agree with David I love the dark blue one !!!! Both look amazing and you would look stunning though !! Xxx

  12. I so wish I enjoy baby clothes shopping! I find it so stressful to find clothes for my Little tomboy! H&M is always a good starter place for her tho…

  13. Oh gosh I’m so guilty of buying clothes for my little girl 🙈 it’s so hard not to buy for them when you’re in the shops x

  14. I need to catch up on your recent vids! You inspire me to be a mum like you when I’m older 🙂 xxx

  15. not going to lie, seeing daisy's cute little clothes (especually the pink dress at the end) got me a bit emosh! watching you grow as a family (and "knowing" Ebony since before David came along), it kind of makes me feel connected, in a way, to you despite never having met you guys in person 💕

    also, the pale pinky dress would look amazing on you for the wedding!!!

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