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understand travel tips third hello mr
there is hand and I have been a Christian for a long time nothing is heard from you
but I also don’t think how it works well apart from the fact that the vacation
is over and you what are you doing I have the week after next and
that’s why I have to contact you you were on the bike path last year
the danube drove and we just wanted to drive a piece of it yes we are
driven from passau to bratislava in one week that is quite comfortable
you still have time to look at that there is a lot going on for me
feel too much yes but we were in vacation on the go in children and
there were many larger groups on the way the paths are not particularly wide
not on both sides of the Danube and then so many people there it becomes whole
nice and tight but now the holidays are year past that is certainly not a problem
and the accommodation we have with them children camped and it works just fine
there are many options and good ones campsites mostly very close to the river
and there are enough rooms I think are signs of pensions everywhere
inns and hotels there are also pensions further away from
bike path especially on the hills above they then pick you up with the driver
every now and then to stop and eat more than enough opportunities
do you have a special travel guide no we got good tickets
and there is a drawn map of You get the whole Danube cycle path
everywhere in the tourist offices and one normal guide also helps
if you want to look at something would you like to have mine and the cards
yes that would be great, I’ll be there over in the evening and you have to do something too
take special care of the radl and Don’t forget windbreakers for
change when they get wet the wind often whistles in the Danube valley
oh yes and then we had a small radio also for the weather forecast
but when you retired to sleep not how much are you here
driven a day an average of 50 kilometers
even with the children if you have enough breaks make bloodletting yours first
bike especially check that you the saddle fits exactly otherwise you get
problems with sitting and then still something against the mosquitoes that were
then counted pretty annoying and especially behind Vienna in the
donauauen you know what if you then I can get cards there
couple of photos show comments what do you want to look at that
monastery or castle justify it So we’re from Merck on the
continued on the right bank and there you go from ax bach dorf a pretty steep one
way up to the ruin eckstein you can also have a good rest
and stay there is one youth hostel completely renovated and it
are many adventurous stories around this castle there were the first
Thuringian the lords of the castle and they have cordoned off the Danube with a chain and
of the ships that had to pass a high tariff and that was
getting worse they have more and more demands or also
entire ships were robbed that was merchants who were theirs on the danube
just transported too much they considered what to do and then
they made a plan in a ship so many soldiers have knights
hiding the space and when the Thuringian came on the ship
they captured him later another burka had that
right to rent for all ships of the horses have been pulled up the Danube
that was a terrible bully and he had the right name
scared soon when he caught people then took her to the rose
garden this is a small level place on the high rock in front of the castle
from there they could not escape and they had to starve or jump
down into the valley in certain death and has many more such stories
my old man up there in the castle stone also tells less cruel informer
beans exchange good food wine drink and rest hello where are you from
because ago we were two days in melk and
Today we continue to the Wachau and what are you going to do
we actually only want the city look at and shop and then drive
we’ll go on or we’ll make one day break a real rest with one
Great picnic in a nice spot depends on how we like it
have also taken a break and are only drove a little yesterday because I hardly ever
could still sit and we have so properly rested and late
in the afternoon we are in the next village a very cozy simple
this year and then it’s very late there become
that sounds good to you so wait that was a such a simple family wall this year
I still have a piece of paper somewhere then you can like them if
I still think it would be great do you have a good tip for
shopping shopping yes there is a whole nice little shop in the main alley
if you come into the place right away on the left they have lots of fresh things
from the local farmers and how so it looks with the inns
the first two are the same if you go into the city ​​comes in we have not
please so many people and too expensive it is better outside the place and
cheaper So this year where we were that was
really good and there were huge ones portions I’m still today he says
then thanks for the tips and good journey
and have a nice day what is this year what can you do there
to eat and drink woman sat one what is that actually
this year it is actually a small local that a farmer
Weinbauer runs it on his farm or in front of his own wine cellar and
of course only with our own products only own products yes strictly speaking yes
So that’s the wine, the meat and known from your own animals
cranes with onions or with tomatoes then bread in your own garden
from our own grain of course I like that myself and
the potato salad from your own potatoes potatoes potatoes are with
them potatoes, of course, and they are also from our field that or water
or mineral water for the sprayed So for the wine mixed with soda or
of course we buy mineral water this applies to all this year for the
farmers already this year and they are that’s why not all year round
open how do you just know that openly is
So you say is now stuck out and you can see that these are these too
green branches with the light at the entrance to the yard and we’ll do it too
a little advertising in make if at this year we are unplugged
only in the country no there are also city ​​wear
these are actually quite normal inns in the city where it stops
typical bunnies and wine this year mostly bad leg unfortunately
we also sell them directly from the farm sell most of it directly and it works
always better because it’s always more tourism gives wine ham and sausage
people like to take that with them not the cyclists because they have
no place they are good guests while drinking because they are not on the
per thousand when driving a car also rent rooms yesterday
Of course we need this extra
income from the we cannot live agriculture
our farm is too small for that and for that our prices are too low yet
a question what actually means this year exactly
the wine from hoya this year not an old long-aged wine but
young wine and this year’s that too locally where there are this year
So this year on the reverberant 1 i think this photo was in one
city ​​made in a park and in this park is also a small river
I like the park because it’s easy there is no meadow and trees
such a well-kept park with lawn and because of and flowers where you can not on the
allowed to walk 2nd
church tower is a high old tower it is probably close to the center of one
old town I think it’s a nice spring
sunny day and get the trees just the first leaves
in summer when everything is green you can Certainly no longer see the church tower
3 I don’t like the photo you don’t see much just trees and one
there is also a little water in my city a small river with a meadow and
trees and some poor people die have no dwelling there and
sleep on the benches I think in the photo falls asleep too
homeless in the hammock that’s why the photo is a
a little scary 4 this is a typical photo for me
from spring it may be the first really
warm day the sun shines when it is warm people will have big here
longing for the sun and who can go out into the free me
also and the one in the hammock does it really comfortable and enjoying
the beautiful day 5 i don’t think the photo is from
a city is in a city there is not so many trees
that’s me in a small village do not like the photo because it concerns me
my village reminds me behind the village small river and there we always have
played but I didn’t like being there and i was glad when i got out of there
have gone

James Carver

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