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– Hi! Welcome to Ask Barbie,
where you ask, and I answer! Today we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day. Judah E. says, “How do you
celebrate Valentine’s Day?” Well, the first thing I
do is send out presents to everyone I care about. Like these. Whoops! I should’ve written everyone’s
names on the cards first. We’ll see how this goes! – Roses are red. Violet’s your hair. You’re sweet as can be. Here’s a top you can wear! (record scratching) What? This is too big! – You really love sports and you’re only 12 years old. But here are some sneakers
to help you win gold. Uh, I’m 14 and a half. – I don’t think this was my card. – Yeah, mine either. – That’s exactly what I was thinking. – Stacie, read your card. – [Barbie] No! (smacking) – Hey, Barbie. – I think that’s Ken’s card. You don’t need to read that one. Bye! – A Valentine from Barbie! You’re the prank master general, the funniest clown. You’ve got quite the imagination. Here’s a princess crown. This makes no sense. But I love it! – PhilzChillz says, “Make a giant cake.” I love making giant cakes! Especially for holidays. This cake is beautiful, Randi! – Thanks! I want this cake to be the talk of the Valentine’s Day party. I can’t believe we made so much frosting! (gasping) Uh oh! – What’s going on? – Oh, dear! My earring! It’s missing! Barbie, I think I baked it into the cake! (dramatic music) – Oh dear is right! – We can’t take this to the party! Someone might eat my earring. – Well, there’s only one
thing we can do about this. Dig in! – Here’s to hoping we find them soon! – Isn’t that cake for the party? – Yeah, but Randi baked
her earring into the cake. So we’re eating it to find it. – You had me at eating. – Thanks for helping us, Tony. – Help with what? I’m starving! (noisy eating) – Has anyone found the earring? – Not yet. Where did they go? Uh oh! It was tangled in my hair the whole time! (laughing) – Well, at least we know it
was a really, really good cake. – We could’ve brought it
to the party after all. (laughing) – FrenchJessica says, “Throw
the biggest party ever.” Yeah, I think my friends and
I are up for the challenge. – This Valentine’s Day
party is going to be the best party of our lives! – Montgomery. – I’m talking multiple DJs. A life-sized tree where
all the leaves are hearts, and the hearts are cookies. Balloons drop every hour on the hour. A VIP room no one can enter, even us, because it’s that exclusive! – Montgomery– – A baby goat petting room. An underwater dance party. A rollercoaster that takes you to a completely different party where you don’t even know anyone! – Montgomery! – Magical changing colors everywhere. An escape room you have to solve in order to get into the dance. Chaperones dressed as baby Cupids! – Montgomery! – What? – We have two hours to put this together. – Oh, right. – The changing colors sounded fun. – Oh! Well, I already had that set up. Introducing our opening act! (bubbling) (applause) – And with this heart sponge, (ding) (ding) we’re ready for the big party as well! (applause) – Great job! That alone puts us way
ahead of the other parties. – True. But two hours is still
enough time to get a band that only plays harpsichords, a punch fountain, a
ball pit you can rest in that whispers encouraging words and… – Kiverly P. says, “Make Chelsea Cupid!” Ah, the mischief she’d get into! (laidback music) – Yes, it’s here! And just in time for Valentine’s Day! Cupid’s bow and arrow! Now I can pull the ultimate prank. Let’s try out these
rubber suction cup arrows. The package says they’re supposed to make people fall in love. Oops! – Selfie time! Oh, phonie! I don’t know what I’d ever do without you. – I didn’t need to make her even more obsessed with her phone! I think I got it! – Looks like my plant
needs a little more water! Oh! Let’s get you some more water, my darling. (kissing) – No, come on! – Barbie! Watch me balance Taffy on my head! – Okay! Oh, Taffy, you’re so brave! I love you so much, Taffy! – Barbie, did you see our trick? What did you think of our trick? Barbie! – Well, that was a bust. I’ve got to go get more arrows. – Thanks for watching Ask Barbie! Who’s your Valentine this year? I don’t think I have one! – I can fix that for you! – Oh, that’s okay, Chelsea! I still love Valentine’s Day because I get to spend it with you. Bye bye!

James Carver

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