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So we’re trying it again
we went out completely on our own Zoom went out on us yesterday so we were
unable to get up and rolling Cliede did some great work he went back and found
out yet another system I think this one’s called StreamYard and we are up
and transmitting with that we went ahead and started a little bit early today in
case this didn’t work Cliede just let me check and make sure you can hear me can
you hear me great excellent so today we’re going to cover a lot of
issues rather than just sit and wait for the people that do come in and watch and
join us later we’ll go ahead and let them know what we’re looking at today
it’s mostly on medications we’re gonna cover a lot of different types of
medications for the virus start with the clinical trial on Kaletra it’s
Lopinavir/Ritonavir don’t need to remember any of those names and I’ll
tell you why it didn’t work but we’ll talk about that in just a few minutes
these are some age it’s HIV drugs also looking at other drugs some drugs that
appeared to work some with Ebola they’re called protease inhibitors
different types of drugs and not getting a whole lot of good stuff out of any of
them but you know what that’s sort of like what we’ve done as a culture and
that’s what man tends to do ignore prevention and then go into a panic when
they get the disease and then hope that there’s going to be a treatment for it
we’ve talked about that so many times we know very well how to prevent this
disease and it’s with not catching it not putting yourself in a place or a
mode or an environment where you can catch the disease there are people that
have to be out there to take care of others like health care workers and
those folks are being trained very what a lot on how to avoid this
disease so every one of us has responsibility for ourselves and our own
health and everybody needs to remember that again it’s like that old quote you
ask For Whom the Bell Tolls it tolls for you if we protect ourselves then we’re
protecting others by decreasing transmission I’ve got some of my own
personal stories to share with that I’ll share that story again I’ll get into
there’s an issue which is creating some misunderstanding and some “fake
news” and I’ll go into that it’s just a quick warning to those of us who
may not be totally up to speed with some of the last minute changes in YouTube and it’s where you know I think YouTube
did some stuff to try to try to help and very well-meaning but and for the most
part it is well-meaning but again every new solution creates a whole new set of
problems we’ll talk about that we’ll talk about some other drugs that are
being looked at hard for treatment Remdesevir and chloroquine
hydroxychloroquine Avigan for which is favipiravir again all these names
don’t need to remember just remember what the ones that make sense and out of
all of these right now none of them make as much sense as preventing transmission
out of all of these the one that I’m using the ones I’m using most are
hydroxychloroquine and zinc haven’t gotten access to zinc quercetin oh I
mentioned in one of my recent videos that all of a sudden I had run out of my
own zinc which I usually supplement with and the and all of a sudden it appeared
I couldn’t get any more on Amazon and some other places this is it this is
Nature’s Bounty zinc and I got a call from one of my friends and one of the
volunteers that works on the channel his name is Tyler Bourne he’s
did that come in a wacky looking package zebra-print
nested yeah and he said that was from me so thank you again Tyler and again the
only things that I’m using right now or are zinc for myself I’m not using
Plaquenil or hydroxychloroquine for me because I’m using I’m staying indoors
and staying isolated from others I’ve got some physicians for example that are
in some other you know physicians grocers other people that are critical
service public service workers right now and I’ve offered
hydroxychloroquine of which I misspelled no you’re going to find a lot of errors
on this on these slides anyhow those are the things I’m using and let’s go into
the details if you’re ready and right now I can’t tell if you are because of
the way the software that we’re using so under the fake news category and be
careful what you read and what you see here’s an example of what’s going on and
you see this a lot with CGTV Chinese Government TV which is you know for any
of you that choose to to put a lot of trust in what information the Chinese
government’s putting out and even putting it out in English so you know
who that’s targeted for I’ve seen several of those and it made me do a
double-take and a triple tape Bisson is this one is not from Chinese Government
TV it’s from something else but here’s the thing
don’t misunderstand the juxtaposition of the story with the statement below
coronavirus information CDC what to see what the YouTube has done is this
they’ve in order to help decrease misinformation coming out under almost
any of the YouTubes now that have to do with coronavirus you’ll see the corona
virus disease information from the CDC or coronavirus disease information from
the WHO and this is what happened to me last
week one of these I was looking up stuff on CGTV and there they continued to
have talked about reinfection and again this is one of the more dangerous places
for assuming some misinformation reinfection would be a huge problem
we’ve already got enough problems dealing with this pandemic but if it
turns out that people find the thing just got ended by the host oh I started
to I’m glad I didn’t say what I was feeling so so where were we
Oh reinfection would be a huge huge deal we covered it a couple of times in other
videos that would mean you know like some viruses and very few viruses but
some viruses do this doesn’t matter whether you’ve been infected before or
not you can you can reget it I do not as a person experienced in dealing with
pandemics and epidemics I don’t think that that’s going to be a functional
issue in this case it certainly may be an issue where a few people have it but
it’s not like that’s going to be a mate it does not appear at this point to be
something that’s going to be a major factor in developing control of this now
if you miss read the text a position of these two titles CDC and women test
positive for coronavirus for second time weeks after initial recovery you start
and think the CDC put that out or blessed it no they didn’t again that’s
where the YouTube is trying to say here if you want more CDC related information
here’s where to click and here’s where to find it it is not the CDC saying that
and in fact if you look at the CDC top facts top five facts
fact number three is from them at least you’re not infectious after you’ve gone
through quarantine after you’ve had your infection and been through it so you
know we can all bang on the CDC and criticize them for
test availability and a bunch of other things but I think they’re right about
this issue I don’t think that that’s gonna be a big issue and so don’t
misread these stories enough on that let’s move on I did hey I want to share some
personal notes and again you see a bare bit a bare slide here I was making that
15 minutes before this event sorry we’ve got a lot of stuff going on I was
talking with ended up taking a call from our governor’s office to help plan this
this national testing program I was making some calls with my family and
here’s just to share some personal notes around around what what we’re dealing
with here on Sunday for example yesterday Saturday we agreed we’re going
to start doing daily updates they’ve been very well-received bottom
line is again I’ve dealt with a lot of epidemics I’ve been on a couple of
governor’s Task Force for the AIDS epidemic and then later again for flu
pandemic trained in this at Hopkins I trained folks that had worked at the CDC
to manage these it’s a space I know and and I’m very passionate about this I do
have some things to contribute so very passionate well
after agreeing to start doing this every day and getting Cliede geared up to where
he focused on this priority with me Zoom went down yesterday and we don’t
understand why we think it’s because everybody and their doc now that they’re
locked up at home is starting to use Zoom starting to get the picture I was
able to get my Sunday school class for example to use Zoom there’s another
Sunday school class that we used to attend in Franklin Tennessee
there now owns there so again ton somebody else called me who knows that I
use this and they were having some problems with it Cliede went onto the Zoom
help desk and there are a hundred and ninety five people
so Cliede went out did some other work again came up with this new software
StreamYard it’s got a green headed duck on it and it’s like okay we’re gonna try
that now and we’re gonna keep trying we’re gonna keep trying to get that
information out there and get access for people in terms of information and
ability for someone with at least my experience to answer questions regarding
the testing program well just one other thing and if and if StreamYard goes
down we’re going to try Google Meet and if the Google software programs go down
as well then we’re just going to start we’re going to release a daily on a on
an upload so we’re going to continue to try to get as much information and share
as much information as we can back to the testing components yes that’s
continuing to go now we’ve got a small army working on it we’ve got about half
a dozen nursing and medical personnel one of our folks who works in the lobby
area lobbyists area was able to find a professional studio it turns out the
professional media group is located by here in Lexington they offered to do a
lot of this pro bono until we get the financing programs up and working for it
and they said Doc we’ve got a studio that we’ve shut down right there in
Lexington it turns out it’s about five miles from my house I shared the Janice
that yeah you know what I’ll agree to do it because they said look it’s been shut
down we’ll put one person in there with you and start at one videographer and
start producing content for for the retailer employees for people that are
thinking about getting to tests etc etc etc you know given when I did and the
passion for this of course I was ready to jump in and agree to it my wife
Janice obviously didn’t like that because she’s been frustrated about me
not liking her going out to get groceries but here’s my Hampton I got up
this morning and looked at those numbers and I thought
dang I’m not so sure that the US is not going to become another Italy and
I’ll go over those numbers in just a minute
the numbers are dramatic right now we’re adding 35,000 cases a day for the past
two days the US so here’s the thing Europe is now is clearly the epicentre
obviously not China the rest of the world has far surpassed
China Europe is in Italy is the epicenter for existing cases but if you
start looking at the US and new clusters I personally think the US may be is not
is rapidly becoming if not already the epicenter for new transmission so I
think the next two weeks are going to be critical for the US in terms of
potential containment for transmission for this disease let me repeat that I
think the next two weeks in the US is going to be critical for potential
containment of this disease and flattening that curve again we’re not
talking about people avoiding this forever we’re talking about or even
avoiding it until we can get a vaccine which we can use and I’ll just make the
parenthetical statement I don’t think we’re going to wait for a year for a
vaccine because if we’re going to start looking at the risks of going out
against this disease versus the risk of some long-term effects even
guillain-barre a with early vaccine deployment
I think we’re likely to end up selecting maybe an earlier vaccine deployment but
again that’s out of my pay grade that’s just a thought the bottom line is I
don’t think anybody would disagree with me that the next two weeks are critical
for the US in terms of slowing down transmission and flattening that curve
if you want us to do that we all need to participate that may be the most
important I think yes that’s the most important message that we have right now
take so social distancing quarantine
isolation keeping transmission down take that seriously and take responsibility
you’re gonna be saving your own life you’re going to be saving other people’s
lives every time you save your life by decreased transmission you’re gonna save
ten more lives down the road this is in geometric progression like him so after
seeing those numbers by the way I called my friends back up and I said guys yeah
I was gonna take some risk to get this a more professionally edited
message out there the studio’s near me it seemed worth the risk but now is that
look at what’s going on with the numbers I think we need to make do for the next
two weeks so my plan is to stay here make you know sort of Gerry-rigged
content we’re doing what we can and our team our little team is doing a heck of
a lot better than we would without them I really appreciate what they’re doing
and at least it’s not me holding shaky paper up in front of a webcam again we’ve got just to share some
personal family issues one of our family members is a grocery grocery worker and
that family member has lung disease and is a smoker and I’ve worked with that
family member a few times in the past trying to respect that person’s identity
and that person’s own desires and concerns about their own addiction
they just started less than a year ago and they admit now they are way addicted
and don’t think they could quit and I’ve said look you know here’s the thing I
have respected you I haven’t pushed very hard however up until this it was more
of a long-term risk by the way it’s not the nicotine that kills you with smoking
it’s the tar and here’s the issue right now very
specifically with COVID-19 COVID-19 is killing young people – it’s not that
young people are totally safe and especially people young people that have
had lung disease and especially young people that are smokers and especially
young people that have lung disease and are smokers so if you could just
consider maintaining your nicotine addiction and switch it over to a patch
in Nicorette or whatever combination of nicotine you can get other than pulling
smoke into your lungs we make some progress on that discussion so obviously
very concerned on a personal basis these are my close family members meanwhile
someone from the governor’s office called and there’s a lot of stuff going
on there they’ve been concerned about putting putting testing in parking lots
where there may be food outlets grocery stores and my question was you know
here’s the concern my my question was here’s the concern there’s we want
people to be able to access it and know where it is and not and be able to find
it find community areas so you know the response I got was very good it was very
enlightening you know what we never thought about that we’ve obviously got a
lot of stuff going on in our office and we’ll start considering that so again
rapidly moving situations environments we’re all trying to do the best we can
and just to let you know the the governor’s office that I’m talking about
is Beshear here in here in Kentucky and I one of the things I have to say is
pain so proud he kind of letter junk for coming out so early in making strong
statements but the bottom line is saved countless number of lives by
slowing this transmission down sooner rather than later and thank you guys in
the governor’s office for making that happen and hopefully we can consider
some of the changes and practical concerns that we have starting at the
national testing program uh if someone will remind me a little bit later I’ll
give you some more updates on the testing program they are moving targets
there for example this is an aerosol transmitted disease so we have to
theoretically at least four people that are doing testing you would need a
negative pressure room a positive pressure air source a lot of things that
just frankly are not available they’re not going to be available for us they’re
not going to be available for anybody else that’s doing these testing programs
but you know we’re going so we’re going to have to do the absolute best we can
with the supplies that we got it does look like we’ll have appropriate gowns
appropriate gloves appropriate N95 surgical masks and did you know that an
N95 there are N95 industrial masks N95 surgical masks they’re different
the surgical masks have a little bit more body fluid liquid protection which
is going to be a big deal in this environment we also think that we can
get the face shields all of which will make a big big difference but this will
also then go into into significant programs with talking to employees
people have to volunteer to do the testing not not just force somebody to
do testing again we will will provide other information if you have questions
on it I covered this a week or two ago I went into my own isolation two weeks ago
people thought I was a nut now not so much
stock up stay at home and this is this is not just people that are 60 years old
and above this is not just diabetics this is not people
risk here’s another thing when it gets scary like this and people are finally
getting attention they tend to go from laughing at it to panic neither one is
appropriate don’t laugh at it this is serious I think we all know that I don’t
think there are many people we have to convince of that anymore well now we
need to convince people not to panic because there’s no reason to panic
we’re going to go through some unprecedented pandemic activities and we
have the countermeasures we know what we need to do we’ll have to adjust things
in terms of the reality of supplies demand what we have but we know what we
need to do and again just a reminder it’s not just lung disease it’s not just
diabetes diabetes I mean the obesity epidemic drives diabetes but again
obesity is a big deal for this as well be thinking about that now let’s get to
the to the medications a cholesteric elite row it’s disappeared in the New
England Journal on March 18th 2020 a trial of Lopinavir Ritonavir which is
Kaletra in adults hospitalized with severe COVID-19 that I believe is a has
been a protease inhibitor from using HIV why is this important again I kept this
slide very clean for a purpose it’s important in the background is this no
therapeutics have yet been proven effective for the treatment of severe
illness caused by SARS-CoV-2 and our repeated no therapeutics
of me yet been proven effective for the treatment of severe illness called SARS-
CoV-2 now I would you know even though that was in an England Journal even
though I repeated it twice I would add a couple of clarifications
ICU beds are critical if we can do the right things in terms of providing
ventilator support for someone who have to do some things that we’ve talked
about multiple times before number one ventilator support number two the docs
will know this too if they’re doing if they have you on a ventilator your your
family members they’ll decrease the tidal volume a little bit to decrease
the inflammation number three they’ll have to to paralyze you to keep you from
fighting that ventilator with those smaller title tidal volumes and number
four they’ll have to put you in a in a prone position with your face down those
things will take your mortality rate from something like 40% if once you get
to that level of disease where you have acute respiratory syndrome down to less
than ten percent so major improvements and yes proper ICU care is a very
effective help now which takes us back to an epidemiological perspective to a
comment that we’ve all made many many times let’s flatten that curve and how
do we flatten that curve not by going to Fort Lauderdale Beach and Miami Beach for
for spring break I don’t say that to make anyone feel guilty I say that to
get us to again realize that we’d have effective countermeasures we may have
ignored them in the past we may have made mistakes look we all make mistakes
let’s just focus and start doing the right stuff at this point so back to the
Lopinavir and like I said before is an HIV
protease inhibitor Ritonavir and that’s for you medical people and science geeks
Ritonavir improves the half-life it’s a cytochrome p450 inhibitor again most
of you are not gonna know or care what any of that means the bottom line is its
nature this is an AIDS drug and here’s what they did randomized
controlled open labeled trial with adults hospitalized with confirmed SARS-
CoV-2 infection causes the respiratory illness COVID-19 and an oxygen
saturation of 94 percent or less what does that mean that means they’ve got
some bad problems in terms of ventilating getting oxygen into their
blood 94 percent or 95 percent and above that’s what all of us have that most of
us have that indicates that you are what we call ventilating and perfusing well
in other words you’re getting oxygen out of the air and into your bloodstream if
it’s not if it’s 94 percent or below you’re not doing so good in that area
and when it’s because of SARS-CoV-2 it’s because you have inflammation that
is just surrounding the alveoli the air sacs that you breathe that provide the
interaction between air oxygen in the air and your bloodstream and if you get
too much liquid filling that up the oxygen cannot get from the air into the
bloodstream and if you fill it up too much you can’t get any air into the air
sac anyway so that’s what this ventilation is all about that’s why they
were looking at these folks now they randomly assigned patients to a
one-to-one ratio of either the Kaletra for twice a day for 14 days in
addition to standard care or standard care alone the primary endpoint was
clinical improvement defined as time from randomization to either an
improvement of two points or discharged from the hospital won’t go into what the
two points were it doesn’t matter because there was no benefit was
observed so again I told you in the intro and here’s the the gory detail yet
we’ve got a bunch of our antivirals out there we’re trying a lot of them don’t
treat like this like we have tended to treat heart attack stroke flew tons of
other illnesses just hope we’re not going to get it
and then hope for a cure and in so many other areas of life we acknowledge that
hope is not a plan it’s the same thing with medicine hope is not a plan and
hoping for a cure is not the way to treat these things prevent it don’t put
yourself in a position where you have to hope for a a treatment that’s going to
bail you out so back to the overall content for this this video we talked
about some personal issues that I shared thank you for your patience again I
wanted to just share some of the challenges that we’re working through on
our side right now wanted to give some updates speaking of
which Cliede I’m going to come back out of the show mode here and go into some of
the updates on the that I talked about with the coronavirus more and then we’ll
go back into the show mode for that let me make sure okay
so Cliede just confirm if you would by found that we’re seeing the CDC map so
I mentioned to you thank you Cliede so I mentioned to you
early on when we were talking about looking at the numbers today and what’s
going on over the past two days so here’s where we were just a couple of
weeks ago so we were all looking at China China was the big place it was the
big focus and you may remember the those of you who’ve been watching the CDC this
entire area was dominated by China this was China now and China has to a large
extent stabilized as we know you’ve heard it I’m not the first one to tell
you this for a few days now the epicenter of new cases has been
Europe not China but again here’s one of the things that I would that I mentioned
for Europe maybe the epicenter of cases because you’ve got these big red dots
here but look at the number of tiny red dots in the US now what’s the difference
between a big red dot in a tiny red dot the more cases in a specific location
the bigger the dot so when we started looking at this again about two weeks
ago we had one tiny dot in Washington State within a couple of days that had
turned into a one that first there now look what we’ve got in the US and think
about it think about you know again the everybody
being Wald elbow-to-elbow on the beach in South
Florida and I’m not so worried about being outdoors I’m far more worried
about the transmission that occurred there in the hotels in the bars in the
restaurants in the evening and again it wasn’t just South Florida is everywhere
this US has not been taking isolation seriously enough and look at it again it
looks like a young child with chickenpox or measles it started in one area but
it’s all over now there’s no place in the US that’s it’s immune from this and
they’re places like New York Washington and California where those dots are
getting really big so if you think you know each one of these dots represents a
case and maybe each case represents a dozen two dozen three dozen infected
people that don’t know it you can think about why the next two weeks is so
critical for the US specifically up until this weekend I had personally been
very optimistic that maybe the US was going to not become another Italy I
still think that’s a possibility but I don’t know look at the number of cases
that have happened here over the past couple of days so in order to do that go
back and look at this I mean these are worldwide
cases again 30,000 35,000 a day come back and look at at this list if you
look at the US we’re now number three in terms of confirmed cases gosh what were
we twelve fifteen just just what about a week ago so again very concerned that
the US is gonna have a very bad next three weeks April Fool’s Day is not
going to be a fun a fun date this year now one question so you look at that one
dot there in Russia you know a small number of dots in Africa and South
America a couple of things number one it reminds me of when we were I was on the
governor’s AIDS task force in Maryland why was this forty years ago it was when
we were just beginning to see a the AIDS at outbreak was starting and what
you saw was what you tend to see with most of these pandemics they start with
the people that are wealthy enough or have one reason or another to travel
from one country to another usually again wealthy or professionals and then
what happens is they start spreading the disease and that’s exactly what’s
happened here it’s people that are traveling from one country to another
tend to have start off with some relatively well-off people and then all
of a sudden kaboom and that’s what happened happens usually that’s what’s
happened with this one again this is no longer people that have traveled outside
the US for obviously now there’s another website which is really helpful in terms
of looking at this and it’s the the being coronavirus it’s look being is I
think it’s Microsoft’s web browser and again you you see a lot of similar
stuff they have their own map you see again epicenter is clearly Europe here’s
Italy Italy is the number two country now in terms of cases no is it number
two number one let’s go back and take a look yeah it’s still number two
fifty-nine thousand cases rapidly overtaking China with eighty one
thousand and the US is running a very rapid third I don’t think Italy is going
to be able to keep pace with the US over the next three weeks so go to Bing and you can start getting a lot more information they tend
to have some good things in terms of graphs and some great news links in
there that you don’t find on the Johns Hopkins map so again I hope this has
been helpful in terms of that update Cliede I’m going to go back to the deck
and go back into presentation mode so we talked about the clinical trial for
Kaletra the the AIDS drug which turned out to be a bus that clinical trial by
the way was done in China by a host of Chinese physician researchers they’ve
been doing a great job in terms of documenting a lot of what they saw
earlier on let’s look at a couple of others now if you go to the CDC website
and hopefully that made it to the deck yes okay so the CDC has a component on
their website where they mention a couple of HIV I mean a couple of
coronavirus meds pardon me by the way sometimes you’ll
hear me just slip into HIV talk I lived and breathed HIV pandemic for six years
what thirty forty years ago so sometimes I catch myself sometimes I
don’t the the CDC has a has a lot of information obviously on COVID-19 and
they actually mentioned to medical they’ve got a site for therapeutic
options for COVID-19 patients and this is worth reading there are no US Food
and Drug Administration FDA approved drugs specifically for the treatment of
patients with COVID-19 at present clinical management includes infection
prevention and control measures with supportive care including supplementary
oxygen and mechanical ventilator support when indicated in other words of
a ventilator and ICU and if you look at our case race right now that’s what I’m
worried about more than anything else is whether we’re gonna actually be able to
flatten the curve or whether we’re gonna go outside of our ICU capacity an array
of drugs approved for other indications as well as several investigational drugs
are being studied in several hundred clinical trials that are underway across
the globe so there’s a ton of research going on with this with a lot of
medications Nature magazine by the way has a great article where they begin to
systematize all of the different clinical trials that are going on
basically you go into some deep science and genetics there’s you often do with
Nature magazine I put some of that in this deck this weekend Saturday but when
our when our systems crashed I lost a lot of the information that was on the
deck right now I don’t know if that’s gonna still turn up or not but we’ll see
that article basically looks at the genome the proteome and what all these
things mean those are the genes in the cell the proteins there in the cell and
the human body and metabolism and links them almost in like a a wealth for you
mathematicians and scientists a multiple regression type of things starts looking
at which ones are very important and starts focusing on those proteins those
that and those medications that impact those like for example with the previous
one the Kaletra we were looking at protease inhibitors as you know ACE2
receptors that’s a big deal that’s a mate there’s a lot of focus on drugs
around the potential for that and again as many of you know that’s where zinc
and zinc where to certain and chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine when that’s
their space and I think I do have some information in the remaining deck that
does speak to that so I’ll plan to talk about that a little bit back to the CDC
comments they said you know there’s a array of drugs approved for other
viruses they’re being studied across the globe the purpose of this document is to
provide information on two of the approach approved drugs chloroquine and
hydroychloroquine and one of the investigational agents Remdesevir
currently in the use in use in the United States so Remdesevir
an investigational IV drug with broad antiviral activity and
inhibits viral application through premature termination of RNA
transcription again what that does is this is a what we call an RNA virus for
those of you who remember and don’t worry if you don’t and don’t worry if
you don’t care I’ll be beyond this tech geek talk for just in just a second the
genetic material viruses are kind of interesting and weird in terms of living
creatures and many of us would say well they’re not really living creatures all
they are is a protein coat and then they’ve got genetic material inside and
it’s sort of like they’re like a tiny “living end”
hypodermic which go in they inject the their genetic material and they hijack
our genetic material mechanisms so RNA is the genetic genetic material that
they use there’s RNA and DNA we use
and so when you see a something that’s that terminates RNA transcription in
other words it’s stopping that virus’s ability to to transcribe or rewrite
scribe right the RNA virus genetic material
so that’s Remdesevir it has in vitro meaning not it not inside the human not
inside the cell but outside the cell it has some activity against SARS-CoV-2
and in in vitro and in vivo in other words in living creatures activity
against related beta coronaviruses in other words the corona virus is if you
go back and you read Michael Holmes I mean Michael Osterholmes book don’t
even have to read that whole book it’s a long one
just go to chapter 13 and he’ll talk with excuse me he mailed it and he’s
talked with you about it coronaviruses have caused multiple significant
outbreaks SARS rumors and we knew that this was a problem we had ample warning
we just as usual we’re human beings we didn’t take it seriously so we don’t
have enough mass so we don’t have enough test kits we don’t have enough most of
all public understanding of the series of the situation and the need to isolate
so we’re learning a day late and a dollar short like my grandma used to say
so again Remdesevir stops are in a transcription for both in vitro and in
vivo in other related viruses so there are currently four options for obtaining
Remdesevir for treatment for hospitalized patients with COVID-19 and
pneumonia in the United States for those of you who are listening to this you’re
probably not hospitalized so again this is IV by needle in the vein and it’s for
hospitalized patients NIH has a couple of double blinded studies there’s some
folks where it’s just like forgot what you call it but the patient
is in dire straits and it’s like a mercy chance you have a couple of programs
like that now hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine
that’s the other drug that has been listed on the CDC therapeutic site
hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are both oral and oral prescription drugs that
have been used for treatment of malaria and inflammatory diseases like lupus
chloroquine has been used for malaria treatment and hydroxychloroquine used
for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis lupus
porphyria contain at artists and other things again inflammatory diseases both
drugs have in vitro activity against SARS-CoV-2 and other
coronaviruses so with hydroxychloroquine having relatively higher potent potency
against SARS-CoV-2 and we’ve covered this in other videos starting I think
early last week a study in China reported that chloroquine treatment of
COVID-19 patients had clinical and biological benefit versus a comparison
group chloroquine was added to a recommended antiviral treat for
treatment and COVID-19 in China based upon limited in vitro and anecdotal data
chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine are currently recommended for treatment of
hospitalized COVID-19 patients in several countries both chloroquine and
hydroxychloroquine have non-safety profiles meaning they can be dangerous
hydroxychloroquine especially it can cause death by a heart arrhythmia that’s
to start off with if you stay on it for five years or so like some of these
lupus patients you can it can damage the back of your eyeballs even to the extent
of causing blindness so these drugs are not simple like metformin they’re not
like zinc they’re not like you know some of these harmless things these are some
significant drugs I’ve written a few scripts for hydroxychloroquine for
I’ve got some patients that are doctors still having to see patients and
patients that we fear have COVID-19 so mm-hmm
did hire in vitro activity against SARS- CoV-2 and it’s wider
availability in the United States compared with chloroquine
hydroxychloroquine has been administered to hospitalized COVID-19 on an
uncontrolled basis in multiple countries including the United States so that’s
some brief part of the story on hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine but not I
will tell you and when I mentioned it before some people didn’t know specific
to this channel and specific to connecting dots with risk factors high
drives the clinic before I confused the issue hydroxychloroquine has actually
been approved for diabetes treatment in India because it also decreases the
blood sugar so interesting connections here how does it do that we covered that
again in other other other areas other statements Favipiravir what is that
how is that that’s a that’s a medication that was developed by a company called
Toyama Toyama chemical of the Fujifilm group it has some activity against many
RNA viruses it’s been getting a whole lot of press The Guardian Japanese flu
drug clearly effective in treating coronavirus says China I’m not there yet
I hope it works but you know this is one of those things where there’s a lot of
lay press on this issue there’s not a whole lot of research right now there
that’s indicating that a virgin or a vegan or IV however you want to
pronounce that is actually doing a lot but I can tell you there’s a lot of
people looking at that and will know a lot more over the next few weeks one of
the good things about what’s going on with this virus is that we can do these
clinical trials you know something like heart attack and stroke
it takes years to find out if the drugs actually working or if the therapy is
actually working like a stent I mean it’s been decades before we finally
began to realize that stents don’t prevent heart attack
and I know a lot of people are gonna hate me for that you already do it is
what it is take a look at the COURAGE trial and some other trials out there
but it’s a very different issue for this disease I mean if it’s gonna kill you
it’s gonna kill you within a matter of weeks to even days so we can then find
out very very quickly if drugs like Avigan or Remdesevir or Kaletra if
those drugs are actually gonna work melatonin somebody asked me that the
other day and i thought wow that one caught me by surprise i still I mean I
looked it up after the after the event and somebody asked me and here’s what
the stuff I found here’s a great way to get good sleep and sleep will help you
stave off coronavirus well that means good sleep is critical for any kind of
health we know that but 147DegreesWest up in Alaska that’s the brown bear I
guess and it looks like it may be a homemade picture so I don’t know if you
were actually face to face with that bear taking a picture or not mm-hmm if
so I guess at that point you’re probably more more worried about the bear than
you were about viruses or heart attacks or strokes but anyhow very very up to
speed lady talked with her at least once over
the phone hi Doc caught the replay great presentation one comment on melatonin
the theory and emphasis I think on the therms theory is that young children
have high levels of melatonin and that appears to be protective it may be
because melatonin inhibits NLRP3 inflammazone
and again that’s just the kind of extremely well informed science geeks we
have watching this channel it also presents
the side preempts the cytokine storm from COVID-19/ARDS do I take
melatonin yes personally the dry forward take it I’ve taken it off and on I’m not
a major melatonin fan I found that other things helped me sleep better like
regular exhaustive level resistance training HIIT high-intensity interval
work managing my blood glucose managing my my weight if I continue to eat too
much well anyhow I’m going off down on bunny trail in terms of how to manage
sleep but that seems to be the at least the theory according to
147DegreesWest and my banking on it no but the way I figure melatonin is
cheap over-the-counter and a good night’s sleep
can’t hurt I can’t get I can’t get melatonin to I don’t notice it helping
me sleep anyway the other stuff helps me sleep hygiene and and exercise and other
health issues and meditation now if I wake up in the middle of the night which
I chronically do like at the two or three in the morning if I meditate and
slow my breathing way down increase my what we call hypercapnia increased my
CO2 level a little bit that tends to calm me down and help me go back to
sleep so back to the content and I promise we’ll get the questions in just
a minute so that covers Kaletra Remdesevir chloroquine
hydroxychloroquine Avigan melatonin and maybe which we the zinc quercetin
NSAIDs slides made it in maybe they didn’t we will see ok so the zinc slides
made it as you see this is from mid cram they’ve got a great channel again it
gets a little bit like mine in terms of geeky and sometimes for physician level
groups but there’s a lot of people other than physicians that understand this
very well and in fact a whole lot of people that understand
very well are not physicians and no more than most physicians with heart attack
stroke other types of prevention and maybe even this this part as well so
here’s the thing with zinc zinc is great it inhibits RNA dependent RNA polymerase
so again don’t have to remember that those words are too big pardon me I have
to keep this on because plaid is communicated co-hosting and managing the
tech side and code and communicating with me through this while I present
here so zinc so you remember we talked about a virus being a little hypodermic
which injects its own it attaches to the cell membrane with the with the virus
wall and by the way you know the coronaviruses because there are little
barbs sticking out from that virus wall those appear to be the key biologically
to why this is killing so many people and why it is so infectious great Nature
magazine articles on it I had hoped to get to those but guess what life has a
way of getting in the way doesn’t it but let’s go back to that concept so you’ve
got this virus it’s a little leopard hypodermic with its own genetic material
in it which is all RNA it attaches to the cell wall and then injects that RNA
material in to hijack our genetic material development processes in order
to do that it needs as enzyme called RNA dependent RNA polymerase I’m going to
make one other quick hook to connect a dot but hope it doesn’t turn into too
much of a bunny trail polymerase PCR polymerase chain reaction that may ring
a bell because that’s the type of testing that we’re doing for the most
part their antibody tests which look at human antibodies that we’ve done
to this virus those are very quick and easy to do but they don’t tell you what
the PCR test does they only tell you if you’ve had the virus long enough to
develop an antibody the PCR test is looking to see if you have developed a
lot of the virus’s genetic material if the virus has been able to hijack your
genetic medical material production facilities and what it uses to hijack
your genetic material production facilities is that big word it’s an
enzyme RNA dependent RNA polymerase now zinc now get back to zinc zinc inhibits
that as you see this right here Zn2+ and that 2+ means it’s an ion
and that matters we’ll get back to that in a minute
Zin2+ inhibits coronavirus and our tier ii virus RNA polymerase
activity in vitro again in the cell in the test tube and zinc ionophores block
the replication of those viruses in cell culture so back to the 2+ why did
that matter because here’s the thing the cell membrane that this has to get
through the zinc has to get through in order to slow that bar that virus RNA
replication down that sound membrane of ours is mostly lipids meaning it’s
mostly waxes oils you know cholesterol well because it’s an ion it doesn’t pass
very well through there and here’s the thing you can get tons of zinc like my
friend and volunteer Tyler sent me and I can really elevate my serum zinc level
with it but it’s not going to go anywhere I’ll
just pee it out unless we can get it across that cell membrane wall that is
what this other big word is for ionophores and ionophore is something that
takes an ion across this cholesterol membrane and that brings us
up to the next drug that’s how chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine work
they are ionophores and as you see in this article that was in I think this is
the article that was in The Lancet in vitro in vitro again in the test tube
antiviral activity and projection of optimized dosing design for
hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus –
so what they have shown I believe this is the article that shows that
hydroxychloroquine both of them work chloroquine works hydroxychloroquine works
that’s why you saw those stated in the CDC website that’s why you see guys like
me who were going ahead and writing some of these scripts in in exceptional cases
now that’s why there’s a little bit more lean towards hydroxychloroquine then
then chloroquine conclusion hydroxychloroquine more potent than
chloroquine I’ve already said it basically and it’s an anti-malarial drug
zinc needs help getting into the cell why not chloroquine because
hydroxychloroquine is better ready for primetime do we need to start writing
this for everybody no is this what it’s called Plaquenil by the way is this
something that you need to have around just in case yeah you know what again
let’s focus right now instead of going to the going out to get drugs and more
groceries and things like that especially in the US can we just give
all of this running around getting into other people’s breathing space a break
for two weeks just two weeks and let’s look at it again two weeks from now I
think we’ll probably not have to make that statement two weeks from now either
a we will begin we will be making some progress and some you know some
government folks will be helping in that space or be the picture
will be so dramatic that it will make the case for itself just an update last
on Saturday I covered coronavirus and kids bottom line is this kids get it
seem to get infected as much as maybe as much as we do adults they also get some
impact on their lungs if you look at X-rays with kids and this study was in
the New England Journal it was covered in it was again like the other one I
mentioned earlier done in China you get these infections and kids however what
happens is and you see it you see what we call a ground-glass appearance on
chest right x-rays with kids and guess what the they don’t get symptoms so
they’re getting similar problems but they’re not filling their lungs up
they’re not having problems breathing out of what 1513 to 1516 where the the
intestine has folded in on itself the other one had a kidney problem all three
of these problems were enough to put these kids in ICU without coveting
so oh I just covered that so you know what I wish I knew my slide deck better
not you I’m gonna go back out now see if we have any questions thank you for your
interest and at this point I don’t know if anybody’s even there let’s take a
look well Cliede I can’t oh here we go we do have folks there a lot of folks
thank you very much for your interest let me go back up and see if I can start
responding to some of these this is a test Thurston Howell III
calling in from Gilligan’s Island good morning Martin Ortiz good morning
our Russian friend and I guess that Cyrillic script Gavril says hi from
Kiev I wish what do you say what do you say in Russian in Kiev e’en
nuttin yet I don’t know hi how are you James Kantor I can hear
you Dr. Brewer great Martin Ortiz this I tell you what this dang new system this
you may have seen that little green headed goose or duck head on there we’re
doing that because we’re advertising you because we’re mad at zoom this actually
has some advantages it’s simpler than Zoom better good morning everyone
I hear you Dr. Brewer did you hear about the French doctor who’s given an old
malaria drug with 100% success rate on 40 infected persons I am very skeptical
when I say he see 100% success rate and it’s not in publication anywhere but
yeah I mean did I hear but I mean we talked about that the only one things
that are getting significant rave reviews from from good chance like we’ve
covered today I’ll judge supportin and that’s the the mitten anti-malarial drug
slide good morning everyone Martin Ortiz unless his fake news I just
read a few minutes ago no the well I’m not going to repeat it
about the you heard what I had to say about about hydroxychloroquine
Eradicator7 is the combined treatment with hydrochloroquine and Azithromycin
dangerous yeah both cut both drugs coast UT prolongation Eradicator7
evidently has a little bit of a clinical background there and yes these drugs
clearly not stuff you know some people say well you know what I’m scared I
didn’t believe people when they told me this was kind
and and oh my goodness now it’s real and give me everything I can take I just
want to take it to keep me from getting it don’t do that especially with these
drugs these are not these are not playthings now I’m not avoiding your
your question Eradicator7 how much overlap and how much sometimes with
medications and other things you get not even an additive effect but a
multiplicative effect and both of these drugs can cause a significant heart
problem which can kill either even young relatively healthy people it’s called QT
prolongation I’ve had that on my list to look up two or three that four to three
days and I told you what’s going on I’m not getting a lot of look uptown right
now I’m getting a lot of stuff done and a lot of stuff looked up but I hope I
get there Bart Robinson Martin I heard about the
French doctor this morning for up far Dr. B so Farrokh farr is a physician
or a medical student in Iran and he shared with us a couple of times that
guys I’m in the Internet what’s been an epicenter for a few weeks guys people
are dying and by the way it’s not just young I mean it’s not just old people
and people with risk young healthy people are are dying as well and
tragically Farrokh shared with us past two days that he had a young healthy
cousin that died and again I thought some prayers go out to you and as well
as a lot of other people Dr. B trail in Iran I think you’re saying
trial in Iran 50 people given drugs one hydroxychloroquine two azithromycin
three prednisolone threatened his soul why would they that makes me nervous and
four naproxen the pred three and four the prednisolone and the
naproxen make me a little bit nervous in five days all the respiratory symptoms
were gone could it be that easy I’m skeptical but we never know I mean
one of the things if we get time and I covered them I think Friday or say
and there’s a lot of mixed emotions about using the NSAIDs the nonsteroidal
of the anti-inflammatories these number three and number four prednisolone is
the cortisol it’s cortisone it’s prednisone it’s a major
anti-inflammatory drug which if you consider the problem with the
inflammation causing the lung issues yeah that’s you know I’m sure a lot of
people are using that right now but then you’re adding it even more to it in
terms of naproxen once you get somebody to the extent that they’re on a
ventilator makes a lot more sense I don’t know I mean there’s this is
obviously a rapidly moving area I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find
that that does work very well but again remains to be seen
Martin Ortiz Bart I sure hope it’s true because we need it yeah we need a lot
right now Joe Campbell hydroxychloroquine came from Germany was
started it stated as ineffective Angela Merkel I hope this is not where we start
beating up on politicians again I have since heard the tests are not panning
out and are moving on to two other drugs okay I haven’t heard that yet
Joe Campbell I cannot help but notice my fellow Ali could not hope but notice my
fellow Americans totally disregarding most of the guidelines and
recommendations of social distancing and staying at home that is the biggest
problem now Ali could not agree with you more that’s why our case map looks
like a kid that’s had chickenpox for about three or four days it or a week it
is now all over and again every one of those little red dots is not the only
person infected in that space we can we can very much rely that there are again
I don’t know if it’s a dozen two dozen six dozen I don’t know that’s why we
need testing so badly actually because testing is so important I’m just going
to make a couple quick comments about that one of the
biggest issues if you go through I recorded a couple of videos hopefully
we’ll get them edited and get them out soon about testing if you look at the
CDC recommendations for testing it’s okay if you’re in the hospital for
COVID-related disease get the tests obvious and you’re not gonna be making
that choice at that point anyhow your doctors will be speaking of those
doctors if you’re a hospital healthcare personnel you’re working on helping a
patient that’s in the hospital with COVID-related disease then you should
have testing and then it starts to get into sort of a murky area it says well
if you’ve got high risk but really if you’ve got high risk manage it on a
practical basis if you’re turning blue and you can’t breathe don’t get a test
go get emergency care and if you’re not stay at home unless you’re related to a
place with quotes elevated transmission well again if you go back and you look
at the map of the United States now tell me a place it looks like there’s a place
it looks like the desert outside of Nevada and maybe and maybe some places
in Wyoming don’t have elevated transmission and that’s what I expect to
happen now why would they word that what that way Wow
so here’s the bottom line and they’ve come under a lot of criticism for it
there have just not been enough tests senior management at our one of our
partners went up to look at a testing center and testing centers are starting
to break out I live I live in Lexington and a it’s a it’s the a circle there’s a
circle here inside the circle there is a lot of doctors offices I usually take a
couple mile or two walk around this area I went walking on Friday or Saturday and
I looked over and there’s all these cars in line
going up to a tent on him sure enough I walked over I was about six feet away
from the guy in the truck in the line and I said is this testing he said yeah
and they had been news cameras out and all that
well they had University of Cincinnati do some testing in in Cincinnati this
weekend as well and they again a lot of senior management whenever there took
pictures asked a lot of questions they sent the pictures back and it was
like here’s an interesting there are a few dozen people out there
I couldn’t tell looked like maybe a couple of dozen people setting up and
running the testing program and it was like less than half a dozen tests were
done well why was that because they couldn’t get the test kits so you get
back to that CDC has gotten a lot of criticism for not having test kits
available they are responsible for that did somebody screw that up I don’t know
I mean that’s I don’t know we are where we are I will tell you this though we’re
working with a national group they’ve been given to the test kit components by
the CDC and there they have been pretty adamant with us that they’re going to be
at a capacity of several thousand tests available in less than a week maybe two
three four days from that so I do expect that gets you back to the CDC
recommendations for testing and I did expect that the CDC is gonna start
changing their recommendations when I had these conversations with people on
our team they get a little bit nervous because they’re saying are you getting
as our medical leader getting ready to start saying stuff that’s outside a city
state no more I’m going to continue to use the scene to create content based on
groups like CDC recommendations I will however if and when appropriate when I
see places where you might want to think differently and you might want to
be aware and thinking about potential changes coming down the pike I think
when we have tens of thousands of test kits available which maybe two days from
now my guess is the CDC will consider their reconsider their instructions
right now it doesn’t make sense to tell a lot of people to get have a high index
of suspicion go out and and potentially break social isolation to get a test
that doesn’t exist if the reality is we don’t have the test kits it doesn’t make
sense to tell people to go out and sit in their car and breathe air outside of
their home so to get back to questions let me see I may have lost okay so OldNJ
B a good idea Nana Buster Nana Buster wonder if that’s any way people
need to stop smoking pot as well as tobacco that is true you know pot one a
lot of people a lot of the science might indicate that one doobie one cigarette
plot cigarette may be about as damaging as thirty regular cigarettes pots
actually work pots actually worse is it’s deliberately held in the lungs yeah
and that’s the problem it’s the tar this the junk that you’re
inhaling with the smoke is paralyzing your immune system to fight off this
virus stop smoking well I’m not worried about nicotine addiction getting get
addicted to Nicorette and nicotine patches but get off of the smoke right
now David Oatway we really don’t know the number of infected yeah well exactly
the numbers are artificially loaded to testing only symptomatic people David I
wish I had read your comment before I just went off on my little tangent and
tirade thank you very much David obviously I agree a thousand percent
Bob Weis hi Doc from North Georgia Mountains hello Bob
good to hear from you thanks for the comment Al with another comment
mortality rates exaggerated by the number of asymptomatic people are not
being counted I agree with that it’s not the SARS and MERS with the ten eight to
ten percent mortality rate or the 30 to 30 32 to 36 percent mortality rate is
killing a lot of people it’s these these like Spanish flu
COVID-19 I can’t remember coronavirus this one those are the ones
with the not two to four percent maybe even less it may be as low as 0.6%
especially depending on how much access you have for care these lower mortality
numbers are killing a lot more people because they the bug is a lot more
infectious it gets back to that are not that reproduction in this and as long as
you’re in a space where they are not is three and four then every every person
is sharing it with three or four others or on average that’s what’s happening
we’ve got to get that down below one and we don’t get that down below one by
everybody going to Starbucks or everybody continuing to go to work or
everybody continuing to go to two dying in at restaurants then I have to say
this I know a lot of one of our local popular restaurants is going crazy right
now with delivery and do you really trust the restaurant workers to not have
any of this and to be handling your food I don’t I mean I’m sure this is gonna be
an unpopular comment too it’s not popular in my life but she’s agreed to
it we’re not ordering out a whole lot Eradicator7 in fact we have Eradicator7
combined treatment with hydroxy… explore what we dealt with that just a
minute ago maybe the maybe the questions are bouncing around again Ellenor
Malik if Ford gets this tell Cliede he’s awesome Cliede did you hear that
Ellenor Malik thinks you’re awesome and if Cliede gets it tell Ford he’s
awesome Ellenor thank you very much I think
you’re awesome and I really appreciate the the feedback I can tell you this I
don’t know about client actually I do I could not be having more fun I don’t
enjoy the death and destruction that’s going on but I love being able I would
be I’d be nuts trying to play golf or something I really love having an impact
and I’m finding a you know multiple places where I can have an impact of I’m
suffering my third retirement right now but again when it you know what I gave
up trying to I gave up long ago trying to just relax and not do something I’m
having a blast doing what I do so Ellenor I think you’re awesome
because you’re showing us interest hopefully you’re sharing those things
getting that information out there my biggest regret right now is that we
can’t have more of an impact we can’t get this information to more people
because it’s not this is not panic worded panics the worst thing we can do
just like ignoring it all two weeks ago was the worst thing we could do now
panic is the worst would be good Cathy Jensen Boutahiri and I hope
I’m pronouncing that correctly is there anything we can take over-the-counter
with zinc to help its absorption there’s the old quercetin story and I think
quercetin might be over-the-counter and I apologize again I have been working to
try to get the quercetin story all cleared up so I could present it
somebody fact-check me here’s somebody help us in terms of of that issue I
believe it’s zinc quercetin long North Koreans over the counter in mind
somebody tell us whether it is Drsleepdog how much of the increase in case
numbers related to increase in testing we just don’t know as I mentioned before
Drsleepdog look at the difference between countries here with the US
it’s very very spread out tons of like one in two case dots where as you look
at South America you only get big dots there it
again that could be because it’s only in the cities only in places where people
could afford to travel but those are also the places where that public health
facilities can afford to do effective public health which includes counting so
yeah right now there’s plenty of evidence that you know like Africa
I mean poor areas or maybe politically challenged areas like Russia are not
getting the right information out to us you know if there’s if there are two
areas where the information is going to come out it’s the US and Europe now the
US does not have a whole lot of testing going on parts of the Europe
especially like South and South Korea have had significant testing going on
and again hopefully I hope and pray that our guys with the in the lab are correct
and that there’s going to be a lot of testing capacity coming online just
within a few days because you look at here’s another thing I look for I
presented it a few days ago if you look at the China epidemic line that did the
hockey stick if you look at Italy the epidemic line did the hockey stick if
you look at South Korea where they jumped on this immediately and started
doing tons of testing case-finding you know basic public health they left
through this with SARS they took this seriously from the very beginning not
like us continuing to go out for spring break
they took this immediately did a lot of testing a lot of case finding quarantine
and people here was there their epidemic curve it didn’t go like that it went
like that so we need those test kits and we need
to get more testing out there okay Greg Clopton I saw this morning that
New York City’s now considered the epicenter of the outbreak
given the current growth I’m not at all surprised and guess what you know
this software has the same problem you if I’m moving just a little bit
sometimes it takes off if we’ve got a bunch of them built up and I skip a
bunch of I’m so sorry if I’m skipping your your your comment but I’m doing
what I can so Earthquake Targets says quercetin is
over the counter thank you very much Earthquake Targets Alessio777 what tips
do you have for getting in and out of the grocery store without getting
infected well my wife thought she was being very smart she did she went early
in the morning like 7:30 and you know she probably that probably helped with
the exception that she just number one this is in the air and it stays in the
air for hours number two it stays on the you know the cans of the food the milk
cartons you know people come in they’ve got it
on their hands they pick that up and so when we got home she got she put all her
clothes took all those off and put those in the wash she put on their clothes she
washed down and she was very careful to make sure that she threw all the bags
away but she didn’t wash off like the milk carton and you know the curtains
that all these people had been moving around while they were trying to find
their food so I’m not the world’s best to telling you how to grocery shop I’ve
just been telling Janice look I’ve got a whole bunch of I’ve got about half of
these big bottles of olive oil I’ve got two big bottles of avocado oil and I’m
planning on live living off of significant all calories for the next
few weeks till we start so this thing starts getting a little bit better
control Green Eggs and Ham quercetin powder is over the counter but we just
take it orally with zinc I don’t know the answer that thank you very much but
again I hope are getting some more information okay
looks like we’re wrapping up here Sally Schultz I’m sewing masks as I listen
well that’s interesting our local hospital is short I’m adding a piece of
HEPA filter a HEPA filter is an insert to increase its effectiveness
well I hope those words from a Kirby vacuum cleaner
barfle amp it up I do hope that works I’m just laughing because that’s
incredibly creative again that’s let’s hope it works
Mark Statham is asking for dosing on quercetin and again I apologize I don’t
have the dosing hopefully I can get that looked up by the time we we present
again tomorrow hopefully we can continue to get this to work for ugh far thank
you and god bless you for your concern for others thank you for yours as well
for that Al zinc gluconate does have side effects
and contraindications so please read and research before buying thank you Al you
know there’s no such thing as a free lunch and everything that we think we’re
doing that’s just going to help us yeah there’s always another side to that
story Hull39 thanks to Cliede for getting the new presentation system
system together thank you Hull39 for the announcement Cliede did incredible work
getting that done John Woodard should I really be concerned with going home if I
don’t have any symptoms and I’m being pretty careful and I want to go home I’m
miss I’m out here by myself it’s excruciating oh John hi I’m very sorry I
don’t know your situation I’m very sorry to hear that let me just deal with this
if you look at the map of the US two weeks ago two and a half weeks ago when
I started these there was one little red dot
it was an active case in Washington State and with the next day that case
had died so there was one red dot one death and I’ve showed you this a couple
of times you see what’s what it looks like now let me see if I can guess
well yeah here we go look look that’s what the US looks like now and I have
every expectation that the vast majority of those red dots are due to somebody
who I thought they were being careful and B had no symptoms so again I don’t
know your total concerns you know in terms of what kind of isolation you’ve
been in here’s one thing if you if you can remain isolated for two weeks you’ve
got a really really good idea that you probably don’t have the virus you know
if you have to get on an airplane to go back home then all of a sudden then
you’ve you know gotten back out into a place where you could have been infected
so maybe two more weeks this is not easy not easy at all and just be aware of
what’s going on but let me just repeat this again we were in the US we went
from what one dot in less than two weeks when about two weeks one dot two
thirty-five thousand two hundred and forty four dots what do you think you
think five thousand were symptomatic I doubt it vast majority of these people
who didn’t have symptoms did not know had no clue they were infected so that’s
how this transmission is occurring I’m gonna go back in just check one more
time to see if we had any other comments Cliede says thank
you Ellenor Ellenor Malik oh thank you just doing my job
credits Dr. Brewer what credits do you Cliede too I wouldn’t be able to be doing
this if you hadn’t figured out how to get us back up and rolling Martin Martin
Ortiz Doctor I think we need to test everyone eventually I think the vast
majority of the population will get tested I don’t know if it’s going to
take six months or a year here’s another I’m actually I’m glad you
brought this up here’s another question one of the things that gets pushed in
front of us when people find out what we’re doing oh I’ve got an immediate
test you don’t have to take it back it’s not like PCR ware which takes hours and
maybe a couple of days to grow that virus to see how much viral genetic
material they have in it it’s an immediate test in statistic out what
they call it they’ve got an engineered like the pregnancy test and here’s the
problem with that that’s looking at a human antibody yes I think all of us are
gonna end up vast majority of us are gonna get in the end of getting tested
over the next six months to a year but which test number one we’re using PCR
right now polymerase chain reaction that’s where you incubate you get the
stuff you incubate it to see if you’ve got viral genetic material in there and
that takes a couple of days it’s not the ready in two or three hours with this in
statistics well here’s the thing in the human antibody test you go back to the
conversation we were just having about all these 35 so many of these 35,000
cases being transmitted by somebody there’s asymptomatic well I don’t know
we don’t have the information yet but perhaps not a one of those had any
antibody yet either so the antibody is going to happen later
it’s gonna be very it’s not that it’s a worthless test it’s not helpful right
now in terms of the the up swelling the first waves the invisible transmission
phase of this pandemic it’s not that helpful because we need to know what’s
being transmitted we don’t need to know yet who’s immune or has antibody now as
we get over the hump the antibody test is going to be critical especially for
two or three reasons well am I safe to go out yet well do you have the antibody
yet well should I get the vaccine well do you have the antibody and you know
that’s less important and that’s what a year down the road but yes I agree we
need to get a lot more people tested we need to start doing basic nuts and bolts
public health which includes not only social distancing but isolation and case
finding how are we going to find cases you know for these 35,000 cases were
already have where did they get that from who else has got it who else is
spreading that out there how are we going to answer any of those questions
and throw an isolation quarantine loop around them basic public health work how
are we going to do that without testing so pardon me I think I’m showing some of
my again my personal perspectives on a problem Bob Bell okay Earthquake Targets
its OTC okay what tips do you have for getting in and out of the grocery store
I think Robert Pinsky this metformin help coronavirus I
haven’t seen anything on that now I’ve heard a lot of sort of underlying
chatter about coronavirus as well as many other viruses increased and thrives
and more of a hyperglycemic you know high glucose environment don’t know I
mean not a lot of I’m not aware of a whole lot of real hard evidence on that
but I’m clearly well I ran out of glucose monitors so I
was going to say I’m trying I’m clearly continuing to manage my glucose value
but don’t know about metformin coronavirus Fennell Hicks for now it’s
good to hear from you good friend of mine doing a lot of work in terms of
personal training great job Dr. Brewer thank you for
helping us all thank you for fan out after after Cliede and I went through we
had such a disaster we were so worked up yesterday to try to get this out there
for people and Cliede tried over half a dozen times I kept trying we kept seeing
these notes from people well is he there is he coming in is it and it just wasn’t
happening so how we were be frustrated and dejected and I get this little text
and it was from Fennell who I haven’t talked to and how much verbally talk to
I think I’ve talked to found that once over the past year and finished that
Doc I know you’re strung out you know your truck you tried you did what you
could hang in there and keep plugging so thank you for now that was a that was
very helpful to hear that Cathy Boutahiri you pronounced
you did pronounced it right bit of hearing and thanks so I appreciate what
you’re doing I appreciate your interest as well Kevin for now all of us nothing
on us thank you so much for your interest we’re going to sign out and I’m
gonna see if I can go find out a little bit more about maybe dosages for
quercetin and Boise thank you

James Carver

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