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[music playing] – No, no, no!
– I’m going this way. No, no, we always go different ways! More dresses, go! I got the wedding dress
before she got hers, OK. I feel like it’s MET Gala,
so actually this is more MET Gala. Yeah, it is actually,
mine’s more wedding. – I’m getting married.
– Now she’s happy. I am very happy with my decision. – You got two dresses?
– Yeah! – Why?
– Just in case. – Hey, Hayley!
– Oh, hey! – What do you got there?
– I got some cool things. Oh my gosh, that’s so pretty. She got mad at me
’cause she liked this one but she goes,
“oh, it’s kinda more MET Gala.” So now I’m kinda mad. OK, my arms are already hurting…
let’s go over here. – Your always looking at patches.
– I love the patches, I’m so into them! I love them! Oh my gosh, that’s super cute! I could put some padding under this
and it transforms into something. – Yeah, that’d be so cool!
– Like having two outfits! I love the way your mind works.
– These earrings. – Those would match the gloves.
– Yeah, they would. Oh, this is so pretty! I love this! – These earrings are perfect!
– I love it, I love that look. Oh, we need some heels! My arm hurts but this is good exercise. So you’re going like
kinda white and blue? – White and blue, you know.
– I love it! That’s so cute, that is so cute. OK, let’s see if we can find
anymore shoes. Ohh! I just got stuck on things! This is what always happens! – OK.
– This is so cute! – Imagine this with that skirt I got.
– That would be really cool! I don’t know what I should go for,
I don’t know anymore. What kinda look are you going for? So at first I kinda went for like the,
just the regular pretty dress look but then I remembered I had that skirt,
which is like really, mega fancy. – Kinda like campy.
– So I feel like this is super cute. That would be so cool. With that skirt on,
maybe under that skirt. I’m gonna show you what Annie got
for her own belt. Are you kidding me? I’m so bad! So, pretty much all I have is this. – You know what, it’s fine.
– It’s fine. Let’s go and see if we can find
what Annie’s is and cheat a little. Like, what Annie’s doing,
so we can see the accessories. I was also thinking maybe even
just something like that. – That is so pretty.
– And then I’d put the skirt over it. – That would be so cool!
– That’d get both. Emily, with the glass. – Like the glass shoe, right?
– Oh my gosh, stop! That’s perfect because
it’s like a simple twist but it still has the glass,
oh my gosh, that’s so good! Oh my gosh, I got the bracelet. I don’t know… I don’t know what I need,
this is so frustrating! – You need like, beautiful…
– Like blue, like glass. Oh my gosh, that is perfect! I really like, don’t know what I’m doing. That is so cute! – By the way, 15 minutes left.
– Oh gosh. I kinda like– really like this dress
but I dunno how you get it. I’m trying to look for like,
a duplicate of it. I think we just need
to get more dresses. Maybe one more dress
so I can put it under this dress. So then, you know,
I can do my DIY thing. – Oh hi, Annabelle.
– Hi, look how cute this is. Beautiful, what are you going for? Like, a bat look. So I’m gonna find
some really cool accessories now but I have the basics. Oh, look at this! Wait… wait there. Wait a minute! – Oh, hello!
– Oh, hello, we have this! – Just like some fabric, yeah.
– Oh, I love that! I think if I can cover it up
with some more fabrics, I can literally– I can’t get it down. I’m gonna go find some like,
really extravagant looking– – I like all the textures there.
– Yeah. We need to put these accessories…
beautiful. So I’m gonna like, overview…
lots of shoes… Ohh, I love this stuff. Beautiful… I’m beautiful. I might trip over this. Oh my goodness. It’s like, really not wanting
to come off here. OK, let’s just trip over Annie’s stuff. – Oh, there we go.
– Goodie, woodie. So basically your plan
is to take that huge skirt – and cover the whole thing with scarves?
– Yeah. I love that,
that’s so smart and creative. And I’m just getting like,
a bunch of pieces ’cause I don’t know
if I’m gonna use all of them or not. OK, I’m just looking for scarves,
you know, and I found them– Oh my gosh, it’s literally falling. – OK.
– That’s a really good angle. That’s so– OK, yeah, put it on. – I think that’s so like, my cat, yeah.
– I love it, it’s perfect. OK, and it really like,
fits the aesthetic which I’m excited about, OK. OK, this is the piece
that I really wanted. I have a problem for getting too much. [laughing] Everything fell! I just kinda wanna wear this every day. Just don’t take it off. Yeah, just… I see it… you know? So Hayley’s doing great. – Let’s go and drop this off.
– OK. We’re gonna set this down. – This is so cool!
– Yeah, that’s cute. For like, the look that I’ve got. I’m a stylist, I’ve decided. Alright, I actually think
we still have time left but… – We’re done!
– We’re done. – Three, two, one, challenge over!
– Yeah, we’re done. Oh, kinda took all the fun out of it. – Sorry.
– Yeah, gosh, Hayley. Oh, it’s my fault. Alright, guys. Finishing touches! We’ll make it work,
sweetie, that’s fashion. – Yes!
– Well the tiara kinda broke. – Three, two, one, go!
– Oh, OK! Yeah, that’s my bad. [groaning] Sorry. I dunno what I said but I’m sorry. We’re gonna hot glue some stuff
because… why not?

James Carver

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  1. second comment but u pple inspire me alot to do this challenges although not yet on my page love from east africa kenya

  2. I want hayley and annie to do a challenge called tik tok the tik tok is a clock we all know that so the tik tok challenge is to set 1 hour to make friends and find an apartment to clean

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  4. @ 3:09 Hayley : Oh, hi annabelle
    Annie: Hi, look how cute this is.
    Did she noticed how hayley called her🀣

  5. Adding Jojo Siwa is telling me your becoming irrelevant and also the use of 6 commercials before the show starts, disappointing.

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