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hello babes welcome back to my channel
today we are back with another haul with boo who can’t believe spring it’s like
coming up I feel like a lot of these looks are gonna be a little bit more on
this spring side do you guys know how much I love them and thank you too boo
boo for sponsoring in this video again I love love love working with them because
they have so many affordable pieces you guys they’re so super trendy and you
literally can find everything there’s a huge trend with Blazers right now and I
never used to wear Blazers but now I am living for them I’m wearing one right
now from them I will show you guys of course my whole entire outfit but I just
kind of found this new like a love for Blazers recently I’m going to show you
guys a ton of them today if you guys are new to my channel and just started
watching a welcome hopefully you guys enjoy if you guys do don’t forget to
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wit is at Steph and Sheeta Macedo I have found my favorite favorite coat from
dumb oh my god I’m so excited to show you guys I actually showed it in my last
vlog where I went out with my sister’s and oh my god it is like my new favorite
coat I want to wear it out everywhere it’s actually really great for winter
and spring so it’s kind of a little bit of both you definitely definitely
recommend to try them out at least once and see what you guys think because I
love their pieces they’re always having a ton of sales
I’ll leave down below the sale that they’re currently having right now and
everything I show you guys into this video as you guys know I link everything
down below like two categories and so that it makes it super easy for you guys
plus I’ll also leave my sizing right beside it so that you guys can kind of
decide compared to what I’m wearing if you guys have any questions I always
like to try to get back to each and every one of you so if you do have any
questions about boohoo they’re sizing any of the pieces let me
know down below and I will get back to you all right guys let’s get started
like as soon as I saw those on their website I was like oh my gosh so I
wanted a really fresh like oh those look why go like that oh my god these are so
so so nice everywhere them but oh my god these persona eyes they have so many
cute trendy kind of like designer looking sneakers you guys like you have
to check out what they have I’ll leave a link to the whole like sneaker
of section if you guys want to check it out and all of those sneakers are true
to size I get a lot of questions I do like when I link things that down below
I always mention beside the shoes that if it’s true to size or if I felt like I
should go a size up or down so make sure you guys check beside that I’m a size
seven and I got a size seven and they are perfect in my heels however I like
to get a size down I go size six I don’t like when my heel is like down to over
here I like when my heel is lining up at the back of the shoe so everybody’s a
little bit different that’s why I also got a question on why my shoe sizes are
different for different shoes that’s why so if you are normally a seven and heels
I get a thigh seven I’m normally as fixing heel so I get a size six I have
literally tried a bunch of sneakers from them and I love them I’ll show you guys
more of like a close-up of the quality so you guys can see him like they’re so
affordable and it’s so so so cute and they just look so trendy now these guys
over here are always amazing to have especially for spring that’s coming up
and summer if you guys go to dinner anytime you need to wear a heel because
they’re really classic you can never go wrong with these I have to get the nude
and the black because honestly I wear so much nude but obviously a classic black
heel you can never go wrong with so I got both that’s a close-up of them you
guys they are both in a beautiful suede so they’re really nice and soft and this
is just exactly my style I’m super like minimalistic legging or a trouser you
can call it whatever you want but I really really loved it because it was
the most perfect kind of sandy taupe sort of color it came with this ruffle
top but it honestly did not bother me because I knew I was gonna get like
covered up by whatever I wore over top this is like a stretchy material to it
really makes it super comfortable and you’re putting it on of course because
it is stretchy and I purposely got this so that I can show you guys what it
looks like with a blazer it makes a really pretty kind of dressy outfit if
you guys are looking to kind of style a blazer B don’t really know how to this
one I got in a size 6 because I normally wear in their pants a size of us 6 and
it fits me absolutely perfect so I’m so happy with it but I love that I has some
stretch because there’s nothing worse than like a really stiff pant and you
don’t feel comfortable in it so this one is really movable it is
I wasted as well which I absolutely love and that’s like kind of a must for me
and it has this elastic waistband on the inside as well and it kind of just helps
to give you more of a waist okay so this was the white blazer that I was wearing
in the intro this one I got in a size six I wanted it to be kind of a fitted
fit like a normal regular fit not like super tight really wanted a fresh white
blazer because I think it is so gorgeous like that they did the button kind of
the same color as the overall blazer they have a ton of them so I’ll leave a
few of them down below for you guys super plain on the back as well really
good for someone like me that has a very minimalistic style these Blazers look so
classic so this is definitely one of my favorite ones that I got it this is how
the Blazer fits and I’m also wearing the trousers the Blazer is just absolutely
gorgeous so again this is the same look that I’m wearing in the intro and I’m
just wearing like a broad it underneath right now you can honestly wear nothing
and use like some boob tape if you want to you guys can wear this with jeans
with anything honestly it is just the most like really super cute classic
blazer I love the size that I got I love like just how clean it is I’ve been like
a white top and a white trouser you can do like an all-white kind of look but I
love the way these guys fit they’re really nice and stretchy you guys so
when you put them on they’re super nice and comfortable and I’m just wearing a
white heel with them I can definitely see myself wearing this with a bunch of
different outfits it looks so professional it’s a really great way to
like kind of dress up okay this piece over here is just a basic long-sleeve
table I got this one also in a size 6 because that’s normally well sometimes I
can get a four it really all just depends but I wanted to be on the safe
side it actually fits me perfect because these are supposed to already feel
fitted this is really great to pair with joggers trousers jeans I’m going to show
you guys an outfit with these choppers that I got that I’m so excited about
like oh my god these tops I have like in so many different like neutral tones
because they’re really great to just kind of pick up quickly and match with
any outfit it’s really nice and stretchy too and super comfortable but the
stretch is always a must you’ll so I cannot get enough of boohoo joggers so I
decided to get these guys yes they are a little bit different than the other
colors that I have this one is the size u.s. six and all
other joggers just for reference I get a US six and the other thing that’s
different about this one is at the bottom it doesn’t like grab your ankle
it’s really nice and comfortable but it still has like that scrunchie kind of
detail at the bottom that little cuff they also come with two pockets on the
side so it has the drawstring on the inside so basically it gives you this
very clean finish when you guys are wearing it and doesn’t show the strings
there’s so soft really comfortable and they are nice and stretchy and they’re
like a medium weight they’re not too too heavy and thick but they’re also not too
thin these are really perfect for spring and just for all my babes that love to
be super casual this was the jacket I wore when I went out with my sisters and
oh my god I had just gotten the package the night before I was going out with
them and I’m like that’s it I’m wearing this tomorrow like I’m wearing it so
this one fits like quite oversized on me and I got a size 8 so I did purposely go
a size up because I didn’t want this to fit fit it on me and I still wanted room
especially because spring has not like come yet it’s so freaking gorgeous and
it’s so nice and soft you guys it mimics like a really nice wool sort of feel but
yet very soft comfortable I feel like wools a little bit rough but it gives
that look but being a lot more comfortable believe me so this one also
comes with these really super cute buttons and they also come with these
two big pockets but it’s the most like basic coat I love how it kind of has
like a drop shoulder if you want kind of a normal fit but you’re still going to
get room you can honestly go your normal size but I purposely wanted that
oversized look but I love it so so so much let me show you guys a little bit
more of a close-up of the fabric in the stitching detail they have the best
coats like seriously they honestly do so I’ve paired the new top with the sand
joggers they’re so super cute I love that the drawstring is like hidden on
the inside because it makes it look really nice and clean these are super
super comfortable of course nice and stretchy really nice and soft too I
always get a size 6 when I get there joggers and this top is just very
seamless this can also be worn with the Blazers as well you can wear this with a
jacket over top so many things you can do
it’s just really nice and kind of clean and honestly a must-have for your
wardrobe I threw on my absolute favorite coat this is like the best size ever
because it’s still very oversized and the sleeves are long and everything but
you can always like roll them up this coat looks so nice with this outfit
because again you can make these coats look really nice and dressy and dress
them up for like a dinner look with the Blazers or you guys can make it look
super casual with something like this I’m like seriously obsessed this is like
my absolute favorite color and I have been like wearing there’s a lot besides
like all my puffers from boohoo this is kind of like when I want to look semi
dressed up but it’s so quick and easy to just throw on okay this is my first
oversized blazer and I decided to get it in classic black it’s when I got in my
normal size us6 because it said oversized this is a really thin blazer
it’s not as thick as the last one it’s very very movable and its really good
for layering on top of like let’s say you have a sweater underneath and you
want to layer it you can do that I like to layer like those really thin
turtlenecks under here I don’t like to use Blazers with chunky sweaters right
now the trend is obviously oversized I feel like that’s not gonna go away for a
while and I hope it doesn’t because I love that vibe really really soft fabric
really nice and matte that’s a close up of the kind of detail of the collar and
everything it has that oversized kind of feel obviously so super classic have a
white bodysuit underneath but just keeps it really nice and fresh and I’ve pulled
out those sneakers because I feel like it’s such a cute way to show you guys
that you can dress down these outfits and blazers are not always like for
dressy kind of events and looks I’m wearing it with a black leather legging
this one they have an exact similar to this one so I will leave a link down
below these are really super popular too and again can we dress up or dress down
the sneakers are just so freakin cute I love how fresh they are and that little
bit of contrast with the black also leave a link to a similar white bodysuit
they have a ton of them you guys so this coat is another obsession of mine like
oh my god it is so gorgeous you guys this one I got in a US size 8 because I
also wanted to fit the same way as the last topi when I showed you guys and
this one has these buttons on there kind of gives like a tour tour
kind of vibe to it so classic and pretty oh my god I have like a serious coat
obsession like I just love love this coat also comes with the belts that you
guys can tie it up and close it if you want to close up off the fabric really
really nice and cozy and warm but this again is really good for spring Coco
oversized these pockets are but they’re so cute I love the overall look of this
and I love creating a super fresh white and cream look so I’m going to show you
guys how I styled it I died like I die for this look they just have the best
ones I’m telling you right now I freaking love this it looks so cute if
you tie it up oh my god it’s just so cute I love the fit of it the size was
absolutely perfect I’m wearing a white bodysuit just to keep it nice and clean
and the running shoes I just love it like oh my god I just seriously obsessed
I loved like the fresh blue jeans coming through and just making it more of like
a casual outfit oh my god I’m just like living I’m living for this coat and I
don’t have like a cream long kind of waistcoat like this you can never have
enough coats you guys I have like an obsession with coats right now but it is
so gorgeous I love the buttons and everything leave
a few similar to everything for you guys if anything is that a stock just so that
you guys can get something that’s at least close to it how cute is this color
oh my god you guys it’s just like a really pretty like light nude kind of
puffer jacket it comes with the belt if you want to use it but I honestly don’t
I leave it open or you can just remove it and it also comes with all of these
like look at these oversized pockets at the bottom and then it also comes with
these two over here this one funny enough I did it on purpose
it’s from the tall collection you guys will see on the label right here I got
it in a size 6 so I purposely ordered my normal size to see how they’re tall kind
of fits on me and I tried it on and I was like oh my god is it too big on me
but you guys will see me wearing it and kind of my thoughts of the overall fit
and it also has like this really thick collar with the velcro like it’s just so
so so cute it’s a little bit more of a close-up of the overall kind of quality
of it if you guys want to see if you guys have like a puffer obsession I
link a few for you guys in the description quickly just want to mention
what the tall collection is so you guys will notice on their website something
say petite petite is for anybody that’s under 5 foot 3 I am 5 foot 1 so
sometimes I’ll order from the petite most of the times I’ll just order from
their regular line the tall is for anyone that’s over 5 7 I believe so when
I first put this on I was like oh my god I got a size too big I feel like I could
go one size down from this maybe because it’s from the tall collection I mean my
other ones kind of fit the same maybe it’s like the long yeah that could be it
because my other puffer they’re oversized but because they’re like small
and like really kind of cropped and petite you don’t notice it as much
it looks so super cute with this outfit with the white bodysuit in the blue
jeans and I’m wearing the nude heels like look how cute these are
there’s so nice and clean and classic you guys and they can be worn like so
many different ways with different outfits of the color it is so cute and
I’ve actually been wanting one in this color I have that really really dark
taupe and the black but I don’t have anything light last blazer of this haul
is this nude blazer I mean if you’re gonna get a blazer you have to get a new
one like watch yourself I got a USA six because I wanted it to again fit me kind
of regular give me enough room for like a long sleeve underneath that’s really
thin I love it this is a close-up of the button that comes with it’s so cute and
then it has two pockets on the side but these guys are stationary they don’t
actually work feel like I have like a good range now especially with the new
the black and the white so you guys a close up of it it’s really pretty on the
insides all of them have this sort of material this is how it fits on me I
wanted to button it up so you guys can see but it fits me a really nice it’s
how it looks on my arm so it’s absolutely perfect still gives me room
if I want to wear like a shirt that’s really thin like this but I probably
would wear it by itself want to wear without a bra pin it right over here and
you won’t have to worry about this like this is how it looks when it’s open I
like to wear my Blazers open sometimes it really kind of just depends on my
outfit to be honest because I liked the white one closed and I like the black
one open so it’s just a really good basic nude blazer and again I’ll leave a
few similars just in case this one is not available anymore
last but not Li not least is this cute little top
it’s not crazy cropped it goes like to my belly button if I’m wearing
high-waisted jeans but I’ll show you guys what it looks like so this is just
a ribbed kind of top and it also has a really high neck for this you’ll have to
wear like a strapless bra but I just did nipple covers and it was really just it
worked really well with it but this is such a good top to kind of use with any
blazer that you have any jacket great for spring and summer that’s coming you
guys I can’t wait for spring and summer I can’t wait for spring so that I can
look forward to summer that’s all I want and I got this one in a USA six I didn’t
want it to be too tight in a four before I honestly could have done and it is
nice and stretchy which is really super comfortable I’m in love with this
chopped it is so so so cute this color is like very different it’s like a
safari like brownish green really nice and comfortable I love that I got this
size and it’s really stretchy to see how it gives me like still a lot of room I’m
really really really super comfortable not too loose not too tight it’s
honestly perfect and it looks so super cute with my nude heels as well but I’m
in love with this color I don’t have anything in this color you guys leave
your thoughts and comments down below let me know what you guys loved I always
love hearing your feedback again if you guys have any questions we’ll leave them
down below as well and I will get back to you guys don’t forget you guys you
can chop everything down below with the sizing right next to it and I categorize
it for you guys to make it super easy while you guys are shopping with them
hopefully you guys enjoyed all of these looks don’t forget to follow me on IG it
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videos thank you guys so much for watching and I will see all of my
beautiful babes in my next video

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