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– Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm gonna ask everyone to please rise. (wedding song) – You look gorgeous. – Thank you. How are you doing sir? – [Elvis] How are you Vinny? – [Pauly D] Never pictured
my bride to have a beard but here we go. – [Vinny] Yo, I wanted
to see what I would like with the earrings. What does it feel like? – [Pauly D] Ears pierced,
like infants get that done. You'd be a pimp with your ears pierced. – Yo, what did I do with the earrings? – Yo, you're really gonna go
through with this my dude? Yeah buddy. – Scared.
– Yeah buddy. (laughs) – (bleep) scared bro. Yo, all the guys in the
house are kinda like, peer pressuring me into
getting my ears pierced, since Miami. So, you know, maybe getting ears pierced will be a good look. – (bleep) like you should be scared. – I'm (bleep) scared yo. – I don't understand why his
ears are not pierced yet. Like, I got my ears pierced
when I was like seven years old. Yeah buddy, my boy's becoming a man. – We got ice? – Come on bro, we don't do
the ice out here, we gangsta. – Come on man, toughen up.
– What is it? Is it a gun? – It's the alcohol bro. – It's an alcohol wipe,
I'm wiping your ear down. – Yo is it (bleep) clean? – Nah for real, stop asking questions. – Hold on, I'm getting a little woozy. – I'm not gonna lie, I'm
being a little bitch about it. I am a little scared, don't
know what it's gonna feel like. – I just wanna know if
we can pierce that… – Yo, what's up with that gun, bro? Lemme see it, bro? – Be cool. – Straight ahead. Are you holding Pauly's hand? – Nah. – Aright, just remember (mumbles). – Oh (bleep), it looks fresh. – Does it? Piercing finally happened,
it's a little pain. I take it like a g, I sit
there, I don't even flinch. – Oh, you're good. Oh (bleep). Oh you're looking fresh to def, bro. – It kinda hurts a little bit. – Oh, damn. – It look good? – Yo, he's fresh to def, bro. – Where's that hat? – You feel different right now? Cause you look it. – I feel like a g now, I walk – – You a gangsta
– I walk with a limp now. – Them earrings changed my man Vinny. He thinks he is the man. He's even walking with a gangsta limp. He's got his hat with a gangsta lean. Vinny thinks he's the man
now cause his ears pierced. – You leave these in for how long? – Two, three weeks. – Never take them out? – No. – Leave them in the whole time. – Wow.
– You look like a big pimp. – Woo. I can fly, I'm the king of the world. I can fly, Jack. Tell me you'll never let go. – I'll never let go. – This boat ride is so romantic, like, you can't get any better than this. Yo, I think the jet skis ready. – Yeah? – Let's go. – Alright, who's going first? – Me and Vinny. – Got you, got you. – I'm gonna go with my
girlfriend Pauly on the jet ski. Actually, I'm probably his girlfriend, cause I'm the one that's
gonna be behind him, holding on to him. Yay. – See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya. ♪ When I met ya in the summer ♪ ♪ To my heartbeat sound ♪ ♪ We fell in love ♪ ♪ As the leaves turned brown ♪ ♪ And we could be together baby ♪ ♪ As long as skies are blue ♪ – From afar, Vinny actually looks like a little petite girl out there and I'm like, get it Pauly. Look at what you got on the back. – Oh yeah. – Do you wanna dress me like guido? – You gotta put a track jacket on. (laughs) – We are dressing like
ultimate guidos right now. And no one knows more about
guido toolbags than us – Use a headband. (laughs) – Yup, you look like a guido, bro. – The boys keep talking about
these tracksuit costumes and I'm just like, that's not a costume. That's their normal clothes. – You need a chapstick, bro? (mumbles) – Yo, do I got enough chapstick on, Louie? – Dude, do I have enough
chapstick on, Tony? – You need a lot of chapstick, bro. (laughs) – Oh (bleep), oh (bleep). Louie, you're gonna get all the girls. I'm gonna (bleep) fist pump
till my (bleep) arm falls off. Fist pump like this Louie. Yo, you in guido overload, bro. Oh you hit me in the eye, Louie. How many (bleep) times
I gotta tell you doofus. Don't pump next to my eye. (bleep) – FPC – [Together] Fist pump,
pushups, chapstick! – [Together] Fist pump,
pushups, chapstick! – All we need is FPC, fist pump, pushup, chapstick. – [Together] Fist pump, pushup, chapstick! – [Together] Fist pump, pushup, chapstick! – FPC is a way of life,
I'm a guido for life. (techno music) – What I'm talkin about, Tony. – You are like every guy I ever dated. I swear to god. – Yo, what are we gonna do to Deena? – Somethin good. – Deena is like the bastard
little stepsister of this house. Deena's just funny to prank so we just constantly bust her balls. Maybe we can do something like replace – – Can we put our faces in there? – Yeah, replace these pictures. Let's go to a photo booth,
take these same pictures, put them in here and
then hide the pictures. – That's exactly what we're doing. The pictures is all she has of Chris when he's not in this house
so if we remove those pictures and put our pictures, she's
gonna be super pissed. – Prank war champions. (upbeat music) – Oh here, photos. – We wanna re-enact the photos so we go to this photo booth
right next to The Shore Store and we take every single picture. (upbeat music) – Prank war champion.
– Prank war champion. Yes! (laughs) We killin it, the pictures
come out hysterical and I cannot wait to see Deena's reaction. – Aright, we gotta blow these up. We print them out, but
they're just too small. So now we take these
photos to Old Time Photo and then Old Time Photo
blows them up for us so they exact size of Deena's pictures and then we replace them in the frame. (laughs) – This is a great prank. – Where do I put this? In the freezer? – Yeah, put it in the freezer. – Are they? (bleeps) The girls usually take like
ten hours to run one errand but today, like, the girls did their errands in like three seconds. – Put them like right behind that wood. – (bleep) (bleep) heads! (mischievous beat) – Busted! – Where's my pictures? – What are you doing in my room? – Lookin for my pictures. – I didn't take your pictures. – Deana is very easy to distract so that's what we have going
in our favor right now. I mean, you can like, get a laser pointer and put it on the ground and
Deena will be distracted. – No pictures. – Come on. – What pictures? What are you doing going through my stuff? – Looking for my pictures. – That's cool. Ah yeah. – The (bleep). (laughs) I don't want that. – What do you mean? – What happened? Nobody touched your pictures. What are you talkin about? – I think it looks better. – No. – You don't like it? – No. – It's like a montage of you and me. – You better leave that (bleep) – Hell ya. – So where's the pictures? – Prank war champions right here. – Yeah buddy. – Alright, yo, we're
officially in Staten Island. – Yeah buddy. I love that island. – Sing the song. – I'm goin to Staten Island,
I'm goin to Staten Island, I'm goin to Staten Island. Vinny asks me to go with
him to Staten Island, which is great. I've never been to Staten Island and I'm really curious
to see what it's like and I love Vinny's family. I'm goin to Staten Island. – It's an actual island. – It's an actual island. I did not know Staten
Island was an actual island until we went over the bridge. – Hello. – Hi, so nice to see you. (upbeat music) – How you doing? I'm Pauly D. I love Vinny's family,
they're like my own family. Old school Italian, looks
like a guido circus. – Chacha needs a haircut. – You know we have two dogs now like that? – Yeah, Jenny's dogs.
– Jenny's dogs. – They're pretty well behaved too. I thought they were gonna be… Sometimes they go to the
bathroom or whatever. – Want a piece of bread, salami? – I want to try a piece of that. – My uncle's pizzeria, in Jersey, amazing. – They have so much food. Started off with pizza
and then we got into like, pasta, chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, we have potato salad,
we have eggplant, corn. So much food. – He's on the other end. (laughs) – Oh my god. – Yes! – Pauly, we've been
through so much together – – There's only one guy in my life that I have a bromance
with and that's Vinny. – Will we make this forever? – Yeah we'll do it. – Yeah! – I try to be a little quiet right now cause I don't wanna wake everybody up. It's really early right
now, gotta catch a flight. DJ Pauly D is on tour and the DJ before my
name means I have to DJ. (gentle music) I'm gonna miss you so much. What a time to leave right now, Ronnie is in the middle of it, I don't know what I'm gonna walk into when I come back on Sunday morning. But, it's the weekend,
what really could go on? – Come on Pauly, are you ready? Come on, bro. I don't wanna forget Pauly. I take one of his Pauly D stickers, with his head on it, and
I put it on his hair gel and I give it like some arms
with like the hoe earrings that were left behind and I
make like a little voodoo doll of Pauly, so I can take him with me everywhere I go while he's gone. What do you wanna do today, though? – Pool party, yeah! – Yeah! Dude, we only went to that
pool party once, you know, I wanna like experience a
pool party one more time. We goin to breakfast first, though? – Yeah buddy! – Yeah, DJ Pauly D here, comin
at you on the ones and twos. We're in Vegas this mornin,
it's a little rough out here. So, breakfast, maybe haircut, maybe pool? Aright, good plan bro. – Oh yeah! – Oh, there's my boyfriend. This whole bag's yours. Had to get some aloe cause
my face is peeling off. – Don't want that. – Burn relief gel. – What are you doin now? – Waiting for you. – What you wanna do? – Get you a pedicure. – Really?
– Yeah. – Nice. – We're gonna have a guy's day today. – We're going to get mani pedis boo. – You know, guys stuff. – Nail thing. – Yeah buddy! I'm doing everything to
cater to Vinny a little bit. Goin that extra step,
goin that extra mile, just to keep his spirits up. It's hard being a guy. I got spray tan on my nails and (bleep). – I just wanna get a happy endin. (laughs) – That's just funny right here. – We need mani pedis. – [Employee] Over here. – For a guy one. – Yeah, nice and hot. – [ Employee] Real hot. – Yeah! – As the guys try to help me get through what I'm going through, you know, it definitely doesn't fix the problem but it gets me able to
physically deal with my problem. – Can you put Vinny's
name on my fingernails. – Sure, you want a heart, too? – That really shows how
committed you are to me now. – [Pauly] No what I mean? – You get this done before? (laughs) It feels weird. – Where'd she go get the belt sander? – [Mike] Yo, she goin get the jigsaw out. – Right now, I'm in a good place. I wanna be with roommates
and have this experience. My legs feel good after that. – (bleeps) Wow. They really doing this my dude. – I'm makin you the flower girl. – Why would I be the flower girl? – This is so… – You're already dressed a flower girl. – You're already dressed like one. – I would put my niece in that. – Okay, fine, fine. – [Together] Let's do this. – What is happening here? – Hi, I would like to get married, please? – Wonderful! When were you hoping to do that? – [Together] Right now. – Right now, alright. – Do you do bromitments? – Do you guys wanna hear a
little bit about our packages? – Oh yeah. One of the reasons why
I'm locking him down is cause of his package. You feel me? – You guys might be interested
in our Endless Love Pacakge. – What is that? – It's a beautiful package. It comes with a six rose bouquet, two flower baskets for your flower girls – – [Together] Oh! – It also comes with a six inch cake. – [Together] Oh! – Nice, speaking my
language, endless love. – I'm a little jealous right now that Pauly and Vinny get to seal the deal before Big Daddy Sit. – There's the cake. – I'll hold that. (laughs) – Do you have something
that I could wear, maybe? – We have blazers
– Like a blazer or something? – Here you go.
– Thank you so much. This is just my size. – If you guys just wanna follow me. – I never thought that boys weekend would end up with two of
my boys getting married. Every trip just gets weirder and weirder. – Make sure he doesn't
get cold feet, Mike. And don't eat the cake. – Wow, you look gorgeous. – I look like a beekeeper. – You guys are so beautiful
together, it's crazy. – I know. – It's perfect, he's white, you're tan. – I know. – Peace be with you. – Aright, also with you. Don't eat the cake. – My man, good to meet you man. – My pleasure, my privilege. – This is definitely
the first time I've gone anywhere near a wedding
chapel in Las Vegas. You know, you walk in there,
and you just smell regret. (wedding song) – I don't think you're supposed to throw them on your head, dawg. – He threw the flower
in like the macaroni. – What do you mean? – You're supposed to throw
the flowers on the floor. You are the worst ring girl ever. – Ladies and gentlemen, I
ask everyone to please rise. (wedding song) – You look gorgeous.
– Thank you. – How you doin, sir? – How are you, Vinny? – Never pictured my bride to have a beard but here we go. – Dearly beloved, we're here in Las Vegas, to unite Pauly D and
Vinny with the commitment that can only be shared by two guys. A Bromitment. This is a very, very big step man because you are pledging
each other's loyalty, friendship and true love as
brothers for one another. – Right now, an entire lifetime with Vinny that I've spent is all
flashing through my mind. How we met, what we've done together. Everything from Jersey to Miami to Italy. We've gone through so much together and being able to joke around with him about taking it to the
next level, it's official. That's the bond, that's
the bromitment right there. Vinny, ever since the moment you walked into that Shore house, the
second we worked together at the t-shirt shop,
before you had a beard and I met your family in Staten Island and I realized that Staten
Island is an actual island. I knew that that one was gonna be you. – Pauly, we don't look
like we belong together. You're orange, I'm pale. You've have muscles and I don't. But at the end of the day,
you're the ying to my yang. I want to do t-shirt time
together for the rest of our life. – Mike, stop eating the cake. – Sorry. – (bleep) my whole bromitment. – Pauly D, would you please
present Vinny's ring. Place it on his left ring finger. – Honestly, don't tell him I said this, but it's like a gold band and like the guy is covered in diamonds. You could've gave me a little
bit of ice, come on bro. – By the power vested
in my shaky little leg, I pronounce both of you,
brother and brother. You may kiss or hug your brother. The option is yours, take it home son. – I love his – – Yay! – We did it. – Oh (bleep), does that mean I'm related to uncle Nino now? – Walk you beautiful brother
down the aisle, brother. – Oh, I forgot the cake. (upbeat music) – This is the best night of my life. – Yeah, buddy! – Oh yeah, bromitments! – Yeah! (upbeat music) – [Vinny] When do we consummate?

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    and Vinny can have my V any time! eww how creepy I sound! 😫😇😂
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  2. If you people don’t know what happened but a guy from Bambo pushes Vinny and when Pauly D saw that he literally punched the guy in the face and that was back in season one that should have included that. But overall it was cute.

  3. I remember when i was so insecure that i started warring ear rings because everybody else was. I was 13 tho 😂.

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