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100 Replies to “7 Ways You’re Wearing Your Shirts WRONG!”

  1. I’ll remember these for the next time I actually get dressed to go somewhere…like 3 months from now! Sweatpants for the foreseeable future! Ironically though I can’t stop online shopping because the sales are so good.

  2. Great suggestions! When I'm in a store , I take a full hand of the material, and make a fist, hold it for a few seconds and release. It's a great test to see if the item is going to wrinkle!

  3. Love a video on how to wear booties. Sometimes I feel like I’m wearing the wrong pants with them, like my Zella everyday leggings. Just doesn’t seem to work. Help!

  4. The belt loop is such a good idea!! Love you Shea!! Love these style videos! Hope you and your family are doing great! Stay safe and take care!

  5. Thank you, Shea!! Loved your video! I love the new ways I can ware my shirts! Yes!! I feel the same way about the shirts that stay wrinkled even when you iron or steam them…. 😝 Also, you make a joyful noise in the world while this craziness of the VIRUS is a total damper on the USA. God bless you and love you and hope all is well with you and your sweet family! 🥰🙏💕

  6. I remember watching you show the shirt cuff technique a while back and it’s one of my favorites! All the guys in my life think it’s magic, lol.

  7. If you have a button up shirt that wrinkles easily like that, try using spray starch when you iron. It will help keep it crisp. Starch is also great for collars and cuffs.

  8. Too bad the link to the shirt doesn’t seem to be the exact same type as the one you show (an older version?). The one linked has two big front pockets.. :-/

  9. In these times of not being able to go to bars/ restaurants, get hair/ nails done, or even shop ( gasp) it’s so nice to still have SHEA!!!😀

  10. Another wrinkle tip: In the store, grab a section of the blouse and squeeze it in your fist for a count of 10. You'll see how badly it will wrinkle when you wear it.

  11. My fiance does the hair tie trick with his shirts (uses a rubber band but same thing) and he sits there for 10 minutes sometimes just messing with his sleeves until they're perfect!!

  12. The trick with the belt loop and every day T, game changer. My 44 year old self just learned a new trick. 😊

  13. Interesting comment at the end about the "wrinkled mess" shirt. That is exactly why I don't buy linen or silk!!! Yet so many youtubers recommend natural fibres like linen and silk!

  14. Have to say, I LOVE the T-shirt through the belt loop.

    I know what I'm I'm wearing when I can finally leave the house!!

  15. Great tips!!!! 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿 I have NEVER thought about the hair tie track!!! I’m so trying this, thank you!!

  16. Hi Shea — will you please please do a video on dress pants fashion/tips? I have a really hard time finding dress pants that fit me. I’d also like some recommendations on where I can find some good fitting dress pants. I’m probably about your size. Skinny with long legs. And I have to dress business professional every day :/

  17. The one link I’m looking for is missing above – Shea Whitney Amazon Storefront. Self-quarantining=Amazon shopping!

  18. Those white shirts are Button Up shirts. Button down shirts have little buttons on top to Button Down the collar, hence the name button down.

  19. I usually like your videos. But this one seemed like you just made this for the sake of it. There was no content really.

  20. Careful with the knot through the belt loop trick– if you forget and yank your pants down to pee you might rip the loop!

  21. I don’t don’t like some of her videos tittle about you wear it wrong! There is no such thing someone is wearing wrong!

  22. That first one looks great. But when you have extra weight lower than then sweater it COMPLETELY amplifies the weight.

  23. The hair tie trick with the sleeve would definitely cut off my circulation 🥴 ….still enjoyed the video though 😄

  24. The knot thing is SO genius!! Thank you so much for these wonderful tips Shea! 😃💕 In a video you were showing us how to wrap the upper waist part of the jeans around our necks to check if the size is right. That was genius too, I always do it when I go and buy new jeans. So a huge thank you 😃

  25. Love these Hack videos Shea, especially the one with the t-shirt tied to your belt loop, great idea….Best Wishes and Stay Safe from Queensland Australia 🇦🇺❤️❤️❤️❤️🦠🦠🦠

  26. Thank you so much💕Loved it. Love your spunk too💕Learning in my older age of 61year's young. Thank you. I feel this goes for all ages,right? 😌

  27. Yayy thank you for addressing my questions on shirts tucking and folding etc perfect timing. Love these vids Ive been trying to look and be my best . Build confidence. I love who I am now and want to reflect it in all ways

  28. I love all your videos!! I cannot wait for your next video!! Please make more fashion hacks videos!! I have gotten so many complements since i have started using all your hacks!!
    Thank you!

  29. 1:53 then there’s me who has the problem of too short sleeves instead of to long 😭 does anyone have a fix/ brand of clothing that is good for long arms and broad shoulders?

  30. I love you Sm! You are my favorite fashion channel on yt and give me so many outfit inspos!!! Love ya! ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Is it just me: my jeans are always sliding down a bit (I'm constantly hiking them back up) so that t-shirt through the belt loop trick wouldn't work for me.

  32. The T-shirt back tuck is life changing. I have so many tshirts that I like but that have stretched out. Idk why I never thought of that.

  33. I use a large rubber band (2 1/2 in) for a sleeve garter! I found some covered hair bands were uncomfortable.

  34. I’m old school. I don’t understand the concept of tucking sweaters into pants. It looks stupid to me, worse than wearing an oversized sweater. I would just buy a sweater that fits or just go with the oversized comfy sweater look.

  35. I look terrible with my shirt tucked into a pair of pants. It makes my hips look awful. Very unflattering. But of course YOU can pull it off.

  36. Why not twist when damp and let dry those shirts that tend to wrinkle? Intentional wrinkles can actually look quite pretty and make the shirt more fitted.

  37. Hey Shea.
    It's an interesting video.
    But could you also tell me…. The percentage of cotton or any other material there should be in a shirt or t shirt which makes it an idle buy?..

  38. Hi, I really enjoy this channel! I have a question on how you keep your clothes event he ones you mention wearing a lot looking like they were bought yesterday? I try to keep mine taken care of based on their care instructions but even my favs that I go the extra mile for, start to look old. The whites change a little and my jeans even when washing inside out, and cold fade 🙁
    I'm just curious and well my dad took my white load and threw some coloured socks in for a twirl… Poor clothes will never be crisp and pure probably ever again…

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